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I'm Alex! I'm a Canadian irl, and have a very strong interest in maps, urban planning and worldbuilding, which is why I found this place so fascinating and I joined.


Selva (Sarangonia, Commonia)

A small jungle village located deep within Sargonia Province, in Commonia. This was my first time using JSOM and this sort of thing, so it's very small and simple, as I was just getting a feel for it. Regardless, Selva is a small logging village off of a highway going through central Commonia.

Williamsville (Insalesa Island, Commonia)

A port town on the island of Insalesa, located off the northeastern coast. The town is mainly situated on a small peninsula. This was my first "real" town and it's not quite finished (needs some tweaking and such) but I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.