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Remapping Glaster's forests 12 months ago

Wait, I thought the Discord server had shut down due to drama...hmm...

Is there a water depth map of the ogf world? about 1 year ago

You know, I'm sorry I can't answer that, but that's actually a great question. My entries are way mor pointless than that lol

The Trumpets of the Apocalypse - A Nightmare of Civil Engineering about 1 year ago

Skalenia's most scandalous infrastructural project ever was Skalenia itself lol

Establishing a military alliance like NATO over 1 year ago

If this happens, the totally democratic dictator of Skalenia is down for it.

Help please (natural features) almost 2 years ago

@stjur I'm not dead (in OGF). I'm actually somewhat active in Gobrassanya but I plan to go back to my country in the next few months.

EUOIA and other Eastern Ulethan organizations. almost 2 years ago

I havr problems with my e-mail, and they say that they can't do anything. So i've been kinda stuck without a wiki account for over 1 year....

There's a website I found long before like months ago that is kinda like OGF almost 2 years ago

Maybe I could use that for the Skalenian Creole language spoken in the mountainous regions of my country...

Bourgeois Island almost 2 years ago

Why is everyone talking about the motorway rather than the actual island xD

Coastline almost 2 years ago

Yes..some sort of cirular menu!

Coastline almost 2 years ago

Well, it's just to detail the coastline, and I was not moving the line. I can't move anything.

Coastline almost 2 years ago

@iiEarth @Luciano when I do that, it moves the entire map with it :/

Coastline almost 2 years ago

Yes but what do you do to move the nodes? If I get the hang of it, my country could really take off...

Skalenian town names unveiled (sorry for the excessive entries) almost 2 years ago

Mostly fictional, some have a slight connection to real life.. :)

Rebuilding Skalenia (again) almost 2 years ago

*i.e. Gobrassanya

Rebuilding Skalenia (again) almost 2 years ago

Sidenote: Paxtar added about 900 nodes to my coastline earlier this year, but in iD, I cannot move those nodes. I could do lakes and hiking trails, but I need YOUR help to move those nodes, make the national parks in the mountains, make it look like there are actual mountain, etc....

Rebuilding Skalenia (again) almost 2 years ago

What about doing the big detailed coasts and natural features? I can't do that in iD!

What kind of road lines your have in your OGF country? almost 2 years ago

When Skalenia gets rebuilded, the lines will be painted with a special fluorescent ultra-durable paint. All highway paint will be white to achieve optimal visibility during the night. The patterns will be as follows:

The lines will always be broken (rectangles) on straight sections of any highway. At tight curves, the lines will always be solid.

Lines will be painted on all trunk, primary, secondary and tertiary roads in the country by 2021.

Rebuilding Skalenia (again) almost 2 years ago

I don't have access to JOSM. All I have is a tablet and a run-down XP-era computer that can't even support anything from Adobe.

National Airport Examples?? almost 2 years ago

The proposed airport is actually in Gobrassanya, not Skalenia. You would've understood if you read the entry correctly.

I have a question once again... almost 2 years ago

The problem is I only have a tablet and I rarely have access to a computer...