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Question from a confused new user almost 2 years ago

Hello and welcome to OGF,

To answer your questions:

  1. For buildings to appear as buildings, every building must be tagged with building=.... Most of the times, building=yes is enough to let it appear on the map, although there are also other tags for the building key.

  2. Some things just don't show on the map. While almost every shop will appear as an icon or a bullet at least, I think the craft=* tag is just not appearing on the map like that yet. But I'm not certain on that one. Adding building=yes or building=retail will at least show the building and the name.

  3. Parking garages don't show up on the map anymore. They used to do so, but most of the times, there are other buildings or features on top of them. Now only parking entrances for these garages appear on the map. You can tag the entrances of your parking garage with amenity=parking_garage and parking=underground.

Hope this helps you.

Giliarca, finally. about 2 years ago

This is some great quality mapping! I've been looking for hours at this city in the last few months. It's just so amazingly detailed. Congratulations on finishing it!

@MOI N lots of drive-throughs, large car parkings and big malls aren't that common in older denser cities (read: cities that are not based on most USA cities). Space in the city center is scarce and therefor quite expensive.

The first city in my new territory (Valka) over 2 years ago

Your work is truly good! All the work is really mapped in good detail and although there is not much (yet), it looks very realistic. For your first territory, this is doubtlessly a great start.

Also, when you say slow progress, it's actually not "slow progress". I rather see mappers work in detail like you, and do small bits of detailed mapping at a time, then mappers who rush to fill the country and make the city look like a generic city which could really be made by anyone. Detail makes all the difference when zooming in. So definitely keep up this good quality work. I'll definitely keep an eye on Valaga.

Mapper's Challenge #23 — September 2018 — Back to School almost 3 years ago

Another late entry: the main campus of the University of Trevers. As of now, it is not completed, but it will be in a few days.

UT was originally located in the historic centre of Trevers, but when both the city and the university grew, it had to move faculties to another place. In that time there was enough space along the river Ansy, where the first buildings were built. The university grew substantially since that time, and eventually, became the large campus of today. There are still plenty of natural features to be found all over the campus.

The university was made entirely car-free in 1992. The campus was bloated with parked cars, street crossings were very dangerous and it all made for a bad environment. At first, people were not happy with the changes at all. There were some demonstrations, but people eventually were forced to leave their cars outside the campus, and take public transport or the bicycle instead. Nowadays, all former roads have been replaced by bicycle paths, green space and bus lanes. Students, personnel and even guests are encouraged to take the train to University station, or take the metro to one of the three stations on campus.

JOSM Not Working almost 3 years ago

Actually, on Mac the Preferences are listed unter "JOSM" in the top-left corner. Or you could just use the "⌘," keyboard shortcut.

How long does it take to get your town name onto the search results? over 3 years ago

Nominatim (the search engine) has not updated since October 9th, 2017. The user maintaining Nominatim is Martin, but he seems to have been disappeared since late September too. Which is quite tragic, since searching stuff on a large world map is a nifty and quite necessary feature...

Trouble with an OSM file over 3 years ago

@eklas @Luciano yes, I tried to do a small edit yesterday (you can see the ugly street drawn here) but it will just ignore the previous changeset as if it never existed.

Normally I don't save .OSM files too, I directly download a small area from the map (this time, only the town of Chorley, nothing else), work on it and upload that in a few changesets. It always works very well and very stable. I never use that many large changesets. I always keep it under a 1000 objects at once. I even set up JOSM to spread it over multiple changesets when it reaches above 600 altered objects, as I too had problems with uploading in the past. But well, JOSM is just a weird program sometimes, and trying to find an answer in the documentation mess on the web can be quite hard and time-consuming.

Well that might be the best thing to do. I just found out that I can open the .OSM file in PotLatch 2 and see everything, but cannot upload any of it. But at least I have a reference to how I want it to look, maybe I can even make some adjustments. Thanks for replying anyway and for the advise!

Question over 3 years ago

@Elkas you've just made my day 😂

Routemap in wiki? over 3 years ago

It seems to work just fine at the moment. I tested a bit last night. But I hope the diagrams could also be a little more complex. For that, BS3, BS4, etc. and a few other templates like BS-overlap should all be working good too. Let's see how far we can get.

