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Topo Layers 3 months ago

Thanks for your answer Luciano !

Site Maintenance for Server Migration 3 months ago

Thanks for this information. Long live the OGF project !

Wiki fixed? 8 months ago

Woohoo ! Thanks Thilo or any person who fixed it !

A holiday message 12 months ago

Thanks Eklas for this measure, I’m alreay less active since a few months and it’s good to have a bigger breathing time.

Not losing our minds is an everyday fight now and geofiction helps killing the time and evading to better imaginary worlds. So thanks to all the people who rule this unique website and keep it alive. And nice holidays to the admin team.

Quick public note about my edits, since we’re talking about East Uletha and I want to avoid making a diary entry: due to lack of time I’m sorry if my recent mapping is not precise, if you thing it should be heath where I used meadow, if I don’t use multipolygon where I should etc. etc., but right now I mostly make quick fixes when I have a minute or two and I don’t have time to make geographical study to determine whether this or that polygon will be forest, scrub, etc. No offenses, I just don’t have time to be this much into it now. So in case of a mapping conflict at the borders: if you are the mapper of Keira, Karolia, Neberly, UL022h, or any neighbor of mine, and the curent look of the border zone bothers you, you have my authorization to adapt/change any polygon that is across our borders let’s say in a 5 Km range. For example, a mountain side that is not precisely mapped. I voluntarily kept most border zones imprecise for that reason.

I’m more focusing about “conlangifying” more my countries’ languages right now, in order to avoid resemblance with real-world languages which are now clearly defined to be originating from west Uletha.

[ATTENTION NEW USERS: READ THE BLUEBOOK FIRST!!!] How about making an OGF mod for Civ V? about 1 year ago

I tried to make a map of east Uletha once (within Civ VI map editor) but I wasn’t able to find how to export it to Steam or make it downloadable. Plus a lot of crucial DLC features were not available in the map editor. I don’t think I still have the files. Good idea though.

Tried to see how it could be done on HOI4 too, but it’s very complicated to start a new map from scratch (creating a world with new continents, provinces etc.) It relies on many different bitmap files that must follow specific rules.

Tip for wiki loading at normal speed! about 1 year ago

The Savior !!! Thanks a lot for the trick !

Indeed it only works with the Cologne Blue theme on my PC, not with the Modern theme.

Requesting Model City Recommendations for my (Northeastern) European-style City over 1 year ago

About making any European city, I want to share this:

I discovered a few weeks ago, and I think it’s a great source of inspiration. And it’s free.

You can show European maps from the 1700s and see how and where old cities and villages were made.

Then you display maps from the 1850s and add the first railways, large roads, basic industry etc.

Then you go on until the most recent maps and see how it fills up.

You even get cadastral maps from the 1880s etc. on this website… a great inspiration for village and neighborhood planning !

I haven’t made cities with this technique yet, but I’m planning to.

Your neighbour SC.

North Archanta language translations over 1 year ago

That’s a great project ! The OGF world starts to be much more solid these days, and regrouping the blue territories by language adds consistence to it. Thus it gets easier to elaborate the historic features, diplomatic relationships etc. and so on.

I noticed all the descriptions and suggestions of cultures accepted for each territory on the vector map… that’s a quite practical feature too.

My 5 Year OGF Anniversary over 1 year ago

Happy “cake day”, as they say on Reddit !

Lol, I remember being one of those who asked for deletion of the incoherent Zanyizzix mapping.

By the way, your town Otisport looks promising ! probably will be much better than my own cities.

SC (Älved)

Survey: how do you create your place names? over 1 year ago

Self-made auto name generators in PHP running on a localhost web server, with a few exceptions having hidden real-world references. If you have used AutoREALM in the 2000’s, maybe you ‘member the AutoNAME plugin and its *.rul files. I made something that works the same, it generates a bunch of names and if one of those names sounds glorious, I put it on the map.

Älvedic Confederacy: it’s a confederacy of 2 colonies quite isolated from their language areas (other Mergan and Franquese countries), so I thought one should expect particular dialects here. So names in eastern half use standard syllables of Savoy or French Switzerland, names in western half use very customized Germanic/Anglo-saxon/Alpine syllables. Alvedic is the only language for which I developed meaningful names and language rules, all the others down below use randomly generated placeholders.

Brevinfeld: a flat steppe geographically linked with Karolia, so an Uralic-type language fits in. Names are totally random placeholders using Hungarian alphabet. I might improve them later.

Vyzh-Ulz: the “natives” with semi-nomadic features who migrated from the far north, so a broad mix of Altaic-Uralic is used here.

Bois-Unis: a landlocked country stuck between Ingerish Neberly and the Franquese patois of East Alved, so for that purpose I use some kind of Anglo-Normand syllables, which sound neither French nor English. I even had an attempt to put Slavic influences near the borders of Latania and Karamsk, but those countries are no-longer active so it’s on hold.

