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Embassies in Illiria about 1 month ago

I mean Verisimiltude rule of course.

Embassies in Illiria about 1 month ago

Illyria is just an ancient name for present day Albania (there is also a theory that Albanians are Illyrians) and the OGF Illiria is at least partially mapped in Albanian. It's very nice to see this fascinating language in OGF! :)

But I must say you should take seriously [Verisimilitude rule](OGF:Verisimilitude). I see there are some places named after real world people (like Zog I of Albania). It's forbidden.

Anyway I will be happy to establish embassy in Babel as well as I welcome your embassy in the Frenk Millet in Tarsinar in Demirhan Empire.

Very promising new WebGL globe about 2 months ago

The night light map really got me although it seems that it's a simple script which use the landuse=residential tag. Interesting thing.

How much have OGF progressed from October 2017? about 2 months ago

The problem is not the age but rather things which are usually associated with young people. Young people usually want to try new things, it's good but OGF requires long time planning and obstinacy (I think this word fits here better than "patience"), especially in the big territories. Many teenagers come here, map for two or three weeks and then go away or remake it completely. Of course I'm sure that there are teenagers that have enough of obstinacy to map the whole country and there are adults who haven't.

The other problem is lack of experience with politics and knowledge about city planning and geography. Teenagers who come here very rarely can create a country with interesting, believable history and their mapping has only a resemblance to the places where they lived (older people also have that problem but usually they have seen more world than teens). Considering that not anglophone teenagers have to learn English before they start mapping in OGF, it results huge amount of poorly drawn copies of USA.

Darsons: What is your opinion? about 2 months ago

I can't agree that the light rail grid is oversized for the city of that size. The size seems OK but there is another problem - due to the size of all curves it should be tagged as a tram instead of light rail. Also the "light rail" is a very vast term. It can be just long trams (>40 meters) with tracks separated from the roads but also it can be normal local trains. The first idea fits for the city perfectly, the second is wrong.

Also I agree some motorways should be downgraded.

Holocaust 2 months ago

During the Nazi occupation there was no systematic starvation in the Eastern Europe. There was starvation more because of highly limited production of food and it was a problem for all nations in Reich including Germans (but of course they have much easier access to food than others). Nazis tried to eliminate people through work, not through hunger. There was systematic starvation in Ukraine in 30s but it was done by communists. That was one of the main reasons why the Ukrainians supported the Nazis during the war instead of USSR.

Holocaust 2 months ago

Most countries have some dark shades in their history and some not resolved problems are still existing. When I created Demirhan Empire I had that in mind and I tried to stay believable while writing history. On the other hand I didn't want to create another North Korea because one is still existing (PFS, btw mapping here is a very interesting experience) so I created some of that shades: one is during rule of Ahmet III, who was clearly a warmonger, and one started in 1963 and lasts for today. The country is limited democracy where some political activities (generally left wing) are permitted and the power is shared between elective parlament and the sultan.

I think it's more believable than creating an utopia where everything is going well but I understand the people who create such utopias. Everyone has just one or two countries to map and at least one of it tries to be better version of the homeland. I didn't go this way just because Galicja already exists and is doing pretty well.

New Beginning 3 months ago

I suggest to change at least language used to mapping, if you really want to be remembered by others. English and Spanish are very overrepresented in OGF as well as countries with american style cities so noone notice you if you do another country with the same theme. The key to be remembered is to be a maverick.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 4 months ago

But you know that at current level of technology atomic power is one of the most expensive source of electricity?


The article is interesting but in conclusion they are missing the point a little bit. The most valuable thing to us is time so we try to save it as we can. In European cities majority of workplaces are located in the centre or near it. The same is with most of neighbourhoods listed in the article so it's easy to imagine that when we live here any transportation problems are non-existent. A pensioner of the neighbourhood has work, shops and public services only few steps from his home (and if not, there is a dense grid of fast public transport like subway, non-existent in suburbs). To get from suburbs to centre requires sometimes hours of car driving (for example in Warsaw it's about 1-1,5 hours). That means living in suburbs takes from us 15 hours a week. While living in a flat in the block is not so comfortable as in private house it isn't worth that time.

