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Creating Infobox templates on the wikipedia over 4 years ago

I've also thought about setting one up, but haven't gotten to the point where I need one yet.

You could use the one I made for music recordings as a starting point.

Or, if you let me know what you think should be on it, I could set one up.

Landuse for Neo Delta (and Brugas) over 4 years ago

It's definitely impressive, and very nice.

Other than using relations, any advice or thoughts on what you would do differently if you were starting from scratch?

Automated Naming over 4 years ago

The program, information, and instructions, have been posted here, for anyone who is interested.

Automated Naming over 4 years ago

@Luciano: I came up with the idea before your August challenge, but didn't have time to work on it before the end of the month. I didn't think of it until you mentioned it, but there are several streets in the area where I live that change names, some as the streets go from city to city, and others for no reason that I can tell. I'm good with calling the bug a feature. :)

@EMKLI: I used JOSM filters to select the streets I wanted to rename, so leaving out specific types of streets should just be a matter of updating or adding filters.

@Pawl: The code is set to look for marked ways, so other types of ways could also be renamed. I have a number of parks that I'm going to try to rename. What did you have in mind?

@BelpheniaProject: It is not a plug-in, and is run separately from JOSM. But JOSM is needed to prepare the OSM data for updates.

I will try to get the code cleaned up by this weekend, and add comments to make it a little more user friendly.

When ready, I will post a link with some instructions.

Automated Naming over 4 years ago

@Thunderbird: Your method probably gives much better results!

@Reece202: I used JOSM to identify unnamed ways, and then named them "WayNameNeeded". What I wrote looked for that exact key in the file and updated it. Everything else was ignored.

Street, Lane, Drive, Road and Way over 4 years ago

From the above, I get the impression that historically the naming of streets made more sense, but that with time, usage has become somewhat blurred. More in some places than others. It is something I had not considered, and something that adds another layer of information to a map, especially in older cities.

I have been working on trying to automate naming of streets in my territory, and will try to figure out how to incorporate some level of history to the process.

I really enjoyed reading the comments! I am always amazed at how much I learn about the real world, while working on a fictional one. Thank you.

Any Climatologists? over 4 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to reply. As always, feedback and new perspectives help.

The problem seems to be incomplete information, and no real-world equivalent. No way to model what's going on, without having the entire world, landmasses, mountains, ocean topography, etc., all mapped. Wouldn't it be terrible to do all that and find out the OGF world is uninhabitable? :)

I think that guestimates, based on the closest real-world conditions, are the best that can be managed at this point.

The prevailing wind seems like it should come from the west, and somewhat from the south. I think the Oregon/Washington, which I somewhat had in mind already, is a better starting point than Chile, since I'm guessing the Andes are a big influence.

I'm going to see if I can model wind and moisture using a topo map of BC, WA, OR and northern CA. If I can get somewhat close to real-world results, I'll use that method for my territory. If not, I'll make some guesses, and and wait for someone to let me know if I'm completely off.

Feedback on first wiki article for Tengappei over 4 years ago

Hello, and welcome to the neighborhood!

Nihonish is spoken in one province of Paxtar, but is no longer the primary language. Paxlinga is mostly a combination of German and Spanish, with some English, Japanese and Latin thrown in. As Leowezy wrote, Nihonish is very minor component. Mostly because, when I need a new word, it's easier for me to pick from languages where I have a little bit of knowledge, than from Japanese, where I have almost none.

As far as the history, I'm still not sure from where the Nihonish speakers arrived. I've been waiting for more global history to be established. Current estimated arrival is around year 1500.

Regarding climate, I'm still trying to determine what's realistic, so what I posted is definitely a first draft. I think many higher-lattitude countries would prefer to be a bit warmer, and I'm not opposed to a little more warmth. Just need to determine what effects need to be factored in to make the warmth work.


I generally like the idea, and have thought for a while that it would be nice to have usable URLs for those who want to put up web pages. I gave a few minutes thought to setting up a functional airline web site with reservations, flight status, etc. before deciding it was overkill. And besides, was already taken!

A top level domain like .OGF would be perfect, but the USD 100,000 application fee seems a bit excessive. :) The next best option seems to be a generic domain, that optimally is under the control of the admins. Assuming it's something they wanted to take on.

It would sad to see numerous web pages set up, and have them vanish if the registrant lost interest, or was no longer able to manage the domain.

If this idea takes off, it might be worth looking at some other options.

Invitation to the first Geovision Song Festival over 4 years ago

Wasn't sure if I was supposed to add to the Wiki or here.

  • Country: Paxtar
  • Artist: Akemi
  • Song: Grand Strās En Dáglít / Grand Street In Daylight
  • Genre: Dance/Pop
  • Language: Paxlinga


Flood almost 5 years ago

I think the flood might be my fault. I uploaded a really large change set, which involved coastline updates. I think the server updated the coastline before before all my changes were loaded, which resulted in some self-intersecting ways which caused the flood. It either fixed itself when the rest of the ways got loaded and updated, or someone else corrected it.

It happened a day or two ago also. I'll try to keep coastline updates separate from the other ones to avoid the problem in the future.

