Mapper since: April 02, 2019 | Contributor terms: Accepted about 2 years ago

Hi, I'm Squizie3! I'm a Flemish (Belgian) mapper and I speak Dutch, English and French. I manage Lentia, the collaborative OGF-Dutch homeland. If you want to participate, take a look at OGF:Lentia. Besides that, I also like to map in Gobrassanya.

You can contact me via this platform's e-mail or via a DM in Discord. There's also the unofficial OGF Discord-server, which you might want to join to talk to fellow mappers. Furthermore, take a look at my wiki page.

I'm currently a citizen of Gobrassanya, although I will move to Lentia in the future. I live in an apartment on the 2nd floor in Onyx Street 10, Gobras City. My favourite food are Lentian fries at Frituur in Onyx Street 5, Gobras City, one of the most famous Lentian dishes.