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Feedback on 2.5-Year Project about 5 years ago

Here is the current demo version, with 250m per color level:

Click for larger version

Areas outside my territory were marked simply to keep the topography from falling in to nothing.

The heightmap was created with these steps:

  1. Using in image editor on a grayscale image, mark elevation levels on a map.

Click for larger version

  1. Covert the grayscale image to height data, and fill in the blanks by applying a fractal algorithm.

Click for larger version

  1. Using an image editor, edit the resulting grayscale image for obvious problems. For example: lack of paths for rivers, low spots created by the fractal, fractal artifacts. etc.

  2. Import the second grayscale image, and apply an erosion simulation, adding 420 million liters of simulated water, running across the fractal topography.

  3. Manually edit problem areas in the data file. Editing a 255 level grayscale image at this point would result in loss of detail.

  4. Erode again with another 420 million liters of water.

  5. Manually edit the problem areas again, and then upscale the image.

  6. Add 1.6 billion liters of water.

The entire process takes from 2 to 5 days, but produces a 8192x8192 data file with an area resolution of 100m2 per pixel, and height detail of .001m.

Trying to maintain existing mountain locations was problematic, and I haven't finalized the coastline, so there's still some work that needs to be done. Once I arrive at a final 'official' version, I'll update my OFG map to conform to the hightmap.

What I would greatly appreciate, is honest feedback on the current results before I continue. Specifically is the map reasonable and/or realistic? If not, why? If something should be changed, what? As someone with very little experience with topography, it 'looks' fine to me. If it's not, please let me know!

Thank you.

Air RĂ©amel about 5 years ago

About 7000km to Safrisco in Paxtar. Would be happy to have you add that as a destination if you would like to fly there.

Your first town over 5 years ago

My first town was Doxterity. It was based on a map I made for web site that described a fictional southern California town that a friend of mine made up. When I found OGF, I had not planned on mapping more than just the one town, but obviously things got a little out of control.

I have made updates and changes to the town as I learn new things, corrected scaling and mapping errors, and have tried to update it to be a better fit in the OGF world.

It is the only place that I have mapped where I consider the work mostly complete.

Riko Airways over 5 years ago

Would be happy to have you fly to Safrisco (main international hub) and/or Laengelem. Both cities in Paxtar.

New Pseudo-Japanese Language Group over 5 years ago

I originally did not give much thought to my language selections, or to anything outside my territory. I am guessing many others did the same, leading the the current patchwork of languages we have in OGF.

I think my retroactive explanation for Spanish, German and English being used in Paxtar is okay, but I have not been able to come up with a plausible reason for how something related to Japanese ended up on the other side of the globe from the other two places where it is used. So far I have dealt with the problem by trying to ignore it, and hoping things will resolve themselves with time.

Perhaps if the new continents have some type of basic structure/plan/guidance before they are turned loose, that would be where a Sinosphere (thank you Luciano) analog of some sort could be located. Early Sinospherian Vikings spreading their language to southwestern Antarephia would solve my problem!

Or should there be more direction/pressure to try to bring our existing language map in to a more realistic form? I would consider abandoning Nihonish/Japanese and Tenebri/Latin, but am now fairly invested in Spanish and German being the basis of Paxlinga. Others are probably also invested in their language choices, which would make changing painful.

There does not seem to be an easy or clear way to make the language distribution we currently have make sense.

Flights to Myrcia over 5 years ago

Something that may help determine destinations would be to take great circle distances in to account.

I ran this map based on 800, 3000 and 5700km. Not sure which distances you intended.

If interested, you can create your own version here.

Wiki codes over 5 years ago

You may be able to add more cells on the right by putting a smaller table inside the main one. I did that with the Paxair schedule.

Or add more cells and then use rowspan to combine the ones on the left in to single cells.

There's some helpful information here:

Editing OSM files outside of JOSM over 5 years ago

I wasn't aware of that function, and gave it a try. Unfortunately I'm unable to paste multiple entries simultaneously--all the information ends up in the same cell. I tried from Excel, and also from a text editor.

