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Island woes over 1 year ago

It seems like you've tagged the outer way of your multipolygon. Just move those tags to the multipolygon relation and leave the outer way without tags.

Hope that works :)

Your fictional cities in a computer game! over 4 years ago

Your game looks really interesting!

Is it correct, that you are currently using OSM-data?

If that is the case, it seems that the OSM-credits are missing. I didn't find anything at the youtube-video or your website.

The World project over 4 years ago

Nice idea!

What about the ocean areas? Do plan lakes at those areas? And "highway"="service"s at the ocean shores?

If the projection problem is solved, please create an area for Maalfland. Thx.

Calculating areas of relations over 4 years ago

You could use the JOSM plugin ‚Äč"measurement".

Balonis has an area of ~151000 skm. (incl. 22km ocean)

Video/chat conference Mk.2 over 4 years ago

How do we hear about the selected time?

For me only a chat would be technically feasible.

[solved] No up to date backup? over 4 years ago

Danke, thilo.

Could everyone fill in their climate data please? over 4 years ago

My attempt to create a climate model for Maalfland (mainland):

(Sorry, for now it is without any respect for my neighbouring countries.)

Move & capital name change about 5 years ago


It would be intresting if you could tell us briefly HOW you deal with the scaling issues.


New Rendering about 5 years ago

Maybe I would change the tagging of most of your tertiary highways to unclassified or residential?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... (need help creating large scale forests and Mountains in Freedemia) over 5 years ago

Just send me a mail (German or English) to make it my mission! ;)


Coastline Updates over 5 years ago

My new west coast of Maalfland was not refreshed.

(But I am pretty sure that the new coastline was already shown correctly some days ago...

Wiki wishes over 6 years ago

Great, thanks!

The Usage of files from Wimedia Commons works.

The MultiMaps-Extension is nice. I added the Wiki/Slippy maps-page for documentation.

Is it possible to add an option to switch the differenet OGF-layers?

Country names (on the map) over 6 years ago

Now some country name tags have been unified by me...

To be continued...

If on this planet follow the laws of physics... over 6 years ago

Great, that's very instresting... :)

Would you like to tell us some details about how you created this map?

Country names (on the map) over 6 years ago

Are there any concerns, about changing the country names in the map-data as proposed above?

Country names (on the map) over 6 years ago

Ok, but in what language?

I would prefer to do it like in OSM:

  • name=* the name in the official language of the country
  • name:en=* the name in English

(regarding all names in OGF)

And for country names (already written above):

  • name = short name (e.g.: Gobrassanya)
  • official_name = long official name (e.g.: Republic of Alora)

What is displayed in the map should be decided by the renderer.

Country names (on the map) over 6 years ago

What about

  • adding an country-name-ALLCAP-feature in the histor-style

  • and unifieing all country names (in the map-data) to

    • name = short names (e.g.: Gobrassanya)
    • official_name = long official names (e.g.: Republic of Alora) ?
Street Names over 6 years ago

You can also use the names of cities/towns for your streets: "Roantraway"

Some lists in the wiki would be a good help for streetnames: e.g. (must be created)

Cascande over 6 years ago

Well, here it is:

Great, Thanks!!! :)

Cascande over 6 years ago

...I would prefer a wiki based on the MediaWiki-Software:

  • free of ads
  • nice syntax

The article-pages could be used to introduce the single countries/regions/cities and the talk-pages could be used to discuss about the article AND the mapping in that countries/regions/cities. On the mainpage there could be an OGF-highlights-showcase-box.

Best Regards