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How do I overcome the scale problem?? 12 months ago

Honestly you’re best just learning JOSM. It gives measurements of whatever way/object you have selected at all times. It also allows you to zoom out and still see what you are working on, so you can compare to surrounding areas.

Good luck!

Scale Helper over 1 year ago

Oh thank you, the link I had saved was dead.

Site Maintenance for Server Migration over 1 year ago

With regards to the renderer, how similar will it be to current OSM? I know that what we have now is quite far behind.

Motor Racing Circuits in Maperitive? over 2 years ago

@KTheBritMC it looks fine on OGF, exactly as you described, I just can’t get it to display in Maperitive. It’s just the basic track layout atm, but once I’ve detailed around it I’d like to export it and make a promo map for the circuit.