It is still faster than editing each item one at a time, and less risky than editing the XML file, so I'll use that method. Thank you!

I have a second purpose in mind for editing/creating an XML file directly. I've been (unsuccessfully so far) working on trying to generate a realistic height map for my territory, using simulated erosion. I ultimately want to use the height map data, primarily elevation and slope, modified with a climate overlay, to generate areas of wood, scrub, and grassland. I'd like to avoid tedious months of doing it manually, which is what I assumed you did with The Ardisphere until I noticed your ingenious shortcut.

If I get that far, I'm guessing that a fresh XML file/layer with only new nodes and areas would avoid messing up what's currently been mapped.

Editing OSM files outside of JOSM over 5 years ago

I just gave Potlatch a try, but it is slower than JOSM for trying to update names quickly. Moving around to locate items that need to be update results in a great deal of downloading.

Searching and replacing tagged text in a text editor would be much faster, but would only a good option if it does not cause problems with the OSM file.

Calendar and Language Advice over 5 years ago

Based on the above, I'll start updating my Wiki pages to reflect the common calendar system, but will keep Paxtaren dates on images. Where appropriate, I'll have both. Hopefully that will make it clear that I am not describing events in the Iron Age!

Cities and important places I'll re-label with Paxlingen names, and include a recognizable/readable form in parentheses if the Paxlinga version is unclear. Places that are not important I'll label in Paxlinga only. I'll continue to use the Latin alphabet for my Japanese province.

Thank you all for your feedback and advice. It is much appreciated!

Updated Distance Calculator over 5 years ago

The background map has been adjusted. If anyone finds any other issues, please let me know. Thanks.

Updated Distance Calculator over 5 years ago

@anyadmin: Please ignore my request above. I think I found a way to get the information I need without affecting anyone else. Thanks.

Updated Distance Calculator over 5 years ago

@Reese202: you're right. The map isn't correctly aligned to the results. Needs a little adjustment.

@anyadmin: Could I very temporarily draw some very long motorways at several locations on the map, that I could use to align my map to actual locations? Just long enough for them to show up, capture them, and delete them? Longitudinal at -170, -90, 0 +90, + 170. Latitudinal at -80, -60, -45, 0, 45, 60 and 80.

Possible Render or Tag Issue over 5 years ago

The update from last week now shows up everywhere. The more recent one shows up on most zoom levels, but not all. I didn't know how the server refreshes data, so a delay in refreshes makes sense. Always glad to find out it's not me! Thank you very much for your quick reply!

MundoMar mapping complete over 5 years ago

Impressive, inspiring, and very very nice. It's easy to imaging actually walking around the park. I really like seeing examples of how much detail and realism is possible.

Renaming the third largest city of Kalm: Suggestions? over 5 years ago

Pern sounds like a reference to Anne McCaffrey.

Maybe one of these will inspire something: Pendrach, Preuburg, Preulenz, Pollenz, Pollingen, Panafen, Paramund, Premden, Pressen, Petring, Pfeiburg, Pfaffingen, Pfallenz, Pfanden.

Wars and conflicts over 5 years ago

I've also recently given some thought to how calm the OGF world is, unlike the real one, and how conflict shapes maps. This animated historical map of Europe is a good illustration.

Since there do not seem to be many evil despots in the OGF world, maybe having a few would be helpful. Creating a few open territories to be historical (and maybe present day) punching bags for everyone else would solve the problem. We can all boycott "Evilonia", have historical wars with them, complain about their human rights abuses, and not need to have a conflict with an actual user. No feelings to be hurt.

Ikk'bin Airlines over 5 years ago

If you would like, you can add Safrisco, which is my main international hub. Lasangeles and Carmeleum also have international flights.

Mercian Airways - call for destinations over 5 years ago

There's a simple great circle distance calculator that you can use here. It's set to parse OFG map URLs.

Political Maps and Map Layers over 5 years ago

Looks like I have another OGF project to add to my list.

Thank you both.