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Drastic changes to the capital of Bromley 4 months ago

I'm sure someone has also mentioned this but it might be a good idea, to come up with some of your own original British names rather than using popular neighborhoods and towns in the U.K. It's a good thing to research the etymology of some of the neighborhoods whose names you've used like Battersea, and come up with your own interesting name with it's own interesting history to give your map and neighborhoods more flavour.

Opening a community mapping area! 5 months ago

I would say, don't be discouraged. I will say if you want the most serious investment try to have more of your territory mapped, as leaving an island open with only a location means that their will always be conflicting ideals and mappers generally avoid free open collaborative spaces that are ultimately under the control of one person. If you have decent mapping skills and the map has more hints and more restrictions, mappers could ultimately contact you to help out with your personal project, but generally most folks are busy focusing on their territories, and requests along this line don't usually get too many folks interested until their's more on the map that they can help along.

OGF Population Race 11 months ago

If you need population data for Hoppon just pm me. Hoppon wasn't considered a developed country until the 80s, and so has a relatively high fertility rate of around 2.6 kids per woman today, and it was historically around 3.5 in the 70s, and has slowly been decreasing ever since, mostly because minorities like the Shu and rural Hopponese average around 3.2 while the city/urban Hopponese average around 2.2.

Lore: Tensions between Alora and Gobrassanya in the 20th century almost 1 year ago

Yeah, I agree with zhenkhang unless you have your own territory bad idea to make up history for a collaborative territory.

Huntington Red Light about 1 year ago

^^^^ Loudoun County. What's special about it is if we are talking pure wealth divided by population it isn't that crazy wealthy. Where it's extremely wealthy is when we are talking about median income. The area has the largest upper middle class population in the U.S. Places like the majority of NOVA is somewhere like 60%+ classified as upper middle class and 30-40% middle class and a very small poor population. While a place like Fairfield County, Conneticut (exurban NYC) a solid 10% of the population are like 1%ers but 20-30% of the population especially around Bridgeport is in abject poverty. Same with Westchester, NY which pushes those county a lot more lower because it contains dozens of wealthy small towns and Yonkers, New Rochelle and Mount Vernon range from poor to lower middle class are the three biggest towns there. This leads to the entirety of D.C suburbs in both Maryland and Virginia for the most part being extraordinary wealthy.

Iouis_walker. I was more talking that tourists to NY and D.C could take the train and visit each other's cities rather than New Yorkers themselves.

Histor, I would love to help but I have so much on my plate and little time since University picked up again that it's unlikely i'll be able to do much. I don't know too many Red Light Districts. But if I did get the chance I would likely be inspired by 6th Street, Austin, Texas. Albeit it isn't that dangerous but it is next to the "grimier" East side of Austin which TBH has been gentrified when compared to modern day D.C. From what I understand in places like D.C the nightlife areas aren't really grimey, and more trendy areas in Arlington/Georgetown but these areas are supra-gentrified as next to San Francisco and New York City, D.C is easily one of the most gentriifed American cities. Only smaller cities maybe like Savannah, Georgia or Charleston Georgia still have really trendy shady Nightlife districts so some of the grimier businesses might still be there. Red Light Districts definitely don't exist in America the same way they Exist in Europe or Asia. Mostly because America tends to have large swaths of cities that have rampant crime and so where mostly too dangerous for a decent nightlife district to form (like full on shootouts, every few weeks in the neighborhood). Most of the ones around now in large cities are super-gentrified and at best have large homeless problem but police presence and other things are too heavy for gangs to operate in the ways gangs operate in other cities in Red Light districts. Like I said the best example of what I think your looking for might be in smaller cities like Baltimore/Savannah/Charleston where gentrification hasn't turned these cities upside down. Maybe Inner Harbor has that feel your looking for.

Huntington Red Light about 1 year ago

I'll say 400 km from Stanton to Huntington isn't that bad. Why? Washington to NYC is only 360 km. It's probably part of the reason why D.C is even popular with a train to NYC lots of tourists can explore it's unique museums and also it's unique build due to height restrictions making it the most Parisian city in the U.S by far.

