Border control station with road side change on border between the MDF and Nordurland

Posted by MisterBean on 12 August 2019 in English (English)

I am currently detailing the border between my country and Nordurland with EMKLI. This involves the construction of border crossings. I would like to present to you the medium-sized crossing I am working on right now.

As Nordurland is left-hand drive (but Medwedia is right-hand drive), the border crossing involves a bridge to change the sides of the road.

The crossing itself is not very spectacular. It has the usual passport control and the more extensive customs lanes, where many bribes in foreign currencies changed hands in the decades since the crossing was built.

Notable is the water row just behind the bridge, officially meant for "tire sanitization". It has a somewhat symbolical character of course, as the Medwedian Democratic Federation and Nordurland are not really the best of friends, Nordurland being a demilitarized hippie country and Medwedia being a hardcore fascist dictatorship.

I want to extend and detail it. As such, I request your feedback and ideas.

Location: 64,871, 56,904

Comment from histor on 12 August 2019 at 20:19

Do you really need 6 lanes at your "Graenspolisei" station? I mean - you have drawn it nice, but I fear your policeman there have not to do many the whole day long.

Indeed your idae with the ford has something. Do you fear more, the Hippies come over you or your people will run in Nurdurland? If the second, learn from the former "Deutsche Demokratische Republik", how to make a boundary, where no mouse has a hole. There is a lot of potencial for mapping.

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Comment from MisterBean on 12 August 2019 at 20:32

Yes, the boundary is inspired by the DDR and Czechoslovakia. There will be multiple layers of fences and minefields through the whole "Grenskontrollstrefn".

In size and shape, the crossing is based on the Belarussian motorway customs checkpoint on the border with Poland in Brest.

Don't worry, the 6 lanes are very well needed, especially when there is congestion (it takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour for a normal person to be cleared, faster only if you make "voluntary donations" to the customs men). In fact, they are not enough, the queues stretch for dozens of kilometers into Medwedia and into Nordurland on busy days. Also, some lanes are for cars and some are for trucks.

Also, the Medwedian dictatorship is sort of a megalomaniac just like many dictatorships, which means that there are oversized buildings in the cities, motorways where none are needed - and border crossings that are too large to be economical.

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Comment from histor on 12 August 2019 at 21:25

Yes - you are right, so seen.

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Comment from Rustem Pasha on 12 August 2019 at 22:16

Brest is not the best example, I'm afraid. Brest itself has significant Polish population itself and many Poles visit their families on the Belarussian side (there is an exception in Belarussian Visa policy which allow families to do that very easily if I remember well) as well as Belarussians (and Belarussian Poles) tend to work on the western side of the border (despite quite hard Visa policy).

To make things more complicated Brest was (and de facto is, despite embargo) one of the main gates to ex-USSR countries so there where thousands of trucks daily going from and to Russia.

You must ask yourself do the same occurs for Nordurland and Medwedia?

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