For me, it's currently flooded at zoom level 5, 6 and 7.

Topo Map Update almost 5 years ago

I wrote/programmed several algorithms in Java using Eclipse (@Bstn thank you again for the Java help) that manipulated a data array of elevations. My starting point was a grayscale image that marked basic elevations. White for mountains, black for sea level, and shades of gray for hills and everything between. I applied a cloud-type fractal pattern to fill in detail, and then used simulated water erosion to add more detail. The output was created by exporting the elevation data to a colored image. The current version took about four weeks to complete. If anyone is interested in specifics, let me know.

Need help with a relation error message almost 5 years ago

Thank you for the quick reply, from the hospital no less. I thought it might be something I could ignore, but I didn't want to risk it without checking! I hope your visit is routine and uneventful.

Dannaford Airport Help almost 5 years ago

I'm not sure what you're specifically asking, but it looks like you need to tag your terminals with building=yes to make them show up.

The page that Wal referenced has a lot of good information. You might check the section on runway lengths. You have a lot of parking and a large terminal, but your three runways could only support small aircraft. Either the facilities are too large, or the runways are too short.

Looking at real world airports is definitely a good idea for getting a feel for layouts, and to see for how taxiways are laid out.

Looking to replace St. Richard's Airport with something nicer almost 5 years ago

Wangi's advice about location is good too. Move the airport way out. And run a high-speed rail line to it? I've had to move and adjust airports more than once. I'd be a terrible planner in the real world!

I look forward to seeing what you do.

Looking to replace St. Richard's Airport with something nicer almost 5 years ago

Something that I've seen on a few OGF airports is hazards along the paths that aircraft will be traveling. The south runway has a terminal on the east end. Aircraft sometimes overshoot runways, or have brake issues. It would be a major disaster at this airport. Imagine also aircraft coming from the east. They would have to overfly Terminal 2, and then drop down to the runway. Coming in low would be a problem. My recommendation would be to remove the southern part the terminal, allowing a much wider flight path. You could easily extend the northern part of the terminal to the west towards terminal 3.

Another change to consider would be to add tarmac space for aircraft. Currently they'd be blocking the taxiways on T1 and T2. Terminal 3 has plenty of space.

I created aircraft shapes to scale to help me place terminals, tarmacs and taxiways. I have a bunch of them that you're welcome to copy. Each is tagged with the aircraft type, and the actual length, so that you can rescale it for your latitude. They will not show up on the map since they aren't tagged with anything that renders, but you can see them on JOSM.

The hangers are a good addition, but I've only seen ones where the aircraft are pushed in, never drive through. Using the aircraft shape can help with those too. The entire aircraft does not need to fit inside the hanger. Consider making your hangers side-by-side. and having a taxi way for access.

It's also OK to have taxiways crossing the runways. Imaging a plane landing, and how it would taxi to a terminal, or get around the airport. If you place the aircraft shapes on your taxiways you can see how much clearance there is if one plane is taxiing past where one is landing.

If you're considering a major rework of the airport, you might change the direction of your diagonal runway. The flight path in/out goes over the zoo, your assembly building, and castle hill. I imagine everyone would complain about the noise, and the slight chance that something could crash along that route.

Selsini St. Richards would be a great location for a major airport, and Unity Airport would make a good private/restricted airport. Official and diplomatic use only?

Just things to consider!

Any botanists? almost 5 years ago

I thought asking was a bit of a shot in the dark, but worth trying. Actually worked out since Udi messaged me and provided a lot of food for thought, and some inspiration on how I should approach things.

I recently rediscovered the word Biome, which brought back memories of SimEarth, and got me on the right track. Thank you for suggesting biome maps, and ground cover maps.

I'm going to try to identify the major biomes in my territory, and then use that as a basis for what is actually mapped. Do you know of any locations on OSM or OGF that are especially good examples of what can be done? Wood, scrub, heath, fell, grassland is pretty limiting. It it worth adding tags like leaf_type= or grassland=?

Thank you for your help!

A tool to create a parliament/party diagram almost 5 years ago

Wish I'd known about that months ago! Much easier than how I did it. Will be handy if I need to update.

Should be placed on a tool/resource page.

Feedback on 2.5-Year Project almost 5 years ago

@compdude: Welcome to OGF and welcome to the neighborhood! I'm working on a slightly updated version of the topo map, so if you have an suggestions, concerns, etc., especially along our border, but anywhere else also, please let me know. If you're interested, we should work on a border crossing once I get a little further along with my updates.

Feedback on 2.5-Year Project almost 5 years ago

@JBstad1: Bryce was one that I tried, along with Terragen. I couldn't get the results that I wanted from either one. Thanks for the feedback.

@Luciano: I can currently generate contour lines at different levels, but they're not very sharp. Blurring the data may help. My hope was to eventually export the contours to OSM XML directly. With the current size of the image, each segment would be about 100m. Is that sufficiently small? Halving that size will quadruple the data. It was something I was going to ask you and/or Thilo about when I got further along.

I've also thought that I could simulate topography with vegetation determined by elevation, slope and climate. Better than the crude chunks of wood that I have now.