Mysterious monarchy 6 months ago

I have read some articles about Rots and I never saw the answer so if you want question there is one I want to ask, How Rots monarchy lost its power? I mean in middle ages and earlier they held much power and it is rather unbelievable that they lost it in 17th century. Goverment that is frozen in time has still plenty much means of opressing their citizens - army, censorship and even religion. For example Ottomans who were pretty backward among european countries banned some technic novelties (like printing press was banned until 1840s or so) which allowed them to have absolute power until 1909. The same thing can be observed in Saudi Arabia and North Korea in present times. Why Rots is different and nobility lost its class war with lower classes?

How long does it take to get your town name onto the search results? 6 months ago

Search browser seems to show only cities created more than 4 months ago...

Topography: check! 8 months ago

@louis_walker: Yes, I thought about the lack of cities near the lakes and your response ensured me that you planned everything well. So I have nothing more to say, everything is as it should be.

What do you think about my country? 8 months ago

Everything looks nice to me except the roads between Kumbara and the capital. I know that it probably is planned to give an impression that the trunk road was build after the primary road and the terrain is a little bit mountainous but generally building tunnel under the existing road is rather a bad idea (in fact the tunnel under the functioning road has to be deeper and has thicker walls so it's more expensive) so if only there is a possibility, the trunk road should be at least next to the primary.

I can't wait to see more

Topography: check! 8 months ago

Your topography plan looks very nice in general. The only thing which confuses me are the salt lakes. Often they are major centres of population (like Aral Sea before it dried a bit) especially when most of the country is uninhabitable.

The next thing is the population. I think compering the mostly deserted country to Poland or France is a little bit irrelevant. If I were you I would try to divide the country to deserted and non-deserted area and use different population density to each.

Anyway, great work.

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! 8 months ago

@Luciano, I think they were more afraid of North Korea than China, because even if China ever attack South Korea, they would not turn it into radioactive ash land. Kim may try to do it every moment, because he does not take decisions using logic of the rest of the world, he thinks only about his ideology not economy.

What is more important when we put the nuclear power plant is the number of people in the zone of evacuation. Example of Chernobyl and Prypeć ilustrates this problem. About 50k people had to be evacuated but the evacuation zone had a radius of only 30 kilometres, so for security reasons it would be logical to put a nuclear power plant from 30 ro 50 kilometres away from major cities despite energy loses due transportation.

Road Numbers: What should I do? 9 months ago

Road numbers evolve with the grid development so defintely it wouldn't be a fully consistent system, where for example roads in capital are numbered from 1 to 10. It is because when we settled our system some roads didn't exist or have other class. For example even if you decide to start the system with low numbers in capital and number all your primary roads from 1 to 67, when you build a bypass around the capitaj you can give the new road number 68 or higher.

The only thing that can be established in the road system is coding the direction (north/south and east/west) by number, for example you can use odd numbers for north/south roads and even numbers for east west.

Maybe... Base my country in Türkçe? 9 months ago

Personally I would suggest you to think some time about what you want to map because it seems you change your mind every few days. Of course it is not dissalowed but if you want to create interesting country you should know what you want to map in a long period. Anyway I don't know do you can speak turkish but I want to admit it is really bad idea to map a country in language you completely don't understand.

Pathfinding/Directions Issues 9 months ago

Navigatin tool seems to be not actualized by more than a month so if the highway was built after the day of last actualization it shouldn't be visible although everything is OK with roads. I hope it would calm you down a bit.

Telegram 9 months ago

I am kind of dinosaur here, because I in chatting I am stuck with IRC but I do not think we need something like that. Problem with all chat rooms is that in common room everyone talks about everything and gaining consensus even in simple things is difficult. Usually right belongs to ones who can write fast. In multinational group it exclude all users who aren't speaking English at native or near native level. So, in short, forum is much better.