Meet the 17 Nakwitlanian States..)

Posted by Rorro on 30 April 2019 in English (English)

Im still editing my country and the proof, is that i finally mapped all my 17 states that i planned to create, New Tenuchte, my capital city, is still on remodelation, almost all roads are almost fixed (ALMOST, NOT ALL), I already created 11 main roads, and one Island shared by 2 Nakwitlanian States))

The states that i created are: 1. Cuitlavok 2. Cuautemovik 3. Diez Ordoñéz 4. Estado Federal (there's my capital city) 5. Estado Verde 6. Guacharenas 7. Guachupé 8. Haragetuva 9. Iluria (the biggest state) 10. Kaluria 11. Mayania 12. Moctezarova 13. Morales 14. Nueva Castellán 15. Poblania 16. Regiopolitania 17. Territorio Nacuitlense Central (the smallest)

I will still mapping my territory to modify the internal borders (between my states) and/or creating and/or remodelating somethings

Location: -23,818, 164,534

Comment from JoJoBa on 30 April 2019 at 06:41

Why the double boundary?

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Comment from No Way on 30 April 2019 at 23:06

Your motorways are undivided which is usually a rare use of a roadway system. If the system cannot justify the use of a divided motorway then why build such an extensive motorway network?

Have a read on building realistic countries. Building roadways prior to other features makes for building features around roadways in lieu of the other way around.

I did request that I also adjust the border near Vineland Acres be adjusted so that my border take over the oxbow lake and water bodies to the east of the river. This will adjust for a shift in the river and make a more realistic border.

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