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On fictional shibboleths 17 days ago

Aerágny’s history involved a lot of “renaming Franquese names given to places to the local language” and as such there’s not a whole lot of foreign language left to butcher. And even when there is still Franquese used, it usually is pronounced similarly to how the Airannians would pronounced it, as the local language stole the Franquese spelling…

However I spent so long wondering what a good shibboleth in Aerágny would be without realizing… it’s Aerágny itself! 😅

No Airannian would call their home nation “Aerágny”, unless they were making an official statement; “Aerá” is the only commonly accepted name for the country. Aaannddd for the language spoken, and just as a general demonym :P The -gny suffix means not much more than “land of”- similar to how in the language’s name “Aeránanue”, -nanue roughly means “speech”.

Directions / search box? about 2 months ago

Hi héedaná, I missed your message yesterday, and today I’m at work, so once I’m home I’ll be sure to send a pastebin with the queries in a new comment (as the queries are saved locally on my personal laptop, rather than on my work laptop). I must say though, I use them mostly as skeletons, into which I cast whatever I need to find or download, so a little bit of knowledge on the overpass query language is a necessity, but I suppose I could include the bare minimum of what is needed with the queries. Is there anything in particular that you are looking to do with overpass?

Relation area calculator. 3 months ago

Both have been relocated, and links to them (and more!) can be found on the wiki dashboard.

Natural Distasters in Strait of Lyc? 3 months ago

Yeah, I’m not an expert but I believe cyclones and the like would typically form on open seas in the real world, and the Straight of Lyc is kind of nicely shielding from that, at least the part where Pactone (and my own territory, Aerágny) is. Obviously that doesn’t mean some heavy storms can’t have occurred in history, there’s always an anomaly to say the least. In fact, Airannian history as I currently have it pencilled down would involve a powerful tropical storm striking the eastern coast at some point in the past.

Directions / search box? 3 months ago

If memory serves correctly, the search function did indeed work, barely, using overpass on the old server, with the current view marking the bounding box for your search. That’s probably also your best bet for searching things now (Query button on the OGF page). If you need help with some basic queries to search with in Overpass, let me know, I’ll be able to copy paste some of my own later today.

As for directions, one thing you could do, is install the directions plugin on jos. It’s not nearly as interactive,but for the purpose of making sure your road network is connected, it could work.

Rails Port Open. Happy Mapping! 3 months ago

Thank you all for your hard work over this weekend, but also thank you in advance for all your hard work going forward!

Islands 5 months ago

If the Multipolygon’s this one: - then the fix is as follows:

  • Untag the way itself: the multipolygon only has one member, and that member shouldn’t have any tags that are also on the multipolygon, it should be an untagged line.

  • Draw the island: I think you deleted the way that you had for the island in a changeset yesterday, so you’d have to draw it again :P As with the lake itself, don’t give it any tags

  • Add the island to the lake’s multipolygon, with the inner role.

That should make it so the island shows up, but if you have any questions or issues let me know ^^

Topomap and Histor's renderer broken ? 8 months ago

In the top right of the bounding box selection screen should be the option to choose which imagery you want to use, it should be the same selection as you can choose from for the editing background - it’s probably still set to the topo map.

Topomap and Histor's renderer broken ? 8 months ago

@Marcello - you should be able to change this in the preferences on JOSM (F12), in the submenu Imagery; see also here

I forgot how bad iD used to be about 1 year ago

What’s tangibly different about the current version of iD on OSM compared to the version that’s ran on OGF?

(iD vs JOSM tangent) Personally I use iD for all small scale mapping I do, finding JOSM to be just a bit too technical to be used for small scale edits, which make up 90% of my mapping. I still have JOSM installed for large scale edits, such as admin boundaries, other relations or just mapping on a more macro scale, but for anything precise, I could never see myself use it. I’ve tried, but the area I did that for had to be retouched in iD afterwards quite a bit… Obviously I could chalk that down to my inexperience, but why bother learning something new if the old works just fine? :P For things I can’t do in iD, I use JOSM, but most of the time, iD does just fine.

About tile updating over 1 year ago

One thing I’ve noticed is that it does feel like it gets “stuck” sometimes, and making another edit in the area can help getting it unstucked.

Bus route tips over 1 year ago

Oh, good call :P My idea was that I wanted to make sure it linked somewhere with lines to show, that was the first place that came to mind, my bad

Bus route tips over 1 year ago

Using this tool made by Austin Huang, you can visualize bus routes (and other public transport routes), provided you organized them in a relation with type=route. Using JOSM you can easily add the streets and stops to such relations.

Happy New Year! almost 2 years ago

Filiâs bilê dêl ûnz wogêl ans! / Porde alayade táray nisidau!

OGF Population Race about 2 years ago

Is there any way to see all the data you have included?

Northern Borders of Commonia/User Diary searching about 2 years ago

Wait, if the admin level isn’t present on border ways, the relation’s admin level is what the renderer shows? If so I should definitely change the way some of my borders work :P

Export OGF data to svg about 2 years ago

No dice, wangi - that option will only come up with a “This function is not implemented for OpenGeoFiction” screen.

Export OGF data to svg about 2 years ago

With JOSM it is possible to save loaded data into a GEOJSON file, then to convert the GEOJSON with a website like Mapshaper to a .SVG file. There might be a better way but when I wanted to do this exactly, this is how I did it.

farms about 2 years ago

@iiEarth - there’s not really any need to rename the town, just because a place exists in the real world doesn’t mean that no places with the same name could exist in OGF - especially with a name as generic as “San Jose”. Just looking at the amount of places in the real world named San Jose, I think it’d be more unlikely that there weren’t a place with that name than that there is one.

Bonnatale Island, Arcacadina over 2 years ago

Coastlines take a little while longer than other features to update on the map, and notably, not all zoom levels are updated at the same intervals/time. If you’re uncertain an edit you made went through, you can always hop into the iD editor and see if the edits you made are visible in that editor (not on the background map, but in the actual editor itself)