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I'm back. 6 months ago

Welcome back, eleinads. We’re looking forward to see what new development you’re gonna bring to life. Giliarca was a very good city overall so I hope you can keep your level on that sense.

Ulihraad Topography Guide Map v2.0 | AR053, South Astrasia about 2 years ago

Geomorphologically, this looks great, actually reflecting canyons and the small transverse faults where rivers squeeze. Anyway, if you are making this from vector software you already have a nice base to work on and develop a Topo map. You look to have the skill to develop it, and as a long-term project could be a great idea. You don’t need to go full detail at first, just lay a base and start learning both the way the software deals with it and how do you elegant to go for further details.

Geofiction in OSM over 2 years ago

I agree that i’ve seen things in OSM, specially in China, that would be enraging to see in OGF.

Sometimes I think we should be less outraged by this megalomaniac mapping of features that are actual feats of modern engineering, but the problem is that whoever breaks the mold is going to make everyone go nuts and start mapping kilometric motorway bridges/tunnels all over the place. So I don’t know if this features should be part of OGF at all.

Phoenix-New Master Plan over 2 years ago

Add the .png extension to the image links

Phoenix - Project cancelled over 2 years ago

As wangi said in the post before mine, preserve Blue country etiquette while editing in blue territories.

Massive deletes for the sake of deleteing and not giving something new in its place are not the way to go.

Phoenix - Project cancelled over 2 years ago

I managed to recover the status of the city before the deletions, plus the few quality of life changes made in the city center.

This should stay like this unless someone comes up with a worthwhile master plan for the city.

Please don’t delete the city for the sake of “cleanup”.

Changing of histor-style - the 2nd over 2 years ago

I’d say this colouring for roads is definitely too bright. I’d rather make changes on these to look a little bit more pale-ish, while still distinguishable.

Help about 3 years ago

Quick revision into the water multipolygon of the delta to realise, quite expectedly, that the multipolygon is open on the southern tip of the delta, on the border, between this way and this way.

You (and your neighbor) should be careful when working in multipolygons, specially when they’re this big and have so many members. If working with JOSM, check the validation scan and fix ALL THE ERRORS you find, as any relations not closed correctly or without the correct functions in their members will not render properly. Usually descriptions on the errors are pretty straight-forward and tell you exactly what you should do to fix such errors.

Natural Features about 3 years ago

I think a chromebook is not the kind of device suited for mapping in OGF.

About Archanta over 3 years ago

Honestly, I am kind of frustrated by all of the failed attempts at international cooperation on the wiki, because they miss the most important part, which is that they need a relevant impact on the map, rather than just being a building on a city to boost a specific owner’s ego by showing “hey, my country is important”.

I myself have been discouraged to do many international cooperations because of this reason, and because many owners that pursue international relationships completely forget about developing their own country and rather prefer to leave their countries’ name in as many buildings scattered around the map as possible. I don’t even have any diplomatic missions, and many of the elements of the map that contain my country’s name have been put there unsolicitedly (And by that I don’t meen that I’m angry at them at all, as long as they don’t try to impersonate my country in a way I haven’t intended).

About how the wiki should be, I’m a bit divided on the opinion. For one part, yes, the map is what makes this site unique, and anything else can be find anywhere else. You can open your own Fandom site for your country’s content, and fill it with stuff that you could never fit in the map because it is irrelevant to the geography of the country. But we should encourage (as I’ve seen lately) international cooperation in it. Maybe keep it as a meta site to make “trade deals” between countries, either bilaterally or in groups as the Vinnic Union. Focus the wiki on the map itself and the opportunities it brings. We could have a place for developing the world’s history and another for actually talking between ourselves. I’d love to open the map and see my country spotted with factories from FSA businesses, or seeing Adarian businesses opening shops abroad all over Gwynian, seeing every dedicated mapper’s footprint on the world at every zoom possible. If a country gets vacant, maybe its businesses can move to a neighboring country without having to delete and rename everything.

As a humble suggestion, I’d suggest giving focus onto the International Business Listing, and setting regions and spheres of influence for every business depending on their importance. Maybe this way we can have something that resembles an Archantan Union, maybe with some internal regions of countries that have closer economic ties.

But maybe what I’m asking for is completely utopic.

Migration of Early Humans in OGF over 3 years ago

One important thing to have into consideration when talking on early modern human migrations is the extent of some continental platforms. For example, humans were able to move into America through the Bering Strait from Asia because it is a shallow strait, and in ice ages its seabed would get exposed due to the lower sea levels in the area. Supposing an original human settlement in SW Uletha or N Tarephia, access to Uletha, Tarephia and Antarephia would have been pretty straightforward. Travel to Archanta would have been more difficult, but if any of the seas that separate Archanta from Uletha is part of a common continental shelf it could easily been exposed in an ice age and formed a bridge for humans to pass through to Archanta. Access to the “New World” (Ereva, Orano, Karthumia, Pelanesia) looks more challenging due to its remoteness in respect to the other continents. We cannot rule out that big landmasses would have remained unexplored until the Colonial age, or maybe earlier in history. First human settlers in New Zealand (the Maori) only arrived there in the 13th century.

Has the coastline update process stopped ? over 3 years ago

Usually coastlines take a little bit more to update than the rest of features, so be an extra bit patient when you wait for these to show up on the map.

¿Rivers in the desert? over 3 years ago

Usually in deserts and nearby areas rivers and streams are never permanent, even when outside the strict arid area of the desert to a place that has more precipitation.

My suggestion for the area would be for all streams to be non-permanence, as waterway=stream. You can also draw some isolated, small endorrheic basins directly in the desert area around oasis and salt lakes. Drowning a whole basin that drains into the sea in a place like that tends to be unrealistic, apart from the edges of the desert.

AR120 states are now available! Plus, we want your suggestions! over 4 years ago

Can’t wait to see how this develops! I’m busy enough with my own country to even consider owning a state, but I’m very interested to see how the northwest of the country develops right next to my country.