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Very promising new WebGL globe about 2 months ago

This looks pretty nice. If only if I can see the lights at a higher zoom level, though... :P

Suggestion: Review your "capital" tagging 2 months ago

Thanks. I've applied that to my state capital in AR120, and to my provinces in Kuggyong.

Speaking of which... I should get around to posting a thread to standardize the AR120 capitasl.

Flag Creator and JOSM 2 months ago

What antivirus do you use?

Making an International Movie City, like Hollywood 3 months ago

@andrepoiy That is a very good idea, to be honest. I'd recommend putting it in AR120-84. :P

AR120 states are now available! Plus, we want your suggestions! 4 months ago

Excellent! Time for me to app for a state, and contribute to it. :)

Why is the route finding algorithm not working all the time? 4 months ago

If you mean like pointing one point at point A and another at point B without inputting the names of the origin and/or destinations, then it tends to update once or twice a week. Sometimes, it updates more than that, but other times, not so much.

If you mean inputting the names of your towns, then that hasn't really been updated in about half a year, to be honest. But I admit I haven't tried inputting "Bladworth" recently. Maybe I'll see if that works this time. :P

Random Names 4 months ago

I don't think we need a section for "lists of etymologies for major cities." But a list of etymologies by itself should be fine IMO.

Random Names 5 months ago

Kuggyong means borderland in Korean. My first nation though, Mahikan comes from mahihkan, meaning wolf in C

GoHSR 5 months ago

Why would you extend it to Theglue though? Sure, it is situated on the border, but Theglue seems more of a rural town more than a major metropolis.

Also, if it does go to Theglue, then it'd probably require some sort of collaboration with the guy in charge of Alora, unless we want the line to awkwardly end.

How long does it take to get your town name onto the search results? 7 months ago

Maybe we could get rid of Nominatim, and just have directions be based solely on geographic coordinates?

New stats: Ideas 9 months ago

And what real use are these lists to OGF when the real priorities of our userbase should be just to map and wiki what we mapped if we do engage in Wikiing?

Beginnings of the Krankriet Government over 1 year ago

Indeed. As your neighbor, Krankiet seems to be pretty incomplete IMO. But then again, Mahikan itself isn't complete either, but I like to think 'tis a bit more developed. :P

Downtime once more over 1 year ago

Of course, Myrcia. But the time of the comment that I made was around 19:30 UTC, not like 20:30 UTC. I did not make it like exactly one hour after the start of update.

But I suppose it may be a good idea regardless.

Downtime once more over 1 year ago

Yes. I have been working on Mahikan and I haven't seen any of my changesets uploaded onto the map.

Concerning Mahikan over 1 year ago

In that case, I will focus my efforts on the geography for now.

Thanks for the advice, folks! :D

Concerning Mahikan over 1 year ago

Sounds like a plan, Luciano.

Concerning Mahikan over 1 year ago

True. But at the same time, what was once the Celesto Republic appeals to me, since part of me wants to turn it into an empire that managed to resist colonization and imperialism, and have it be dominated by not!Malagasy. Another part of me wants it to have been dominated by Alora and Castellán (or at least have spheres of influence), to such a point that there could be de-facto three states: a state dominated by Castellans, a state dominated by Alorans, and a state entirely under the control of the natives.

However, considering it is frowned upon to have more than one country unless the one that you have is mostly developed, and Mahikan doesn't seem to be developed to the standards that OGF asks for, IMO.

Kuaku City is now livable! over 1 year ago

When I first got started editing, I had a scale problem too. One day, I will go back to my city and rescale it so it doesn't seem like a toy park.

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) over 1 year ago

Sod it. Mahikan will be in (albeit suspended).

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) over 1 year ago

Mahikan can be a founding member, but I imagine that it would have been suspended since the mid-1990s due to its apartheid policies against the indigenous Cree.