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Tengappei: Language and Culture

Posted by MrOobling on 20 February 2017 in English (English)

When I started my country, Tengappei, I chose to make it have a Japanese, or 'Nihonish', culture largely due to the fact that the nearby Koberro and Heben were East Asian, as well as the statement in the Wiki that Paxtar was largely Nihonish (also Hidara and Bickendan sounded like a very Asian name). However, since then, both Koberro and Heben have gone inactive and I have found out that Paxtar and Hidara are not Nihonish. This leaves my country as a lone, East Asian country in Anteraphia (other than Meilan), leaving me struggling to develop a history. I have noticed that Heben has been left grey for a long time so I am somewhat wondering if there are any plans. In addition, there is a largeish free country right agacent to me which could be East Asian. I am thinking about remove the Japanese characters and arguing that Tengappei has a language with very similar phonetic rules to Japanese (not many of the names make sense anyway), however, this seems a bit sad and I still want to represent my Japanese ancestry and I want to keep a Japanese style city planning. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Review of Tengappei so far

Posted by MrOobling on 10 December 2016 in English (English)

So Luciano's current monthly challenge, 'oops', challenges us to fix any previous mistakes and, seeing there are probably many mistakes with my progress so far, I though I could try attempting Luciano's challenge. So, here I am, slightly over 3 months after starting work on Tengappei, looking over my country, seeing what needs to be changed, and I thought that your feedback could be very useful, especially seeing the feedback to other player's countries.

Whole country

So my country, Tengappei, has only some basic planning as well as a few, fairly detailed coasts and rivers. I tried following the wikis advice on how wide to make rivers and such but I feel as though I have ended up with some really narrow rivers with a perhaps too big delta. It is meant to be a tide and wave focused delta, but I might have made the rivers impact too strong. But the thing I have been focusing on is the capital city, Oniko.


I've really only been doing the main roads, railways and tram lines, but recently, I've added some more details in the city centre with various buildings. I still need to add some more buildings as well as tag everything but I am fairly happy with the detail so far. The city is meant to be very much a commuter focused city, with a massive pedestrianized area in the center. Is this too unrealistic? I haven't written the history of the city yet (I plan to write it this Christmas- this is the wiki so far: ) but I have some ideas for reasons behind it. The main thing I think I made an 'oops' with is the tram network. I'm just not very sure how close to make the lines and stations in a pedestrianized area like Oniko's. I plan to make the population of the whole city (the grey area) 3.5-5million, but that will take a long time. Anyway, thank you for listening to my rambling. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Location: AN144

Tengappei Progress

Posted by MrOobling on 30 September 2016 in English (English)

It's been around a month since I started mapping my country, and I am pleased with some sections and also have a few questions.

My first, and most urgent, question is, why can I only download tiny sections? When I try to download anything onto JOSM larger than 5*5km, it returns an error 'IO exception... Details (untranslate): read timed out'. It's really making mapping impossible because it also happens just before uploading when it is updating the map segments.

My second question is, how do I prevent other people editing my country? Another person is adding roads in the corner of my country, near New Denton, which, while on its own is fine, is moving my main motorways around.

My third question is, how do you prevent conflicts occurring in JOSM? This is probably related to the two above problems but still confuses me a lot. Often, it says there are conflicts in the administrative Region 'Ovaria' (the old name) which I really don't understand.

The final (I think...) question is, how do you get public transport routes to appear on the map? In the September challenge, the hyperlink links to a specific route. I have made a public transport legacy route relation, how do I select it in opengeofiction?

Other than that, making steady progress, and would welcome any feedback.

Location: AN144

Feedback on first wiki article for Tengappei

Posted by MrOobling on 31 August 2016 in English (English)

Hello, I am a new user who has just started developing my country of Tengappei in central Antarephia. I'm currently just doing the coastline, major rivers and geographical features.

I've just completed the start to the wiki article and I would like your help to check over my stats, especially language. My current plan is to have a Japanese-English mix because I am half Japanese, half English (but I can't really write in Japanese). After some research, I decided Nihonish is probably the correct language, and it is the same as the nearby country Paxtar. However, I'm not sure what the nearby countries 'Heben', 'Hidara', and 'Koberro' languages are (especially Koberro with that really long name). I've even asked by fluent Japanese sister to help and she couldn't work it out.

Another question I have is the colonial history of Antarephia. Which countries have said they were colonized? I understand that it is my own choice but I would like to base it off the surroundings and the information on the wiki wasn't very detailed. Any other feedback, such as on my coastlines or climate, is welcome. With climate, countries nearby, like Koberro, are marked as a cold climate, despite my own research which suggested countries near me should have a fairly warm, Mediterranean perhaps, climate with very little snow. Thank you.

EDIT: I just realized the post below me was on climate by nearby country Paxtar, who gave it a lower climate that I did. My country is on a warmer ocean current but I should probably lower the temperature a bit (or possibly Paxtar raise the temperature a bit- real life equivalents have average temperature of 20C).

Location: AN144
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