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Public Transport Viewer 20 days ago

I made some relations to show the bus routes in Kanton some years ago, but I think I need to go and modify to show stops and add line colours.

I revamped my previously atrocious airport 22 days ago

What else does this airport need? A second terminal would seem the only way to justify the huge number of runways. Terminals these days seem to resemble shopping malls with air travel as an afterthought, so a large retail area. A fire station and control tower, and also maintenance hangers big enough to hold whole aircraft.

Agree that there are too many runways. The northernmost one creates a particular problem as it is too close to the terminal and also forces aircraft over the docks, where the are going to be high cranes. As others have said, it's a huge waste of money to be building crosswind runways that will hardly get used, and takes up space that could hold a more profitable structure.

Aeroplanes need gentle turning radiuses, so where your taxiways join runways or each other, create curved sections, not right angles.

Where the ends of runways are very close to runways crossing them, it creates issues with holding points and queuing aircraft. Aircraft require explicit ATC clearance to cross or enter any runway (even if not in use, one could be opened at a moment's notice for an emergency landing or if the wind changes). You should either bring the runways into a tighter grid so that the ends are further apart, or else build taxiways that go beyond the ends and loop back round to allow a holding position just before entering the active runways.

This question has been bothering me for quite a while... about 1 month ago

Karolia is one of the more gender-equal nations in the world (and that includes trans as well). There is a theory that this is based in the language having no gendered pronouns and no grammatical gender, but in reality it's mainly a social thing. The main motivation for this climate was that before the Social Reform of 1924, Karolia was a very unequal society, with a small male elite controlling nearly everything and very few female or working class figures in public life. After the first Labour government came to power, they set about initially on some basic social welfare reforms (new housing programs, education and healthcare, working rights and tax reforms to pay for all of this) which steadily grew in scope and began to have an effect on equality beyond simply workers' rights and income. Karolia had its first female Chancellor in the 1960s which further drove gender quality, as did the pro-bicycle movement of the 1970s which along with the maintenance of generous funding for public transport, meant that access to good transport and thus work was very democratic.

There is practically free childcare and decent maternity/paternity leave rights, which means that couples can get back to work. Women's sports are given equal coverage, funding and have a similar following to men's, which Karolians like since they can go to football both days of the weekend.

Tarott: Public transit network map preview & EXPOMONDIALE 2018 2 months ago

Authentically German-looking (which means it does several things that would not be allowed in a London map!). You will doubtless revise some places if a final version is possible.

Why is the route finding algorithm not working all the time? 4 months ago

'Can't find a route between those two places'

First language in the world (OGF) 4 months ago

How about we allow users to mention 'proto-whatever' languages but keep the time periods vague.

In any case nobody in the RW has actually found a definitive date for the first civilization or the first languages. We think that the first humans emerged around 200-300000 years ago, but theories on the first languages are mostly based on speculation. We simply don't have evidence to provide a definitive date nor are ever likely to.

In my opinion, we ought to be more upfront about discouraging this kind of 'hey guys, we need to come up with a definitive 'fact' about something in OGF that isn't directly related to mapping which will create all sorts of arguments and never be answered satisfactorily!' We have had loads of these and the best policy is to keep things deliberately vague. You can write or draw what you like about your own country but meta-global things just don't work here.

My new city; Ville de Desirs. 4 months ago

It's not that ridiculous. Pioneers and golddiggers went around naming one-horse-towns things like 'Getrichquick' and 'Luckville'. If it's a new country, they might want to attract people to settle here...

Your city needs a water source nearby. I'd suggest drawing a tributary of the big river to the east.

Random Names 4 months ago

Also consider the English name may be completely different to the vernacular one. 'Germany' derives from the Roman word for the area; the French name Allemagne probably is a corruption of Charlemagne; in Finnish it's Saksa from Saxon; whereas the Germans call themselves Deutschland, 'country of the Teutons'.

Repeating Buildings 5 months ago

Yes, absolutely. Anything built in the last 60-100 years will very likely use a stock design which is much cheaper. Sometimes there are some variants but all are the same basic design. Only special custom houses usually get their own design which costs a lot more with an architect involved.

Making realistic small towns 5 months ago

Small towns vary depending on the date they were founded. In Europe, they would once have been medieval villages, which expanded but not enough to become cities. In newer countries, they might have been founded by settlers, or planned by authorities from greenfields. In the last sixty years, an old village might become a small town because of large scale house building as the population grows and the area becomes desirable.

Either way, they will contain nearly all the amenities of a city but scaled down. There is likely to be a lot more suburban areas as a percentage of land, as people will often live in the town and commute to a nearby city. There may only be one or two industrial buildings in the town, more likely ones which have remained there for some time such as a brewery, textile mill, or craft industry. National businesses may locate smaller offices in the town.

Small towns are usually polarised more than cities in terms of wealth because of their size. They will either be depressed due to the loss of a key industry, or else affluent because wealthy workers from nearby cities live there. Having good transport connections is a key driver of this.

