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And what could possibly go wrong???? 2 days ago

West Virginian towns tend to hug the river more:

My 5 Year OGF Anniversary 6 days ago

Nice job on five years, but I'm also feeling a little sympathetic. I joined just before my 14th birthday, but you'll barely find anything remaining from the first six months- most of it has been deleted out of sheer embarrassment. I couldn't even fathom joining at 10- not only would I would be the bane of the admin's existence, but I'd also be creating mapping eyesores that I would never be able to live down. I'm mostly just surprised that you stuck around and learned from Hybrid Springs/Zaniyizzix/Tulpanen instead of being like me and slinking off.

Gobras City Proposals 17 days ago

there's already a giant mall a few miles south tho...

it's not over yet 3 months ago

Thanks all for nice comments.

@plainoldbread What's the other side of things?

@Fluffr_Nuttr +1 thanks for the encouragement and offer. If I'm being honest, I had my eyes on Natrinia and Wilthamshire since Day 1. Maybe Wilthamshire could be a good project when Hillsbria is complete, possibly as a poor mountainous state with a wealthy valley just north of the Huntington area. But again, the process would be very slow and time-consuming and I'll need to be conscious of when I want to keep going on and on after hours of work, thinking I've accomplished near-to-nothing. That isn't even counting the time it will take me to relearn JOSM (which will hopefully speed things up in the first place) without having the paranoia from last year that I flooded Riopoderos/Sierra/the whole world.

@CharlieG thanks for the kind words. "Corona" is (somewhat unfortunately) meant to be deliberate, but remember that Hillsbria has literally nothing to do with OGF. Totally separate project. No more Corona's are gonna show up on this map, don't worry.

@Configours the far western parts of the state will be similar to Preston, Grant, and Hampshire counties, WV. But if you had a different county in mind I could take that into account as well.

@yoyo21 yeah, about the suburbs, I was a little intimidated by how good your work in Mintington was, I really had to put effort into my neighboring borough to feel like I had at least matched up to you. Honestly, I thought you were an adult too.

Also I didn't see that comment of yours until now. Lol.

it's not over yet 3 months ago

nvm I got it

it's not over yet 3 months ago

This is totally unrelated to the OGF map though I just need some advice... at least once I can get the image loaded

A proposal for blue countries' capital 6 months ago

the point that histor is trying to make is that "phoenix" is not as recognizable to the average person than other places might be. if an ogf town is named phoenix, then users most likely won't assume it will be similar to phoenix, arizona immediately, they're more open to other possibilities.

it would be another story if the town were given a unique, world-renowned name like "new york city" or "rio de janeiro". new york was named after the duke of york after king charles gave the land to him. "rio de janeiro" was given to the bay that the city sits on after the portuguese arrived at the site in january, mistakenly thinking the bay was the mouth of a river. there isn't really much "wiggle room" around the way these cities could have been named.

by contrast, phoenix, mecyna could have many different possible etymologies that could be unrelated to the real life phoenix.

Huntington Red Light 10 months ago

Omg. I never realized northern virginia was so rich. Which county is the wealthiest?

Looking for the Most Interesting Places on OGF 11 months ago

These are some maps that really catch my eye-

Dunstable, in the Appalachians of the FSA, just because of the realism and a reminder of where I grew up, Baradin, a city in a Romania-type country, just because of the detail and amazing precision, Roantra, OpenGeofiction's oldest creation constructed by this site's founder, the coastline of West Kadmar and all of Ambrosia, both constructed by the same user, which I have based some of my natural features of, the capital and surrounding areas of New Ingerland, just because it's an interesting concept and the urban planning is so thoughtful, Jundah, FSA, which captures a US city's downtown and urban sprawl perfectly, and finally, one of the greatest collaborative efforts of OGF, Gobras City.

