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Hi, I'm a new mapper. My home town is New Cryopticon. My projects are almost always horribly out of scale. I came from Canquor and moved to Harrison City for a while, before eventually starting my own city.

Ma Stuff:

  • Imperium Atlas Cryopticon:

Imperium Atlas Cryopticon, often shortened to Cryopticon, is the first and the main city that I have made. The original Cryopticon turned out as a failed project, and was renamed to Old Cryopticon when I started a new city just south of it, New Cryopticon. New Cryopticon is also insanely out of scale. The city is also home to Nexus Inc. , which is a company of mine which has many smaller divisions, Vivion, Vertetrek, Buster and more. New Cryopticon also owns a spaceport, which I had deleted over much careful thought, and will rebuild again. Overall, New Cryopticon is a modern (NOT futuristic StarWars-y), developing town. It also has its own coat of arms.

  • Facility 5:


  • Drystal + Clockwork Granders:

Drystal is a small town that my friend, mapmaker1011, started before he stopped mapping. It is next to Clockwork Granders Lake. Come and enjoy this small town and its lake!

  • Cantor:

The Cantor Forest is a huge forest I made next to Drystal. There's also Great Cantor Lake, which shares Cantor Forest with Clockwork Granders Lake. I am thinking about making a city called Cantor, too.

  • CDC Council:

CDC stands for Cryopticon-Drystal-Centen. So the CDC Council is a union of the 3 cities' governments. The CDC Grand Council is situated in New Cryopticon, so come see that.

Ma Friends:

  • Dudemap555:

Dudemap555 is a great friend of mine, coming from Province and living in Wan Chai, he has his own cities too, Centen, Sunston, and Forgsburg. Check out his stuff!

Did You Know:

  • I have been banned from making diary entries?
  • I received a warning for making a diamond-shaped building?
  • I edited Wan Chai?
  • You probably shouldn't search up Facility 5 on the map?
  • New Cryopticon has a Coat Of Arms?
  • Nexus Inc. has a logo?
  • You are probably feeling bored right now?

I wILL hAcK yOUr rObLoX aCCOunT

Just kidding