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Phoenix over 1 year ago

Hi. From what I can see, the city depicted in that url ain’t deleted. Double check if you are properly rendering the tiles.

question almost 2 years ago

You might wanna try Java Openstreetmap (JOSM). Refer to the Blue Book, page 9, for more information on how to set up JOSM for OGF:

And please, because of problems in the Wiki, edit your User Diary to include the following text:

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer over 2 years ago

That’s a great fence! And yes, histor, I am sorry, I meant ‘tree-row’, not ‘treeline’.

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer over 2 years ago

Or rather a dot followed by dashes, like seeing a fence from above (.—-.—-.—-. and so on).. interestingly this is swaying from kerbs rendering to pseudo morse code.

Judging by the main point of mapping in OGF, as seen by stjur technique on his 3d buildings, or with BMSOUZA drawing aircrafts, ships and even vehicles, or when we use ‘walls’ to mimic the markings on a football field, perhaps some keys could have an isometric-ish style (for instance, think of histor’s treeline, which I find it way better than osm-carto style).

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer over 2 years ago

@austinhuang Oh, oh, that is sad, thanks for the info. :( not offended by ‘niche’ btw, lol.

@Lithium that’s a nice trick, thx! But alas, that will last a tad too long.. eh

A mini icebreaker - how do you name your own territory about 3 years ago

@zhenkang dunno why you always talk about North Korea when we meet. hahahahah

A mini icebreaker - how do you name your own territory about 3 years ago

Something’s stricken me: Antigo means old in Portuguese, quite fitting with your regime. Oh, I’m not insulting, it’s just that the Briarmarcks are around there for so long…

By the way, Nalkor and Kochi were thought to be two tribes that decided to unite in order to expel the Franquese from these lands. Not sure why the spelling, though, it’s been a long time…

Refugee neighbourhoods needed for defectors over 3 years ago

Considering what kingfries said, The Community of Nalkor-Kochi, being relatively close to Pasalia, may be home for a few hundred or thousand Antigoans defectors.

I don’t know much in details, but possibly there is some underground network of collaborators across Suriya, given the close relationship that these two nations once had…

Alam desert sea - will it exist or get blown over? over 3 years ago

My thoughts: Make it a wasteland. Put a smelting industry here and there, and voilà!

Getting JOSM to work with OGF about 4 years ago

Zhenkang, and what makes you think it is not? ;)

Getting JOSM to work with OGF about 4 years ago

AngryGroceries: username checks out

New City about 4 years ago

P.S.: alas, that cinema is bigger than the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. wow

New City about 4 years ago

Hello strayamate. You should check the scale of your mapping (in your whole country). I know you use the ID and it is rather laborious, but considering the amount of mapping you’ve done so far, you should switch to JOSM.

Melville City’s aerodrome has a 991 m runway and a terminal roughly the size of Heathrow’s T5. The taxiways are also improperly tagged (you used aeroway=runway instead of aeroway=taxiway).

The block comprising the National Theatre, the Mall of Eltenesse and the EVENT Cinema is bigger than the Green and St. James parks combined. That’s huge even for a big city, even worse for a regional city as you said.

So, in overall, you should switch to JOSM and pay attention to the scale of your mapping. :)

People are unhappy with my flag; therefore I have made some other proposals about 4 years ago

Hi, andrepoiy. From what I could read, your country is orbiting around wealth. So, why don’t you try to invoke that with different colors? Red, for me, invokes a sense of sexuality, blood (therefore martyrdom, sacrifice), anger, fight; not wealth. Perhaps a bit of yellow, or even gold. Many corporations use blue, such as GM in your avatar pic, GE, Bank of America, you name it… Perhaps if you develop a bit of your country’s history and politics you will get more sensible to that, instead of being too literal (e.g. the so furious approach to capitalism was a recent event? Did a political party (the Profit Party, for instance) rise in the last couple of decades after a big recession, such as caused by left-wing governments? You could play with that and incorporate in your mapping.

Your flag needs to represent your nation as a whole, including your citizens, the environment, not just the political and economical aspect. Is freedom a ‘big thing’ in the daily Capitalian life? Find some symbols for freedom, then (duckduckgo that!).

Anyway, I really liked all the proposals.

P.S.: after reading what Isleño wrote on your talk page, I second with the ‘dystopia’ part. I didn’t think it of a joke, but of a Orwellian nation focused only in profit, enslaving the citizens in a very fashioned and capitalist way. IMHO that would be a good addon for the geopolitics ;)

Creating custom UFT-8 characters for OGF languages that dosen't use any RW script. over 4 years ago

Interesting tool, Jesus Antonio! Although it can be useful for writing large texts (then converting to an image), like in the wiki, it doesn’t work for OGF mapping simply because one’s private script will appear as such just for that user, i.e., it is a private character set. I think, but I’m not sure, you could send the encoding file, but that is not very practical.

And why ‘sorry for 2nd diary post’?

Best regards

Kalavsky and Herzevodnia: A great historic deal over 4 years ago

Well, there you have some political instability… in a map.

Names for the waters surrounding Antarephia almost 5 years ago

Hello, newflanders!

We are working on the coastline of Nalkor-Kochi. Most bays, gulfs are still unnamed on the map, but these will soon be added as long as the coastline is updated. We propose to name this strait as “Strait Trinity”, since it connects a small bay to the east, the Asperic Ocean to the northwest and the Calliesanyo Bay (by the way, nice suggestion) to the southeast.

A small remark about your suggestion: it is known to be quite hard to distinguish a bay to a gulf, but wouldn’t the Calliesanyo Bay be large enough to be called as a gulf instead?

Yours sincerely,

Louis Caseneuve Irjan PR - Ministry of Communications

I don't like my country. almost 5 years ago

Dear Cibrage,

I am here, on behalf of the Community of Nalkor-Kochi, to tell you that we like your country! Perhaps this is not the appropriate place, but I would like to propose an agreement to establish, whenever possible, long standing diplomatic relations with Ćira. Our whole community supports any newborn nation and the aspirations of their people, including yours. We will promptly help you by all means possible, such as airport designing (through our Aéroports Nationaux), management of coastal areas and so.

Feel free to contact us and, please, continue your lovely mapping!

Yours sincerely

Louis Caseneuve Irjan PR - Ministry of Communications

State Emblem for Agarderia almost 5 years ago

Hello, Yuanls. First of all, your emblem looks great!

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The ratio: most of the emblems of the Soviet Republics are narrow. The exceptions are the rounded ones (Georgia, Armenia and Tajik SSRs and the Transcaucasian SFSR). Yours seems to be a bit wide to me :)

  • The font. Consider not using shadows and/or using a font without many ‘details’, like Candara, Century Gothic… I don’t know much about fonts, tho…

  • Vectorise your emblem, it will look more ‘professional’.


New country almost 5 years ago

Interesting! It got my attention because it is somewhat similar to Nasmany, the language spoken (alongside French) in my country, mainly used to name places, like Ćimiarića, Poleźar and so… well, I had Eastern European influences, but with Bulgaria and Poland in mind.

By the way, is that a lake near Klvádanca? I like the way it connects the neighbouring countries (and possibly with the sea via that river flowing near Vendra and through Suriya). Keep going!