I believe that we also need to point out the structure that OpenGeofiction has. It's not just a map, it's got a wiki, and there are collaborative territories, and you can talk to other users, and have debates, and work together. You should also mention global issues and motives, such as the community recently trying to limit the amount of poorly-mapped "mini-USAs" to improve mapping on a world scale. The multimedia part of it, too, such as flags and license plates, would probably prove quite interesting, too.

Introducing Seniqe 11 months ago

Lol. I think the location is also really strategic too- from the looks of it it has easy accessibility to pretty much all of Uletha and Tarephia. There should probably be remnants of previously dissolved city-states lying around. Additionally, the geography will probably play such a big role in its history that you will probably get some lenience in the overwikification war.

Good luck!

Introducing Seniqe 11 months ago

Amazing, beautiful work. What city is the photo of?

Introducing Kuehong, a temperate and OGF version of Vietnam 11 months ago

Defect from Antigo- lol.

Good luck with Kuehong! -Megacity

Chains/Companies in the Federal States 12 months ago

Hi! You might want to fill in this.

About biodomes 12 months ago

Hi! You might want to take a look at this.

In other words, you might not want to name it “First Ever Biodome” until you’re sure it’s the only one. And even after that, whether it’s the first or not doesn’t matter if it was mapped first.

Natural resources of Déserts about 1 year ago

I would say close to 30 parishes or boroughs, smaller along the coast, and a particularly large one along the east end.

A more creative option might be to organize it in only columns, like as the east coast of the US goes from tidewater to piedmont to Appalachia.

Good luck!

day one about 1 year ago

Hi PLima785! You are off to a very promising start, and I cannot wait to see where this mapping will soon go. @andrepoiy is right, your account on the wiki does not actually exist as you do not have a territory yet. Portuguese mapping, as far as I know, might be most fitting for a territory in the Liberan Peninsula; a Latin-American Portuguese speaking country could be a better fit in the continent of Tarephia.

Once you feel ready to request a territory, (after 7 days at least), each continent is run by a different admin (shown here in OGF:Admin regions), and they each have different requirements. For instance, the admin of West Uletha, where the Liberan Peninsula is, requires you to use JOSM, while the admin of Tarephia has climate and culture rules.

Finally, the name "User Diaries" is very misleading. It is really meant for new users who do not have access to the forum yet to ask questions and get feedback, instead of giving daily updates of their work. Don't be discouraged, many users have made the same mistake and they cannot be blamed. Once you have a territory, you are encouraged to move your questions to the forum.

Hope this helps, Megacity2005Creator

taking a break from OGF about 1 year ago

Hey CaboAzul.

I’m not pressuring you to stay in OGF or anything. I understand that family matters, and it’s a good thing to realize.

But don’t feel bad about yourself. Vertbourne is not badly designed, especially when comparing it to other cities in Commonia. And small isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best towns mapped in OGF are extremely small.

Mapping slow is also not something to degrade yourself about- I’m happy to admit that I’m a pretty slow mapper myself. It means that you have the ability (and patience) to put every detail you can possibly think of into your work. You are thoughtful regarding your city’s design too- you have placed it by the mouth of a river, you haven’t created an excessive motorway junction, you keep natural features in mind all the while. Even though Vertbourne might just be another hamlet on OGF to you, it’s not something to call badly designed at all. If I were an admin, I would definitely approve of Vertbourne, and I have been known to make some harsh criticisms.

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, then I’d be happy to offer you advice not collaborate on Vertbourne in order to satisfy your needs.

:) Megacity2005Creator

Developing the 'Prosperous, Litter-free and Greatest' Capital about 1 year ago

I believe he means your city should look almost the same in all places, no districts really standing out from one another. Make it seem as planned as possible.

Giliarca, finally. about 1 year ago

That's amazing. Can't wait to see what that spectacular mapping ability would look like on an entire country.

FSA question. about 1 year ago

Maybe unclaimed inland territories of the FSA (like AR120-86) could be underpopulated and mostly desert, making them ineligible to be a state.