What's crazy actually about the Washington area, is while Washington has a bourgeoisie perception it's actually historically one of the worst cities for crime in the United States. It actually fell of for a while and only recently made a revival.

You can see from this map that D.C is actually pretty crime ridden in the Southern two quarters and the inner Maryland Suburbs. Suburban Northern Virginia though is one of if not the wealthiest region of 2.5 million people+ in the U.S with 3/6 wealthiest counties in the U.S being in the D.C area. Howard County which is third don that list is between D.C and Baltimore but while it's considered Baltimore, a substantial amount of it's population commutes to D.C meaning D.C has 4/6 of the Wealthiest counties in the U.S. Their's various political reasons for this , (partially smaller counties on the East Coast and history of segregation and height restrictions leading to massive investment in Virginia rather than D.C itself and Maryland)

What D.C is known for, that you might not know.

D.C has the wealthiest black community in the U.S, especially in Maryland, specifically Prince George's County. The city is actually less diverse than it's suburbs, being mostly black and white while it suburbs have large Asian, Hispanic, Black as well as White populations an dis where most of the ethnic enclaves can be found.

It also has the wealthiest or second wealthiest population (Metro Area as a whole), depending on how you classify San Francisco/San Jose

It is the number one city for urban, suburban development in the U.S meaning, outside of the city, places like Arlington/ Tyson's Corner/ Silver Spring/ Bethesda being some of the most urban suburban areas comparable to only Northern New Jersey outside of NYC.

So all this leads up too, for a Red Light district I don't necessarily think it needs outsiders to sustain itself and even with Stanton just by being the capital Huntington will attract it's own set of visitors form around the world and FSA who would want to visit all the offerings of the city, including that district. Again don't know how much you want to mirror the real world but D.C is also increasingly joined at the hip with Baltimore and I could easily see the same situation arising with Huntington and New Annshire.

Feedback on New City Layout over 1 year ago

I was thinking for the CBD, to handle traffic it needs one or maybe two secondary roads at least going through it, but realistically if you town isn't much bigger than what you have drawn, the CBD could thrive on residential streets.

Motorways abound in newly formed countries. over 1 year ago

Hey I messaged you a long time ago about Sadikady. I'm currently using that name in FSA, and I wanted to ask if you or I could change it as I originally named i that in Commonia before it was moved. I don't want to edit in someone else's country, and I don't mind the same name being in two countries but as their is history behind it tied to the FSA, I would like to change it. I'll also send you a PM when I have time.

Let's talk about Älved (and other philosophical things) over 1 year ago

If your willing, I would love your help with the rural ares/landscapes for Hoppon. 90% of the cities over 200,000 in the urban area have already been placed name wise, and I am more of an urban person mapping wise than landscapes or rural areas. I could PM you if you are interested.

Amazing insights and good work as well. As other's mentioned you could be more, name heavy, as many of your villages are one road areas, and most villages even small ones have more character than that.

Feedback on Dunwic over 1 year ago

One thing, I want to say about sprawl, ad socialist planning/Netherlands in general. Amsterdam might not sprawl in the traditional sense, but it definitely sprawls, same with all the dutch cities. Once you get into municipalities with 300,000 or so, Sprawl through commuter towns/ high density of villages shows.

Maybe 1.6 million or so live in Amsterdam area at that zoom while about 1.2 million live in the area in Austin at that zoom. Amsterdam is significantly denser than Austin though, so how does only 1.5 million or so more people live in this area. This simply happens because Amsterdam sprawls through commuter towns. Any large town in Europe even with socialist planning if it hits about 500,000 point it will have loads of heavily developed towns immediately adjacent to it that will make it sprawl. No city really just ends in high-density apartments (unless of course it is in a low density country/area), their is normally a high density of villages and towns as well that gradually decrease in number and population as you leave the core city. This is because a certain density of farming is needed to support historic towns and this high density farming allowed more farmers to bring their goods to the city, hence it could easily fall into sprawl category as things like villages developed to support cities. You would need either large sprawl or some sort of anti-village hysteria to wipe those historic commuter villages/towns of the map. Hence Amsterdam ends at 850,000 people in that link but due to commuter towns and such the Greater Randstad area and Metro Amsterdam has 5 million+ urban residents, and another million depending on how you define it, roughly the same area Houston takes to reach that population.

