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Posted by MrOobling on 31 August 2016 in English (English)

Hello, I am a new user who has just started developing my country of Tengappei in central Antarephia. I'm currently just doing the coastline, major rivers and geographical features.

I've just completed the start to the wiki article and I would like your help to check over my stats, especially language. My current plan is to have a Japanese-English mix because I am half Japanese, half English (but I can't really write in Japanese). After some research, I decided Nihonish is probably the correct language, and it is the same as the nearby country Paxtar. However, I'm not sure what the nearby countries 'Heben', 'Hidara', and 'Koberro' languages are (especially Koberro with that really long name). I've even asked by fluent Japanese sister to help and she couldn't work it out.

Another question I have is the colonial history of Antarephia. Which countries have said they were colonized? I understand that it is my own choice but I would like to base it off the surroundings and the information on the wiki wasn't very detailed. Any other feedback, such as on my coastlines or climate, is welcome. With climate, countries nearby, like Koberro, are marked as a cold climate, despite my own research which suggested countries near me should have a fairly warm, Mediterranean perhaps, climate with very little snow. Thank you.

EDIT: I just realized the post below me was on climate by nearby country Paxtar, who gave it a lower climate that I did. My country is on a warmer ocean current but I should probably lower the temperature a bit (or possibly Paxtar raise the temperature a bit- real life equivalents have average temperature of 20C).

Location: AN144

Comment from Leowezy on 31 August 2016 at 19:33

OGFへようこぞ!I was just noticing that you started off your country's wiki page and tried to find a way to contact you; but then this diary popped up ;)

Considering language; we have had some discussions regarding the Japanese language on here, and as far as I'm aware we haven't really found a home country for it yet. Besides some "Japanese" speaking countries in your region, there's also Hoppon in east Uletha, which also influenced the language of my country Kojo. Nihonish influence on Paxlinga appears pretty minor to me.

If you were willing to provide your country as the origin of some Japanese-like language (perhaps with some colonial activity in the past), there would be many ways to integrate that into world history and fill some gaps I suppose.

I think it's great that you are thinking about how the Ingerish-Nihonish language duality came to your country. Was it originally Nihonish, and then a phase of Ingerish colonialism left a mark? Or was your country already an Ingerish speaking colony when some Nihonish speaking colonialists came? This will be very important for your country's place in world history, and we could develop ideas here.

Climate is also an everlasting issue on OGF; I recommend you the following map of what the current consensus seems to be, but it might be subject to change. The Dashboard features a list of articles in the top that are truly worth reading, just have a look there as well :)

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Comment from Paxtar on 1 September 2016 at 00:51

Hello, and welcome to the neighborhood!

Nihonish is spoken in one province of Paxtar, but is no longer the primary language. Paxlinga is mostly a combination of German and Spanish, with some English, Japanese and Latin thrown in. As Leowezy wrote, Nihonish is very minor component. Mostly because, when I need a new word, it's easier for me to pick from languages where I have a little bit of knowledge, than from Japanese, where I have almost none.

As far as the history, I'm still not sure from where the Nihonish speakers arrived. I've been waiting for more global history to be established. Current estimated arrival is around year 1500.

Regarding climate, I'm still trying to determine what's realistic, so what I posted is definitely a first draft. I think many higher-lattitude countries would prefer to be a bit warmer, and I'm not opposed to a little more warmth. Just need to determine what effects need to be factored in to make the warmth work.

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Comment from Portopolis on 1 September 2016 at 10:57

I have been working on my country Hoppon, and like the others I sruggle with Japanese/Nihonish. Although it is the national language I know very litttle about how the Japanese Language works and I mostly use it for naming things and add my own little twist to it. It would be a lot easier if their were actually Japanese-English speaking places in the real world. I can try to lend you my help as much as possible.

BTW- I have been working on uploading the Nigeria photos and I have more of them in a camera back in Nigeria, so I will try to upload the photos I currently have as quickly as possible.

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Comment from Ūdilugbulgidħū on 3 September 2016 at 00:39

Can't help with Nihhonish. But Pasalia and Shadze-Ma to the east of you are fully or partly Ingerish speaking. Those countries are former colonies of Ingerland and Ionadàlba (where Ingerish is also spoken). Maybe you've seen the timeline of Ingerish colonial history? - you are free to add to this page. I should do that myself. I would reckon Ingerish colonists reached southern Antarephia around 1600, give or take 50 years.

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