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Säntjana, Karolia diary

Posted by Sarepava on 19 July 2014 in English (English).

Today have been mostly improving the depiction of rail lines and stations in the capital city, in particular platform lengths. I am working on the basis of high-speed trains needing platforms 400m in length, commuter rail 200m and metro between 100-150m. The central station (Kastjaam) has several huge double platforms over 500m long to accommodate long-distance trains, or two at a time.

Also added more street detail and the automated light railway in Osmila, which is the peninsula south of the capital (technically an island). This includes possibly the only station in the world to be located in a library, in this case the massive Bibliotekkariika (National Library and archives) in the town. It’s a pity we can’t show the actual appearance as I envisage having the platforms decorated with sculpted depictions of books and newspapers.

I have also started naming more suburbs, in the main vernacular language of Karolian (a mix of the three main Finno-Ugric languages with a little German/Danish thrown in). In other parts of the country a minority speak Románš (Romanian/Italian derived). A job for the future is to add consistent spellings and diacritical marks to places and buildings.

Location: Amaroo, Boulia Shire, Queensland, Australia

Topographical features

Posted by Sarepava on 26 March 2014 in English (English).

There is a very helpful tagging guide at the OpenStreetMap site which means I have been manually adding details and features to the map which are not shown in the sidebar. One particularly nice result of this is that I can now label mountains and hills which helps give a sense of topography to the landscape. Indeed, the entire layout of a country depends on the location of highlands and flatlands, since these dictate where watercourses run and so where cities are founded and how transport links will connect them.

Location: Amaroo, Boulia Shire, Queensland, Australia