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Cycleways 8 months ago

Concerning the mapping, is it standard to map a cycle way if it runs along a normal road? So far I have never thought of explicitly mapping sidewalks and cycle paths in OGF (unless they appear separated from roads, like in a park). On the real-world openstreetmap they are mapped sometimes and sometimes they are not...

Frjálshöfn and the dilemma of early mapping 8 months ago

I agree it is unrealistic for all of the water formations to be natural.

However, I really like the layout of the railway/subway lines as well as the streets that are already in place... So I suggest you remove part of the water and change the rest of it into man-made things like canals, harbours etc.

Developing the 'Prosperous, Litter-free and Greatest' Capital 11 months ago

To me the government quarter looks much better this way

Developing the 'Prosperous, Litter-free and Greatest' Capital 11 months ago

Apart from issues with traffic flow (like the motorways ending nowhere) I think that mostly it's the buildings that make it look unrealistic.

For example, this area is pretty well-mapped and realistic while here the road network is good but the buildings are too close to each other and some are too big.

In the city center, it seems to me that randomly placed and strangely shaped buildings like in the government quarter are what makes it look unrealistic

The Aslington Renaissance about 1 year ago

I don't know if a more proper grid is reason enough to tear it all down. Looking at the map it doesn't really bother me

The first city in my new territory (Valka) about 1 year ago

I love it! I don't know how big the city is supposed to be but I think it would be appropriate to move the airport even further away at a later time. The mapping is very good

No time for OGF: What "future" for my countries? over 1 year ago

Looking at the map of Tarott was what inspired me to sign up to OGF. I think the most important quality of your mapping is the continuity, for example the transition between city and countryside, mapping each feature but keeping the big picture in mind. For me that's the most important aspect about fictional maps and I hope to learn this, too. I'm afraid that this quality could be lost if other users try to continue your work.

The safest option would be just conserving the territories, but there is the risk of western Uletha becoming a bit of a "mausoleum". However if your departure is not definitely forever I think this might be fine, since, as has been pointed out, there are enough territories available elsewhere.

Brennland: Ski Resorts over 1 year ago

I really like the area around Freienfeld, especially the town itself and the curvy roads. But it looks like you have not really drawn the mountain Rheinerhorn yet (there is only a peak)? And the motorway A1 has some sharp edges, so it need some smoothing

What's up with UL141? over 1 year ago

Well, then I will have to try to edit my territory in a way that allows for any possible future for UL141... @Arisuaq of course I can't edit in a territory that isn't mine. But it would be weird if there was a mountain range that suddenly stops because of a country border.

Please rate my airport! over 1 year ago

I think it is mapped really well! It looks great

The terminal and concourse D are about 320m apart. It might be a bit cramped, but there are airports like this in the real world! I think the distance looks small because the airplanes are huge. The widebody planes are each 100m long. For comparison the length of an A340-600 is 75m. Right now I can't imagine how the big planes are supposed to reach the gate or be pushed back from a gate with so little space.

Also the placement is a bit weird... The neighboring town Chinook already has an "International Airport" (well, with runways that are only 600m long.....). So your airport is a bit out of context at this point, however that's the case for a lot of places in Commonia.

Apart from these points I love it

Paarnat over 1 year ago

Shouldn't the line for the cliff be reversed? Or is it supposed to be a crater?

Maps blurred on MacBook Pro over 1 year ago

When using the OGF scale helper, I noticed that on my laptop screen, the OSM map looks good if the zoom is set by a map scale (like 1:50000) but the OGF map looks good if the zoom is set by a zoom level (like 13) because zoom levels and scales don't match perfectly.

OGF scale helper:

Roads are rendered really "fat" over 1 year ago

I have reworked the area we are talking about. It is now the type of motorway exit with the access roads running parallel to the actual motorway.

Now Lilienstraße has a turn at the end to connect to Erlentaler Straße a bit better.

The motorway tunnel has a width of about 30m and the access road lengths are now 120m in the tunnel plus 50m above ground each (only the one on the southeast is shorter)

The width between Lilienstraße and Erlentaler Straße and the rail tracks is about 10m, so the tram line should fit there.

It still looks a bit cramped but I think this is an improvement over the previous version??

Histor do you mean this crossing? Xou are right I should probably change it. But I think it will be enough to change it from a crossing to two croccovers so a train can change from the north track to the middle track and then from the middle to the south track

Roads are rendered really "fat" over 1 year ago

Thanks for the calculation! I am actually struggling a bit with this motorway tunnel. Outside the city it is easy to create big interchanges, but in the city with the tunnel it is more difficult.

I think I will have to remake the exits from the tunnel a couple of times before they are right...

Authentic German-style place names over 1 year ago

stjur I think it is obvious that these names were chosen for humorous reasons. Apart from this connotation they are perfectly fine names, though (in terms of language)

Authentic German-style place names over 1 year ago

I don't think there is a big risk of German place names sounding un-authentic.

As for the intersections I think they look good. They curves need to be smoothed a bit to look round with high zoom levels. I think the scale looks fine, too, but I am no expert mapper so who knows... For comparison:

I think it is considered bad practice to connect bridge and ground level streets the way you did here:

The big cirles used for left turns start from the Mittlerer Ring as bridges, but because the Mittlerer Ring runs on ground level at these points, the circles should start on ground level, too, and then be continued as bridges

What is this? over 1 year ago

It looks funny but probably it's intentional. First I thought it is a mistake in tagging administrative borders. But the country that the enclaves belong to is a "republic" so I guess it is supposed to be this way.

Also, all of it is owned by one user according to the overview map.

Brennland is taking shape over 1 year ago

Hello, I'm your neighbor from Bärland. I like the city of Brig a lot, it is very detailed. If you don't mind, could I name a square in my city after it? Here it is (of course unfinished...):

When you start working on your southeast border, maybe we should communicate to create bridges across the river etc.

p. s. just a suggestion about Brig: Maybe it would be better to rename the Olympic stadium to something different because I think there have been discussions that there are no "Olympic" Games in OGF (they are called differently).

Does your nation own nuclear weapons? over 1 year ago

I think that on a map neither of these facilities would look different from a normal military base or another type of power plant, respectively.

For a powerplant in my country Bärland I am planning to map reactor buildings, turbine hall and cooling towers. But I guess a power plant burning natural gas would look almost the same on a map

Verisimilitude - how is it possible? over 1 year ago

No I live in Germany, with my family being from Russia originally