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What do you think about this hamlet 7 months ago

@Trombonist2003, I believe you are looking at the wrong town. Raul is commenting on Espiritu Peninsular which is tagged separately:

My main critique is that your scaling is off. To compare it to a real world Spanish hamlet, : Also, you have tagged a station where there isn't a station.

Topography: check! 7 months ago

You basic topography is on the right track and looks quite good. My main criticism is that your river is far, far too wide. If you compare it to the [Rio Grande](map=C/10.05935883040309/18.84932/30.99866&map2=OSM/x/25.86248/-97.40847&pxpt=0.277&scale=500000), which travels through a similar climate but is far longer than your river, you can see how absurdly wide it is. If you follow the instructions as detailed here:, (300/4)*60*0.1=450 which means your river should be around 150m wide, not the current 3km.

New stats: Ideas 8 months ago

While creating these lists is, in my opinion, good and happy, you should be aware that these list will be forever incomplete as the countries in this fantasy world are not fixed and change drastically all the time. While you may at some point be number one in a list, you may not be so in the future and hence, should never reference anything as the 'most' or 'least' in an article.

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping 8 months ago

An easier way to rotate the view is to go into settings -> display -> orientation

Week One 9 months ago

It is a good start- I like the detail. Unfortunately, the scale of the town so far is completely off- buildings hundreds a metres wide and train platforms 30m wide. Compare it to a real life city and work on the scale. Once this is fixed, it looks like a great start to a city.

Help Requested Urgently! 9 months ago

Deleting individual nodes is tiresome. It might be easier to revert the changeset and just try deleting the ways again (it shouldn't leave the nodes).

How Best to Fix This? 9 months ago

Another thing to note is that you shouldn't use capitals for the names of roads and other features- it should be lower case like everything else. Looking at it right now, it does make sense for a trunk road to service between Waycrest and the south trunk road.

Midistland OUTRAGEOUS trunk road system 9 months ago

Yeah, that is so much better. Probably still needs to have some motorways downgraded to at least a trunk road, if not a primary road. A bunch of currently multilevel interchanges should also be downgraded to roundabouts or intersections.

One of my first city, Puerto Esperanza 9 months ago

Wow, that's an impressive first city. To answer all your questions, just look at a real world city with about 3 million people, like Madrid. It isn't big enough for 3 million but it is appropriate as it is for about 1 million.

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago

The key is practice. While all these aspects about planning and history are very important to note, just knowing these things won't make your city perfect, and you shouldn't expect it to be perfect or even any good.

Just keep making suburbs in various places, with various methods and various ideas. You will get better at drawing suburbs, and you can redo the ones you don't like. I didn't like my first 'suburbs' (not really suburbs but just part of the city):, but since then, I have drawn much more and I am now much more pleased with my more recent edits (unfinished): Your problems about getting stuck when planning will also improve, and it will all come naturally.

Hello! I'm new to this community! 10 months ago

@zhenkang You shouldn't choose a language based on the countries next to you, especially if you are a colony. You should use a language you are fluent in or completely make up a language. If you use a language you don't understand, you're liable to end up with gobbledygook names. Then, you can choose a country where that language would make sense.

I agree with Toadwart- don't use a 'infrastructure keen' government as an excuse for overmapping infrastructure- keep it realistic. However, I am impressed that you are actually thinking about things like the government before mapping: most new mappers start mapping without a plan and it ends up messy.

An imperial palace 10 months ago

It's a great palace- it is laid out well and you show that you understand how water relations work. The north-west temple needs to be fixed so it doesn't just trace the coastline. Also be careful that you don't overbuild motorways. I'm not sure how big the city will be but currently it seems like it would make more sense if the A7 went west of the airport instead of east (or even through since the airport is abandoned).

A Better Way for Motorways? 10 months ago

I think you're being too hard on yourself: I really like your motorway network and your city in general.

I think the straight section in the M1 motorway works well: you see straight sections in a lot of cities. I'm not sure why you feel you need to redo the M72,75,76,77- they look good to me. You could possible replace some of them with trunk roads but you already have very few motorways in your city (a nice change to the motorway spam some cities have).

The M76 should connect to the M1 above but it already looks like you're doing that. Perhaps you can reroute the M7 so it uses the M75 and the M76 stretches instead of the west M7 stretch- it seems just as direct to get into the city or across the bridge but also more useful when wanting to go East

Transformation an abandoned airport? 10 months ago

There are disused airports everywhere irl. They are most used as military airbases but some are built over (normally office campuses).

What's wrong with my JOSM? 10 months ago


2nd Day 10 months ago

Jesus Antonio, regarding your question about how to be an advanced user for getting a large territory, there isn't really a separation between advanced users and normal users. You just have to message @admin about whether you can claim a certain territory, and they may grant it, they may reject you or they may decide to give you a small section.

Regarding how to change your name, I don't think you can.

@stjur, your outburst was uncalled for, and it seems you misunderstood Jesus Antonio's question. Jesus Antonio never really claimed he/she was advanced, or denied what you said. Your initial comment 'You don't need a big territory...' was very accusational and it is understandable that one would reply in self defense.

School And OGF 10 months ago

As long as you plan to continue on OGF for a long time, no one will complain if you request a territory, and with your high quality mapping in Commonia, most people will be happy that you are joining. I'll confess, I personally probably don't map more than once a week.

Names for the waters surrounding Antarephia 10 months ago

Tarrases is in the wrong position.

hi 11 months ago

You can just plan the geography on a seperate application or with pen on paper. You don't have to translate it onto OGF immediately, as long as you have a general idea. See

Something similar to E-series highways? 11 months ago

As Zhenkang said, this has been discussed many times, and it has been descided that this is not feesable. There are 2 main problems: - There are many unowned countries across the ogf world meaning that infastructure cannot be built through these countries. - With the numerous users across ogf, some more active than others, some with a higher quality of mapping than others and some who speak different languages, it would be impossible to organise