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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 8 months ago

Merry Christmas to you too, and a happy New Year!

Building my City On Youtube? 8 months ago

What we need on youtube isn't opengeofiction videos of copying and pasting rectangular buildings for two minutes straight. If you're going to try to integrate opengeofiction on a gaming channel (as I got from your youtube channel's name), at least attempt to describe what opengeofiction is or something with special emphasis on the fact that it's for mapping out countries and cultures, not building an empire or roleplaying wars and actually controlling countries.

Feedback Requested on Beaudry Airport 9 months ago

Again, there's a reason the forum is here... Answering your request though, your airport does look okay. Hangar A does seem to be in a weird spot, though.

Kurzov Special Bliki Log #001 (November 30th, 2017) 9 months ago

There's also a reason the forums exist, lol

A checklist for new mappers starting a country (Inspiration and making the country) 9 months ago

I'd probably start by mapping out forests, imagining topography, mountains, rivers, and other natural landforms before highways. You probably shouldn't design flags or post on the wiki until after you've mapped a decent amount of stuff to map out, and I would usually actually place highways after you've at least mapped out city locations and then imagine how people would build highways connecting the cities to be realistic. Contradictory to what you said, making the land as it was before settlement and then developing cities and removing forests could be realistic, but it depends on the mapper. This guide was very useful for myself in planning out my country, and would probably help out mappers like you:

Palaseskia is being remade soon! 9 months ago

^^* rip

Palaseskia is being remade soon! 9 months ago

^ Good advice right there. You should probably work on scaling and planning out landforms, etc. before placing towns, to get an idea of where people would settle and cities would rise up. You could also work on planning out the southern half of your country, which I noticed is empty, and you have a decent amount of unfinished rivers with no source or delta.

Blue Laden Development about 1 year ago

To be honest, the town doesn't look entirely that bad, except for the fact that a lot of roads that should be mapped as either residential or unclassified/minor are mapped as tertiary.

Cycling provision in OGF cities about 1 year ago

In Gagium, little of the population actually cares about climate change, considering that the country has around the same climate as real-life Florida, and (is going to) revolves around tourism.

I'm back! Kinda... about 1 year ago

Welcome back!

Coping with Glastian irrelevancy about 1 year ago

My country's pretty irrelevant too, to be honest.. ( The Gagium Republic )

Can someone advise population estimate of Manchester? about 1 year ago

Maybe 200k, give or take a couple thousand. 275k at the max, comparing it to Pittsburgh, with a population of around 300k.

Historical and geographical curiosities over 1 year ago

There's the Kingdom of Yawet (, an island nation off the coast of the Gagium Republic that declared independence in the 1990's and remained independent ever since. (I don't have a wiki page for it atm)

Density in OGF over 1 year ago

OGF Forum over 1 year ago

Whatever, only IF OGF admins get any sort of admin power.

Discord on OGF... over 1 year ago

Yeah, a forum would be nice. However, I feel like only official OGF admins should have ANY sort of power whatsoever.

Discord on OGF... over 1 year ago

This needs to stop. JoshuaRoadMapper's discord is utter crap. I got kicked multiple times for saying things like "LOL" and ".-." and also muted for saying "back" and ". . .". His other channel is actually not related to OGF anymore. He renamed it to "NeverAgainWillUseOGF".

DO NOT Use The Discord over 1 year ago

I typed "LOL" there and got kicked lmao

DO NOT Use The Discord over 1 year ago

He's referring to Joshua's discord, not mine.

Languages of OpenGeofiction users over 1 year ago