Territory codes in East Uletha are changing over 1 year ago

Zone 21-22 here. I totally agree with this proposition ! Great job Eklas. In fact it corresponds to my biomes perfectly.

@antoon: No problem, your country has quite a lot of forests, so it can be taiga forest with a population who could have settled along the rivers for practical reasons like river boat traffic. As for why some big cities like Satbridge exist in such remote places… well mining could be a reason.

Uletha is becoming greatly mapped, and I look forward to the opening of these new territories like UL099 (new 19). The new job done in Pretannia and the Mediterranean sea in the west looks promising too ! Although I would imagine a canal, popping up between St. Richardus and Port Emporia area, that would justify the development and the wealth of this area, because otherwise I suppose the Port Emporia sea is rather closed, and one does not simply cross the ice pack in the north to reach it by boat. I know it’s not related to Eastern Uletha, but that was just my 2 cents on this issue :-)

As I’m quite active here, if you need help to set things up, don’t hesitate to send a message.


200+ conflicts on upload, how to solve them all and not one-by-one ? almost 2 years ago

Ok, so the best option is not re-using JOSM save files after upload, or fresh download each time and do the cut/copy/paste thing from a separate save file.

Thanks for your explanations.

200+ conflicts on upload, how to solve them all and not one-by-one ? almost 2 years ago

I have edited a zone using a save file, and I probably uploaded a changeset without re-saving my save file, then re-opened the old savefile, edited again, and got in conflict with my own data.

When I select multiple Conflicts in my sidebar (Conflicts: 261 unresolved) only one option shows up when I right click: Zoom to conflict. And when I click on Resolve, even if I select all conflicts I can’t solve all of them at once. I can select all nodes for each faulty polygon and “Apply resolution”, but still, I have to do it 260 more times for the other 260 conflicts.

I could handle it like this but… yeah that’s annoying.

I was wondering if someone has a more practical solution when it happens. If no solution, I’ll try deleting my city and reupload it all from my savefile.

For people who want to make unique pictures of landscape. (Note: Not advertisement) almost 2 years ago

Wow, that’s pretty good for a demo software. Looks promising.

Speaking of vandalism... about 2 years ago

There’s this in Darcodia. I found it because I map in the territories nearby.

Not bad for a beginner. The user who made it seems inactive so far.

Redesign of Älved (do not worry about big changes) over 2 years ago

@Fluffr_Nuttr: Yes this example is great (although the amount of natural reserves hurts the eyes a bit =_=) and this is why I want to simplify the “bigger picture”: I’d rather start with a global, imprecise mapping (let’s say zoom level 8 or 9) and then adding more details in a zone, so that I can focus on detailed zones while still having the bigger picture around. Otherwise if I do details here and there, I start to do too much and nothing really stands out.

@Udilugbulgidhu : No, I won’t do too much. I’ll have less time for mapping in a few months so I’ve planned the redesign accordingly. The purpose is to add rivers on the whole territory at the correct scale. The beautiful and precise areas will not be touched, or will be put back in place when this thing is done.

Unavailable territories over 2 years ago

Didn’t know about this Teams and Projects page, thanks !

Unavailable territories over 2 years ago

As far as I know, they are either already well-developed countries by previous owners, or (in case of empty territories) they are in so strategic places that they don’t want to assign them to someone yet, keeping them as future collaborative territories or for very advanced users.

Also I noticed that some chunks of lands are unassigned, whereas the green territories always seem to be near already developed territories. I think this is done in order to fill in the “holes” in some developed regions first and keep harmony on the map, and then when new users show up they will turn a new chunk of white territories to green. They actually reassigned some parts of Suria, then one day when the rest of Uletha is full they might split and assign, for example, the chunk south of Midistland. Or UL113 and the surroundings. Or the big UL099, which I look forward to seeing what it will become.

Any suggestions to improve Naajaland? over 2 years ago

It’s only 59° S so technically there are no polar nights. And the neighboring countries still have a few forests or scrub so unless there is a very specific climate, the north could have at least a few bushes, and glaciers further away from the coast: think of a mix between Kuujjuaq and Tierra del Fuego for example.

Let's talk about Älved (and other philosophical things) over 2 years ago

Thank you all for your feedback ! So the general opinion says I should add more names. By this, do you mean street names particularly ? Or other names too ? Do you have advice on what kind of names to put so that it renders well at a smaller zoom number? (I dunno if you say smaller or larger zoom, I mean further away from the ground)

I checked on the wiki but I didnt find conventions on how I should use city, town, village. I use town when It’s > 5000 inhabitants and city when > 20000 but since Alved is not equally populated some zones look nameless and other are crowded with place=town names.

Street names etc. : It’s true that I haven’t mapped a lot of details in my cities, but this will be the next step, then I can add street names and amenities. Probably Eburodun will be the first detailed city because I will redo my capital city’s center. I think I’m good for creating a few more autoname generators for this, lol

Stay tuned on the Alved wiki, there is a section where I will put all the detailed interesting places when they are done.