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Weird, exotic names about 1 year ago

Check Řots and Wyster :)

Back? about 1 year ago

That is certainly discussable. What do you propose? (Better to PM me for that)

Rasmus Rasmusson

Back? about 1 year ago

@ BMSOUZA: That sounds hectic, but being married and getting a new job must have been nice, I hope! My work had some bad moments, which - although I didn't face the risk of being fired - made me wonder what my place and use were there, but that got all talked out (I think) and now we moved office, which has given my colleagues and me the chance to focus on a new common enemy: the internet provider (or rather: the organisation that does everything but provide us with a working internet connection) :D

Back? about 1 year ago

@ Litvania: Thanks! Seeing as Litvania is not a very large country on another continent than Řots, size in the city centre of Nekkar is most likely to extend vertically instead of horizontally anyway. You can either choose a location yourself or let me do it.

My only restriction is that embassies should be located within the First Ring of Nekkar, which is in relative proximity of the Řots parliament~ and government buildings (but as the FRN extends to the north, the Reedu Krak ('Creation Street') may serve as a second inward boundary), but outside the historical city centre. Until now the number of embassies hasn't exceeded the number that requires me to review this policy, so you can 'go your gang', as the Dutch say :)

@ Yuanls : No problem. For urgent questions you could always have sent me a PM, but I recognise tiny Wyster's lack of relevancy as you do with Glaster's, so if I have time in the next couple of time units, I will try to read up and in case of serious concern, make Wyster's voice heard :)

Did something change? over 1 year ago

Interesting; does this mean that the size of the dot will adapt if you add information about the number of people living in cities? That would actually be useful (at least to me)!

Calling for Embassies! almost 2 years ago

Řots may be interested in diplomatic relations. See this page on the wiki ^_^

I haven't elaborated the relations of my other country Wyster yet, but the EUOIA embassy can take care of that.

'Montran' in various languages about 2 years ago

I have to think about this for Řotsnan; on first sight it fits, but there may be too many consecutive consonants..

Follow-up - Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #1 - April, 2016 over 2 years ago

I think I actually didn't map any (new) street of any kind (including railways) in April, although I may have modified two or three. I mainly focused on natural items in the south-eastern part of Řots, between the city of Kiřtemon and the Neo Deltan border, but I also added a few 'social' buildings in Kiřtemon (theaters, police stations, banks, ...).

On the way, I discovered two road tracks that needed improvement: a connection between two villages (Kasterets and Gernet) near the Neo Deltan Border was missing, and Ertevan, despite being designated as a town, was only accessible by minor roads so far. Considering April finished on 1 May (I may not have been far from the truth), I immediately added said connections/improvements, which made me wonder if I'm some kind of road-addicted street-a-holic or something like that..

Making an elevation map... over 2 years ago

Yes, one can. See e.g. the elevation maps of Neo Delta and my own country Řots on the wiki. Uploading guidelines should be present in the FAQ. If you need more help, you can send me a private message.

Can you help with translation? over 2 years ago

I did some work on the Dutch version last year, but I saw that it has been taken care of; anyone care for a version in Luxembourgish :D

Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #1 - April, 2016 over 2 years ago

So far I could pass for the advanced challenge this months, unless some field ways are counted as "cheating" and the alteration of an (only one! I swear!) existing road is not counted as creating new roads. But I like this challenge and I will try to keep up until Labour Eve :)

Religion over 2 years ago

Religion normally doesn't interest me much both in the fictional and the real world (I couldn't care less if our reality was created by a bearded lady or the accidental byproduct of a devine school project), but for my fictonal countries mostly I try to come up with someting new. For Řots there's a tetratheism and for Wyster... it will come one day :)

Women on OGF over 2 years ago

In the Dutch Geofiction Association (Genootschap voor Geofictie) the majority of members since its foundation in 1984 have been men; although there have been a few female members over the years, I'd say never more than 5%...

Video conference - update over 2 years ago

I agree, although it was a little bit chaotic (various subjects at the same time so that it wasn't always clear (at least to me) who was reponding to who), but it was only the first time. Overall I'd say that it's worth repeating.

Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies over 2 years ago

If you do, please take it here ;)

Consulates and cultural centres over 2 years ago

I would settle for at least a library dedicated to the Řotsnan language. Since Řots is the only country where Řotsnan is spoken however (at least so far), it may very well be the only Řotsnan library (outside Řots) in the world - i.e. it wouldn't have a similar status as e.g. a librairie française or a libreria italiana or an English bookshop that I encountered in several cities in Europe.

Consulates are also discussable. For both the library and a consulate I let you decide where exactly it may be situated. They may even be in the same building. Depending on whether it's a prominent or avoidable location, the building may vary from big, bright and modern to old, crooked and dusty :)

For my other country Wyster I haven't established neither diplomatic nor cultural relations yet.

Video conference - update over 2 years ago

Me too. Hangouts I know not, but willing to explore.

Birds in towns over 2 years ago

I like parks and birds (also abstract ones like those of Olivier Messiaen), but I'm not sure if e.g. Nekkar (Řots) is parky enough..

Video conference over 2 years ago

Sounds interesting! I'm in GMT +1 (Lëtzebuerg / Luxembourg). In another geofiction project (a fictional earth organisation called FICT) we managed to hold skype meetings with participants in Luxembourg, Sweden, São Paulo, and Canberra, so it's doable :)

AN150k: construction of a geography -part 1.6. over 2 years ago

I agree; Slartibartfast couldn't have done a better job :)