Which countries manufacture airplanes? 5 months ago

Brieland Feedback 6 months ago

It looks fine as is right now. The biggest mistake I and lots of others made is to put the big features like motorways first and then try to shoehorn stuff around them later. Even now I have to delete and move whole sections of towns and geography because I tried to place 500-year old buildings or a river around a 30-year old motorway. Figure out where your rivers and hills are going to be.

JOSM also has two indispensable tools - the right-angle snapping, and the smooth curve.

I usually draw a track or a service road to indicate a disused road. In real life they aren't that common since roads almost always get upgraded, not removed. If an upgrade means a separate new road, the old one often gets downgraded to residential or cycle/footway. Here is a rare example - can you spot where a once congested trunk road has been removed and turned into a quiet riverside cycle and footpath, which itself was a former railway? In fact the whole area around Winchester is a fascinating example of new roads supplanting old when compared to a map from fifty years ago.

Latest additions in Gardensa 6 months ago

I think you mean 'eponymous' rather than 'homonymous', but whatever, this is first-rate mapping. It has a very realistic Italian feel and lots of realistic detail. What was the reason for the underground station being built? Is this an important business or tourist area?

Things not rendering, ¿What happens? 6 months ago

It happens from time to time. Be patient.

Mapper's Challenge #17 — February 2018 — Healthcare 6 months ago

I had to visit the hospital last week after coming off the bicycle. Luckily it was not so serious as to need the A&E department.

Osu State Hospital is a typical Karolian city hospital complex, built in the 1950-1960s. The country has state healthcare and so every large town and city has at least one of these concrete installations, which are full of modern equipment but generally stuck in the Brutalist aesthetic. it's loosely based on the two hospitals in my hometown. Osu serves the lower half of the entire Torjasmaa peninsula and so the medical facilities include specialist eye, children's and elderly departments, as well as a rehab facility both for injuries and for drug and alcohol addicts.

The hospital generates a percentage of its electrical needs by using the waste incinerator to power a steam turbine. There is also a maintenance facility for ambulances and doctor cars and bikes, and a gym for staff use.

Across the road is the city's maternity hospital. Typically for Karolia, there is plenty of bicycle parking across both amenities. It is not unheard of for women in labour to cycle to the hospital to give birth.

Baby you can drive my karst 6 months ago

In some locations, karsts form spectacular cave systems and underground rivers as the water carves out the soft rock. I visited some of Europe's most notable, in Slovenia, a few years ago:

As you can see there are numerous caves and dolines (collapsed caves) in the area as well as the mountains. Whilst it's not as topographically spectacular as the Vietnamese picture above, it does give an interesting range of map features.

Dikes? 7 months ago

Would the cliff tag be any help? The need here is to show that the roadway is on land and not a viaduct. Of course, it's possible to build a dyke without a roadway or railway on top.

Hyperloop vs Verisimilitude 7 months ago

On balance, unlikely to be built in either real world or OGF. Why? Several reasons.

Cost. It's a huge investment in a technology that is new and unproven. Almost nothing in the history of human technology has ever gone ahead with such an expensive idea as the first example. Bankrolling by a state is politically risky. Private capital will consider this project too risky. So funds to even build the thing will be hard to get. Then there is how to buy land to build on or else tunnel (very expensive, residents will object, how to get to city centres). Airlines will lobby to get this thing shelved as it's a threat to their business. It will be of benefit only to people wanting to travel between cities and will have all the objections made to high-speed rail leveled at it too.

Then there is the passenger experience. Wikipedia quotes 'Some critics of Hyperloop focus on the experience—possibly unpleasant and frightening—of riding in a narrow, sealed, and windowless capsule inside a sealed steel tunnel, that is subjected to significant acceleration forces; high noise levels due to air being compressed and ducted around the capsule at near-sonic speeds; and the vibration and jostling' Flying and high-speed rail is usually very smooth and affords pleasant views of the world on the journey.

It is questionable whether this is even any more time-efficient than an airline or high-speed rail. An aircraft can fly 540km in well under an hour. Even with check-in, flight from Elegantia to Rivador is not more than 3 hours and could cost as little as $30-50 on a budget airline. It's also likely that a single aircraft will have a bigger passenger capacity than a hyperloop pod which also improves efficiency. Passengers will probably opt for the cheaper but longer option once the novelty of the new technology has worn off, and until then the relative efficiency of air travel is a big argument not to build the project at all. The claims about saving energy with hyperloop may also be questionable given the amount of work to build it and the energy required to operate.

Line trouble! 7 months ago

You should make sure the line is closed, then tag it as water—coastline and then check the blue edge is outside the island. If not press R. Then wait for it to be added to the map.

Just a suggestion to nation owners 7 months ago

I concur with trabant. Your comment comes across as quite entitled. This happens in developing areas of OSM too - see here for example . If there is no way to plot accurate GPS traces for a settlement then a place name is better than nothing.

In the case of OGF, it is not at all reasonable to expect everywhere to be mapped in a high or even moderate level of detail yet. We're a hobby site that has existed for fewer than five years and we're also having to invent all the features and draw them from our individual imaginations. Using placeholders is an invaluable process of gradually filling out the details of a large area. Don't be put off doing it.