Utrecht a city very close to Dunwic in size is the same, Metro is twice it's size and 1 million people live within a 30 minute commute of it. I'm not saying you need to have tons of sprawl, but as you have a really high quality of mapping you should be careful to not have the city end where the city ends, things like railway, large roads/boats will allow the city to look more like a spiderweb, and a circular Dunwic doesn't look to realistic, also like all cities make sure the sprawl isn't uniform very few cities are straight up circles, even though that's what they try to be. For example you shouldn't be able to walk 30 minutes out of the city core.

official OGF Instagram Account almost 2 years ago

Yeah, Youtube, if a video about OGF gets a couple thousand views could bring waves of 12 year olds who will ultimately trash the site and leave. OGF could easily advertse itself to 1000s and while this will bring probably a few Luciano/Leowezy etc. type mappers, maybe even a dozen or who knows even a 100 who are on another level in terms of dedication to mapping and building it will be at the cost of dealing with up to 100s or significantly more bored American children, and a general influx of people who may not add much to the map before leaving. The idea of OGF is simply extremely cool and because of that more attention isn't necessarily going to help this site. Most of the mappers who found OGF as far as I know were already looking for a fictional mapping style site like me. This alone while bringing mappers at a much slower pace will help the world develop more orderly. The only real benefit of an influx is if many of the amazing mappers on OSM decided to transition into OGF. Their are dozens of mappers in OSM it seems who's skill is in another world to say the least and if we could lure some of those people here, I think it would help the site tremendously. I also think their are sites and forums like skyscrapercity and cit-data that have a lot of people who are interested in at least some aspects of OGF, although I don't know if their going to make the jump into fictional mapping, although those are forums literally dedicated to talking about cities.

GDP spendings almost 2 years ago

33% is the highest I have seen for any country.

Rural mapping almost 2 years ago

I'm not sure if your going for a sharp contrast but what you can do is exurban style mapping of more border neighborhoods surrounded by farms.

Does your nation own nuclear weapons? almost 2 years ago

While, Hoppon is a democratic country today, it has a long history of military aggression, and i'm actually working on converting Lallemand in the future into a former/current colony of Hoppon. Hoppon would not have the facilities, money or support for Nuclear Weapons but it certainly wouldn't be against the development of nuclear weapons. Hoppon's goals while less violent than the military era of government is to control Hoppon's sphere of influence which would include Lallemand, and likely deals with Suvuma who is currently??? persecuting some of it's inhabitants, I imagine if the admin let me, Hoppon would likely have small islands around the Central Ocean were failed nuclear testing could have been located as a remnant from the military era.

I'm not dead yet. almost 2 years ago

I think he's trying to say he's a teacher.

Might be an interesting read for urban mapping about 2 years ago

yeah, their all over my college campus.

Draft Elevation Map Feedback about 2 years ago

You might be interested in contacting Paxtar and the owner of Guai and their project AN146 about fitting your country into the region culturally and historically if you want.

Railways on Southern Islands? about 2 years ago

If you feel that way you should take it up with the person who mapped it. We aren't going to be talking about deleting other users work without at least getting their input.

Oxford Beach Metro about 2 years ago

It's looking good for a first city (string of cities). One thing I recommend though is using

to compare your city on the same scale to other OGF cities and world cities as well. You can see that most buildings are square-like and their's actually a button that allows you to square your buildings and most roads are residential. This will allow you to accurately size everything in your city so it'll look even better.

This question has been bothering me for quite a while... over 2 years ago

I imagine, Hoppon being it's own unique culture, never has had a problem with LGBT rights. Similar to Transgender in Thailand or Ottoman attitudes towards Gays/Lesbians. Although rights for Transgenders would likely be heavy debated. Lallemand being colonized by Ingerland would certainly have issues with LGBT (Gay Marriage is likely only legalized in the last 3 years or not at all), but Lallemanyan culture would lead to a society where Women have always been at the top with men. Hoppon would have more problems with Women's rights/equality. For example voting would historically only limited to certain people in society and it would 100% be all men except maybe female members of the different Royal families. Modern voting would include women and men but women politically would be relatively rare, like 10% of politicians.