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Faster Way of Tracing Over Complex Lines? almost 3 years ago

In relations, yeah, but I can't use them in different areas as far as I know. I can't link a 'water' area with a riverbank using a single line without converting one to the other or something along those lines.

Or JOSM is lying to me lol.

Faster Way of Tracing Over Complex Lines? almost 3 years ago

A big thanks to everyone who responded, but I found out boundary objects can exist in multiple relations at once - thus easing this particular issue.

Currently, I have a similar problem but with areas, and this time it's clear a single line can't belong to two multipolygons, thus I'll try some of the methods given here and report back with my progress.

JOSM Not Working almost 3 years ago

OAuth doesn't seem to work with my old Customer Token, and I couldn't really figure out why the api on the FAQ page for JOSM was down, so I just switched back to basic authentication, despite it not being the safest. It worked so...

JOSM with OAuth almost 3 years ago

I'm sorry to nudge this discussion a year later, but I'm having the same issue described above - where I can download data, but can't upload it to the server despite having created a custom consumer key and secret. Some help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

I'll try going back to the default "automatic" option in the meantime.