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Area size calculator 10 months ago

What do I do with the .json download?

Tips on starting a city 10 months ago

When you plat your roads plat them in the old way first. Then go back and construct on top of or realign the roadway. This will give you realistic roadways that have stubs of former alignments heading directly into town or in the downtown area. You can then go back and smooth curves, put the marked highway on different streets over time or even use the construction road feature.

I like to plat the roads going into areas like they would have when the roads were first built. I then go back and realign the highways on different alignments, smooth out curves or put the marked roadways on different street pairs in cities (common practice in the real-world US Highway network).

Some of the drawings that I have do no correspond to this as I first mapped in a blue area and then some of the roadways were then transported into my owned territory.

Use the topography first. Map older alignments and roadways and remember not every form of traffic can use a motorway. If you have obstructions in the way your motorways will be more realistic. You would either need to build around the obstructions or reconstruct the roadways leaving things like dead end stubs, frontage roads, nearby surface routes, and the like.

town disappears at higher zoom levels over 1 year ago

It appears that I am also experiencing render issues as well. I also seem to see an old flood that lingers around on certain zoom levels.

Lack of valid certificate and JOSM almost 2 years ago

What do I need to check?

Lack of valid certificate and JOSM almost 2 years ago

How long is the load time supposed to take? I can’t get this version to load the drawings from this website. It just keeps on the contacting server page.

Expression of interest: larger Archanta territories about 3 years ago

I miss the old “State of Reagan” in the old Commonia. It looks like someone built right atop a flood plain and delta that I mapped out.

Road naming systems - real world examples about 3 years ago

I live in an area were pike is used heavily for major thoroughfares. We have all kinds of suffixes on the newer streets in the subdivisions as well.

Chains/Companies in the Federal States over 3 years ago

I actually named a chain of restaurants as Yum Yum’s before I even knew that this list is in existence.

Meet the 17 Nakwitlanian States..) almost 4 years ago

Your motorways are undivided which is usually a rare use of a roadway system. If the system cannot justify the use of a divided motorway then why build such an extensive motorway network?

Have a read on building realistic countries. Building roadways prior to other features makes for building features around roadways in lieu of the other way around.

I did request that I also adjust the border near Vineland Acres be adjusted so that my border take over the oxbow lake and water bodies to the east of the river. This will adjust for a shift in the river and make a more realistic border.

County name rendering almost 4 years ago

County should be admin level 6.

Bienvenidos a Nacuitlán (y aclaración del tamaño de la capital) almost 4 years ago

Your mountain range is too high for your country. Your roadway network doesn’t match the terrain. The road near your 9,481 ft mountain is nearly straight. You have what should be collector and connector roads mapped as major arterial highways.

Progresando con Aztequistán almost 4 years ago

Hello neighbor. Your city is way too large and way off scale. Please use the scale helper on the FAQ page for help. You have a city grid based on the size of county.

I was also hoping that my eastern shore and riverbed remain rural in nature. I am drawing additional coastal features on almost a daily basis and have plans for a national park in the area.

International highway (Archanta) almost 4 years ago

No more motorways please.

Concerning Highway 11, Commonia. almost 4 years ago

Don’t you need a surface route first? Why a motorway?

New Area! almost 4 years ago

Your motorway has no allowance for beaches, resorts, or coastal preserves. It is not economical and is not practical to drive.

The US of Archanta has less than 1% of motorways and none built for the sake of connecting one country to the other. They are built to serve the needs of its population not those of other countries. I have no extensive motorway network. I build surface routes first then integrate the motorways thereafter. I do have some planned but I am mapping the natural features and towns. The roads come in then motorways after.

International highway (Archanta) almost 4 years ago

Not a good idea. There are a ton of commie countries and unsafe countries. The development of the vast amount of countries is vastly different. Now if a country wants to interconnect highways then so be it. Look at I-69 in the US. The highway is being built as a port to port to reach Canada and Mexico. However, the highway has economic considerations and not a highway just to connect a continent.

It is just not safe to travel by vehicle across the continent. One would have to purchase a heck of an insurance policy to ensure one was insured. These are real world concerns that should translate to OGF.

Canada built roads that lead to the US but didn’t build one just to serve intercontinental travel.

Realistic Mapping about 4 years ago

@Megacity2005 I regonize that neighborhood. I stayed at the Ritz Carrton in Laguna Niguel and used the inspiration to map a couple of areas of Aliso Viejo and Laguna Hills in my City of Dannaford.

New Town! about 4 years ago

Why did you start with a motorway prior to building a surface route? So all traffic must travel via motorway between regions? Building a motorway first means building around the motorway versus the motorway being built around current infrastructure. Your motorway network also appears to be undivided. Whilst undivided motorways do exist it is rare rather than the norm.

The ferry would make sense had you not overbuilt you motorway network. If your country has the means to build a motorway network such as your mileage on your system why not build a bridge? See Tampa to Saint Petersburg FL, Oakland to San Francisco CA, New York City and so on.

I have put my small motorway network on a road diet so to speak. I built my country originally on Commonia and it was later exported to the current location. When I was drawing in Commonia I had others that started adding motorways left and right. The motorway network was straight and did not bend with the terrain. I really wanted to build the motorway system later with some minor exceptions in areas where motorways were added in pieces and not as an extensive over all system. Like drawing bypasses around congested areas and limited pieces of an overall system being built.

One thing that I do is make sure that a surface route existed prior to adding a motorway. I then go back and then delete items out just as if a construction crew had just rebuilt the area for the new motorway. And one other thing I do even with the current surface routes is to think how old roads were routed before they were realigned to new alignments.

I have several examples where sometimes the old road is now a business route or it may now be called “Old Highway XX” or the like. If you check out my routing for US 21, US 1 and US 101 for example you will see signs reminiscent of the older alignments. Some will be more obvious such as the route being named Old Highway 1 or BUS US 1. Other times you can gauge as you can see that the roadway may go straight into a town or place but the route curves and the road that goes straight into town may now be a city maintained street with a name designated by the municipality.

OGF tutorials for all users to learn about how to do stuff on ogf about 4 years ago

Well it could be useful. I see the new mappers with the new territories are starting with motorways that apparently non divided and straight line in lieu of other features.

Vivion Dealing Warheads about 4 years ago

I predict that 007 will be sent to retire the company.