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[FSA Question] Are there radio stations? about 1 year ago

I'd have to make a whole new section, are you sure I'm allowed to do that?

Stereotypes of Your Country about 2 years ago

Krankriet (old country): It's cold but we still have outdoor pools. Arlington (current country): Guns, freedom, roads.

i need help almost 3 years ago

Ah, I also map on OGF with my trusty HP Chromebook.

Complicated Interchange I made about 3 years ago

No Way:

Yeah, I've been complaining about NCDOT for a while now. I have a few friends in Charlotte that think it's fine, it's terrible though.

Generally I plan out my highways, but since I don't know exactly where I'll end up, I go way off course and never find a way to get it back on the track I expected without having to delete too many interchanges and stuff.


The roads are really my priority, because how would you logically get someone from a place like Powhatan in my country for Cleveland? It's something I generally like, since I consider myself a roadgeek and I just want roads running throughout my country. The only topography would be places like Infinite Lake and Falt Forrest, because I am having mainly plains running through Iklande, Yanlik and Deniro.

Complicated Interchange I made about 3 years ago

Haven't plopped down the house areas, as I generally plop down the roads first.

I will eventually do that though, thanks for reminding me.

Complicated Interchange I made about 3 years ago

Because this Arlington is based on central/eastern NC theme, and North Carolina is extremely flat, which makes it unlikely for tunnels (only in some parts if I think of it right)

Complicated Interchange I made about 3 years ago

AR F 3 is meant to basically meant to be connected to the lower part of Arlington from the border.

DO 1 is meant to connect to Fuquay Island and the north coastline, as well as the AR F 2 border with Susquehanna.

AR F 7/AR F 8 are meant to go down the center of the country so you don't have to take the 2 busiest highways in the country which are AR F 1 and AR F 2 (yes I'm American, I just call mine highway because that's what I'm used to).

tl;dr it's for traffic e/w and n/s

Someone flooded Antarephia about 3 years ago

noticed also

Fressland, Norkolnia, Touhou, and a farewell... for now. about 3 years ago

Goodbye from your neighbor, Krankriet. Hope I can refer a member and let him have your country to preserve it.