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What are all of the "nationalities" over 3 years ago

You might also want to consult the Quick Territory Descriptions page on the wiki, it lists plenty of nations and what nationalities they’re based on.

Embassies in Altbridge almost 4 years ago

Sure, I’d love to have a high commission here. Feel free to add yours to Saviso, too (guidelines here).

Space Center? about 4 years ago

There’s a few of them scattered around the place - searching for “space” in the wiki will give you some links. The first one that comes to mind is the Commonwealth Space Centre (wiki link), because it’s mine - it’s the base of operations for the Ingerish Commonwealth’s space and rocket programme, although commercial launches have been taking place since 1992 (Turnsole80 and I are working on updating it all). The FSA will probably have one at some point, too.

History over 4 years ago

Even though it’s not set in stone, a few of us have already added the “Great War” of the 1940s into our nations’ histories. What happened in the war we don’t know, we don’t know what sides anyone was on, but we do know a war happened, and given that consensus is very hard to reach in this community, that’s about as good as we’ll get.

Very promising new WebGL globe over 4 years ago

The first thing I saw was the twinkling lights of Avalon, Cambria, and Saviso. I approve.

Finding Los Oros over 4 years ago

I believe Turnsole80 is learning how the system works so that he can update it. He’s as fed up with it as the rest of us.

Click on places to get info about them? over 4 years ago

Well, you learn something new every day. I didn’t even know that Query button was there.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! But for OGF... over 4 years ago

If we do want a Google Calendar, then I propose we expand it to include more than just religious or ethnic holidays. A calendar of world holidays, if you will.

Tenders Open for Saviso Cricket Ground almost 5 years ago

Why, that looks splendid. Saviso will have its cricket at last! Thank you for your efforts, they’re very much appreciated.

Tenders Open for Saviso Cricket Ground almost 5 years ago

I’m not sure about the curved wings, but straight-edged ones like in the picture look much nicer. It means we can have year-round cricket and rugby, which is great for pay TV subscriptions, and not so great for people who aren’t into sport (like me).

Tenders Open for Saviso Cricket Ground almost 5 years ago

Not bad, what purpose do those ‘wings’ serve? Also, there is a preview button next to the comment box beneath the markdown information, I find it most useful when checking I’ve done links and pictures correctly.

Tenders Open for Saviso Cricket Ground almost 5 years ago

No, I’ve given up trying. That’s why I’ve opened it up to see if anyone wants to put their skills to use.

Tenders Open for Saviso Cricket Ground almost 5 years ago

No, there’s just a provisional square to give an idea of where it might go. There never was a stadium there, just a blank square.

How terrorism is in OGF? almost 5 years ago

Continuing on from what Sarepava said, I’m not keen on our world following Earth that closely. I’m not saying that “terrorism” (whatever the definition of that may be) shouldn’t exist here, but I don’t think escalating it to the scale of the real world is worth doing. Rather than being whipped up into a frenzy by the media, the good people of our countries should just focus on what they do best - buying stuff.

Road Numbers: What should I do? almost 5 years ago

An idea could be to break up the country into numbered zones, as is the case in countries like the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and in Victoria, Australia… and in the case of OGF, Vodeo. Number each zone 1 through 9, then work out from there. Major national highways should have lower (one- or two-digit) numbers, while less important ones have higher numbers. You can even go one step further and break each zone down into ten again, and then again until you achieve optimum road numbering.

Let’s look at Vodeo for an example. Cambria is assigned the number 3, meaning all highways originating there have to begin with that number. The A3/M3 is a major highway that runs west to Radern and the border with TA004. It is one of the country’s most important highways, so it has a very low number. For the next level down, Cambria is divided into ten zones - 30 for Longlac, 31 for Crafers, 32 for Marazan, and so on through to 39 for Pentland. Each zone has a major regional highway, such as the B33 in Brynderwyn or the A37 in the east. Then we go one step further and find roads that roughly correspond to a north-south or west-east pattern - the C330 is to the west (and kind of north, at least on the mainland) of the C331, then to the east we find the C332.

If you can’t neatly divide your country into nine zones, then you can either assign multiple areas to a number, or multiple numbers to an area (Queensboro is in both 5 and 6 because it’s large and there are ten provinces). As for how to arrange the zones, that’s up to you. In Germany and New Zealand, they are arranged by geographical location (in New Zealand, Northland and Auckland are 1, while Southland is 9); in the UK they are assigned based on their direction from London or Edinburgh.

New stats: Ideas about 5 years ago

I can see where you’re going with this, but I do question whether we need these lists. A lot of people aren’t going to be bothered with calculating these, and they’re not really major lists like largest cities or types of government,

Mapper's Challenge #15 - November 2017 - Keep Clean and Stay Pretty about 5 years ago

I’d been wondering why Freedemians liked to run around without a stitch on, but now it makes sense - it’s hot around the equator. All the same, Vodeans tend to keep their clothes on, although Freedemia and its naturism is something of a curiosity.

Pathfinding/Directions Issues about 5 years ago

Oh good, so I’m not the only one having trouble with this. Ever since I added it to the map months ago, the M1 between Avington and Marazan has had the same problem. The road is oriented the right way, but the system seems to have no idea that there are a good 200 kilometres or so of perfectly fine motorway to be used. I deleted the stretch between Longlac and Marazan, but still nothing.

I’m still yet to add the northbound lane of the M1 to Avington, but I find it very strange that the map has no idea how to use the road that’s there. Like Aces, I like to be able to find my way from Hither to Yon with the direction tool.

One day, the good people of Avalon and Cambria will be one.

I'd like to ask: about 5 years ago

Vodeo predominantly uses the FHWA series, modelled after the New Zealand and Australian styles. I really like the style of the type, and I’m familiar with it as well (I’m a huge roadgeek, to the point where I did two photography projects in high school on road signs, traffic lights, and power poles - and got good marks!), so it made logical sense.

Let us examine some of the signs. Wellsford College Hill Wagga Wagga

While FHWA fonts rule the road, council street signs are a different matter. National sign rules allow local councils to choose between FHWA, Transport, DIN 1451, Helvetica, Univers, Frutiger, and Gotham. Private signs like the one below for the Devonport Museum can almost go for what they like. Devonport

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? about 5 years ago

Vodeo uses the styles of New Zealand and Australia, as it does for most things. Both styles are almost identical save for very minor differences (whether the pole is orange or unpainted, and whether or not there’s a white outline), and it’s up to the provinces to determine which they want to use.

For reference, here’s a set of lights in New Zealand: NZ traffic lights

…and one in Melbourne: Australian traffic lights Melbourne’s weird.

In the last ten years or so, countdown timers have begun popping up in some of the larger cities. Generally these are only found in very busy areas, such as downtown Saviso or Holme. Auckland traffic lights

As an added bonus, have a set with some road signs, which will surely be a topic of discussion in the future. Henderson traffic lights