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There's a website I found long before like months ago that is kinda like OGF almost 3 years ago

I use this website to keep track of my conlangs - I pulled my country on OGF from their conworld. Beware that there is a very large focus on linguistic development for their conworld.

I genuinely recommend them for conlanging purposes, I should add.

Languages Around the OGF World about 3 years ago

Yeah Vulgar is great, and highly recommended from me (I own the full version) - I have a specific interest in conlanging, and Vulgar makes pretty all right languages. Some of the terms are perhaps kind of weird specific lingo, but most of them are explained basally in the app. If anyone has any questions about using Vulgar, or perhaps setting up a more personalized conlang, let me know :D

Island about 3 years ago

I can see the island just fine (I think coastlines take a little longer to update). As for the administrative boundary, I’m believe you’re lacking some tags in the relation - compare with Saporti.

Public Transport Viewer about 3 years ago

This is extremely cool, and’ll definitely help out my transit mapping once I get to it. It wasn’t too long ago that I last thought to check if there were many route relations that I could find. The only critique/suggestion I have is that lines colored differently will be displayed over-top each other. It would definitely be really useful if the lines were displayed next to each other. (although I do realize that isn’t quite as easily done as said).