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Uploading with JOSM? 11 months ago

Showing again my ability to make a fool of myself my making stupid mistakes, I had just forgotten to enter my username and password in the Preferences section before trying to upload things…

AR045 - South Archanta (south of FSA) over 3 years ago

As I don’t have much time to give to OGF, I probably couldn’t be a coordinator, nor own a territory there in addition to my territory in Tarephia, but if it is any other way for me to help the project of a franquese-influenced territory, I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

P.S. I am French myself, of course.

Refugee neighbourhoods needed for defectors about 4 years ago

I suppose that my country (Sudharka, on the Uthyran coast, in Tarephia), is much too tiny to have a special neighbourhood for antigoan refugees, but your idea seems so interesting that I regret the weak size of my country and will try to create at least one quarter per continent (because Sudharka houses people of very diverse origins) or something of this kind. And then, why not, as “kingfries” comment suggested to me, ask people ruling different countries to name some restaurants and other places for expatriates… It’s a great pleasure anyway to see that kind of collaborative projects unifying the OGF world.

How to create harbours ? over 4 years ago

Thank you very much for your helpful comments. Without you, I would have been stucked in a thing that seems to be quite easy.