Medium-sized coastal city Nyhus på Sejen in Southeastern Medwedia slowly taking shape

Posted by MisterBean on 17 March 2020 in English (English)

I am currently working on the city Nyhus på Sejen in the governorate of Predrussen, which is often called the "Medwedian Riviera" due to being the southernmost coast of the country. Nyhus på Sejen houses about 50-60.000 citizens within its administrative boundaries and another 30.000 in the immediate vicinity.

While the city opens towards a relatively flat valley in the west, where an artificial proletarian district is located, its north and east consist of an endless mess of narrow streets winding into the foothills of the Medwedian Kamne mountains, populated by a mixture of old farmers' houses from the time these areas were used as municipal pastures and shamble towns for the poor serfs and slaves, who commute every day to the port to clean ships, sell food to seamen and process fish.

The city is a medium port city; I am also planning on adding a naval/coast guard base and the obligatory gated upper-class/Party member district.

In the north, the city is bypassed by the legendary M99 Coastal Motorway, which was built by the military within three months in 1959. In the south, it is traversed by a semi-expressway that allows those headed for the eastern suburbs to skip the overloaded Theodor Lynden Frankensteins Allé (named after the current dictator of the Medwedian Democratic Federation).

How do you like the small patches of forest used to accentuate the terrain?

Location: 64,082, 66,691

Comment from Toadwart on 17 March 2020 at 14:27

The forest is fine, but...

the rest of the country is just beyond the scale.

I have actually driven beyond 70° latitude north. They had some villages and roads. But that was probably the most populous area at that latitude. At other places roads stop much earlier.

You know what latitude Labrador is on? How many roads are there?

On those latitudes you don't find motorways or metropolises. And most definitely not paid from the wallet of an authoritarian regime suffering from civil unrest and corruption.

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