New edits don't appear on map over 3 years ago

It's true it takes much longer before the renderer updates changesets. Last night my changeset took about 4 hours before finally appearing on the map, and indeed that's not the normal duration for this.

Routemap in wiki? over 3 years ago

There are a group of templates in this wiki that will replicate exactly this, but they made/make the wiki page load very slow (probably because of all the bitmap images). I've tried the same thing a year or some ago, after which the entire wiki dropped out for some minutes every time I previewed the page. I've tried to fix the templates a few times, but without succes.

I don't know the current state of the template and the working of it, but there is this page using that template without visible problems. It seems to work, although it's a quite stubborn template.

You can use the {{BS-map}} template to make these. But I would take heed on trying too much and crash the wiki again 😂..

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? over 3 years ago

Here are some Paroyan traffic lights, mostly inspired by Netherlands, Germany and the UK. (Sorry for the large images)

The regular traffic lights phases are a bit different. Like Sarepava explains above about the amber phase being displayed simultaneously with red is the same in Paroy, but the amber light is blinking as a caution sign the light will turn green soon. Besides that, the blinking amber light will also appear with green just before the solid amber phase. This solid amber phase has been absent for a long time (it went straight to red after the blinking phase), but it is added back since 1998. Most of the time they are plain black, but sometimes other dark colors are used. Arrows in the same colors can be used to segregate directions. Most traffic lights are vertical, but some are shown horizontal where it is more convenient that way.

The lights for the pedestrians and the cyclists is a simpler form of the Paroyan traffic light. With the amber light missing, the green light will start blinking when it will turn red soon.

And of course there are lights for bus and trams, inspired by the ones in the Netherlands and Belgium. An explanation can be found here.

I'd like to ask: over 3 years ago

Paroy uses Transport, the same font that is used in the British road signs too, in combination with a mix between an both American and British-styled sign design.

For street signs in cities and municipalities, it really depends on local governments what fonts are used. The only one yet is the street sign from Primrose Avenue in Trevers, which uses the Malter Sans font.

Gutting out Markvað and starting all over over 3 years ago

That might be the best decision, although I think it will be very hard to do that. Good luck with the reconstruction of Markvað!

Although not the capital of Paroy, I'm starting to think this might be best for Trevers too. I've tried for so long to build something decent and adjust everything as much as possible, I'm just unhappy with a lot of things. Like Luciano already describes, I too started with neighbourhoods and thought I could squeeze geographic features between them. It looks very weird and not very realistic. Now that I'm happy with the shape of the island (now peninsula) I'm at the point where I will probably wipe entire neighbourhoods and will start over with a better geography planned first of all. I might keep some details though, like Unity Station, the stadium and the airport. But most of the neighbourhoods and road network will be redone on top of a much better planned geography.

Nominatim almost 4 years ago

Last time Nominatim updated was October 9, almost two weeks ago. It is not the first time the server drops out on updating. It might be hard to fix this in the long term, but it's annoying nevertheless.

What is annoying and should be not that hard to fix is the real world map on the page. The interface is great (for some things much better than the default search function on the OGF home) but now it just makes no sense since Paroy is in the middle of Africa.

Naming international waters almost 4 years ago

Besides that, when placing a node like in OSM, the names of the water will still not show. But I understand your point that it would be great for reference on the map.

New Wiki Version? almost 4 years ago

Seems like the wiki is running on the latest version?

New continent points almost 4 years ago

Never mind, it's not possible to add this tag to a relation. Which (imho) means the nodes are kind of useless for searching anything.

New continent points almost 4 years ago

The concept is good. The problem with these points is that when searching them, they jump straight to zoom 19, which is not convenient in any way. Could this not be done by adding a place=continent tag to a multipolygon relation including the entire continent landmass and islands? This way it will function the same way as a border (which also would not work if it just jumps to a random point in the center in zoom level 19).

What could be the best and most worked on location in OGF? almost 4 years ago

There is good work all spread over the OGF planet. Besides the comments given above, I really like Mstr's list of featured objects. People can nominate magnificent pieces of the OGF world by category. It's really nice to see how things are done and can set an example of how to create a certain something (but of course not copying it because that would be rude). Although these objects listed here might be fairly small and only include one or some buildings, but there is some real craftsmanship included in that list.