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GESF declares bankruptcy 3 months ago

I think everyone who has had a point to make has made it now, so let’s start focusing on productive ways to resolve the issues instead of continuing to take potshots at each other. I’m working on a draft rail proposal that will be released for discussion and consideration in a day or two, and I ask for your patience (and maturity) in the meantime.

Road naming systems - real world examples 8 months ago

Lake City is also pretty strict outside of downtown and South Point with north-south Avenues and east-west Streets. However, since the city is based on a rigid grid, and most blocks are rectangular rather than square, there are also “half-streets” for the numbered streets (north-south Terraces and east-west Courts). Lake City also names all of its alleys as well, with Places between Avenues and Terraces; Alleys between Terraces and Avenues; Lanes between Streets and Courts; and Gardens between Courts and Streets.

In much of the city, the old numbered east-west Streets were renamed to avoid confusion with the numbered north-south Streets; in these areas, there are bands of Streets and Lanes that all start with the same letter.

Like any real city though, there are plenty of exceptions: west of the Stone River and south of North Avenue, Avenues are named instead of numbered; South Point has east-west lettered Avenues (Avenue A, Avenue B, etc.); and streets that stretch out of downtown keep their names.

Streets that break the grid are generally older trails, so most of them keep their original Road or Highway designation.

Taking a break from ogf 9 months ago

Best of luck with everything except getting a girlfriend, because relationships are things that need to happen organically and spontaneously rather than something that needs to be actively prioritized. A better goal is something like “meet new people” or “be more outgoing”. Don’t measure success by who you are (or aren’t) dating. Just be you, my friend.

How long does it take to develop a good city 9 months ago

I’ve been working on Lake City for about a year and a half, but honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be done mapping it. There’s always more detail to be added, and cities themselves are growing, evolving places. Great cities, both in OGF and in the real world, are never truly completed.

What should I do with Southlink 10 months ago

You probably can get rid of it altogether and just upgrade the Stranton Road bridge and maybe Boundary Road to secondary or primary. Or you can link Stranton Road to Charles Street instead and upgrade Charles Street since it feeds directly into Southbank Drive.

Have i ruined the texan-ishness of ahnvore county about 1 year ago

If you want it to be like small-town Texas, get rid of the bus route.

Airports in OGF about 1 year ago

It's important to remember that no one here is a professional cartographer. My educational background is in urban planning and OGF has plenty of lackluster cities that make me cringe, but this is also what we signed up for. But it's best to lead by example, so I agree that a "wall of fame" would be a good idea. Maybe include it in the OGF:Making realistic airports page.

Giliarca, finally. about 1 year ago

If you want to map plenty of parking lots and drive-thrus, the FSA has plenty of vacant states that need owners.

Giliarca, finally. about 1 year ago

Giliarca has been one of my favorite OGF cities for quite some time. Congratulations on all your hard work!

FSA question. about 1 year ago

The FSA has plenty of vacant spaces for mappers to join us, we should be encouraging more people to join the project on the mainland before we start looking to expand the FSA’s reach.

FSA question. about 1 year ago

Does the FSA really need overseas territories though?

[FSA Question] Are there radio stations? over 1 year ago

Radio towers are things that do get mapped (and generally labeled with the callsign of whatever signal they broadcast), and they have an impact on the surrounding land use in more urban areas. While I wouldn't call it a critical issue for the FSA project, it is something we should consider at some point.

[FSA Question] Are there radio stations? over 1 year ago

If you’d feel more comfortable starting the conversation in the forums instead, go for it.

[FSA Question] Are there radio stations? over 1 year ago

We should, but we don’t yet. Add it to the list.

FSA Blue Nation. over 1 year ago

No. There are five collaborative territories already in the FSA, and a few vacant states are already designated “no questions asked” beginner territories. There are plenty of ways newer mappers can get involved in the FSA.

City Sprint: Part II over 1 year ago

@louis_walker I can’t take credit for the public transport viewer; that’s all @austinhuang. I’ve just been adding the proper relations to make it look pretty.

My vision for Minnonigan as a whole is something like an upside-down Illinois (which works since the FSA is in the Southern Hemisphere), with more rolling wooded terrain in the north, flat fertile farmlands in the middle, and a significant urban development along the Great Lakes to the south that spills over just a bit into neighboring states. So yes, Lake City is most certainly has deep inspiration from Chicago. However, I came up with the overall vision for downtown Lake City on my own (although the Loop elevated rail still exists) and Lake City’s other areas draw from Chicago’s tapestry of ethnic neighborhoods which are all aligned on a strict grid but divided by railroads, freeways, and occasional divided streets. (Lake City’s two airports are also heavily influenced by Chicago-O’Hare and Chicago-Midway.)

German-speaking regions in the FSA? over 1 year ago

In the American Midwest, German was a common second language into the 20th Century, with some areas having German newspapers, German printing on bottles, etc. even though English was still more common overall. Of course, the World Wars killed all of that pretty quickly as many German descendants in America chose to assimilate into American culture more to distance themselves from America’s foes, especially during the rise of Hitler.

So if you are going for more of the Midwestern vibe, I’d definitely say German-inspired rural areas would fit right in, but the larger cities would likely be more cosmopolitan.

City Sprint: Part II over 1 year ago

I’ve added a few neighborhoods to Lake City, but most of the work I’ve done for the city sprint can’t be seen on the map unless you use austinhuang’s delightful Public Transport Viewer. The second half of February I’m focusing on the northeast side of Lake City to build out the Brown and Purple Lines to their respective termini, and I plan on adding more express bus lines and local bus lines in Lake City’s core as well.

Update OGF over 1 year ago

I also use iD, and what I find useful is a quick internet search for “openstreetmap [whatever I want to tag in OGF]”. As histor mentioned, the first hit is usually the infinitely-useful OSM wiki, which tells you what tags to use to map whatever it is you’re looking for, and inserting those tags manually to the features in iD is straightforward enough.

As far as iD/JOSM preferences, I think it’s very important that OGF is accessible for both. While many of the “serious mappers” do indeed use JOSM (which of course is much more powerful), there are also plenty of serious mappers who don’t, for whatever reason. Besides, there are plenty of mappers here who are more casual and iD has a much lower learning curve for new users.

Thoughts on this unconventional motorway exit/intersection? over 1 year ago

Assuming the Southern Connector pre-dates your North Motorway, you should have some sort of geographic constraint to the west of the Southern Connector (some small buildings, a forest, a water feature, whatever) to help justify why the motorway crosses over the minor road twice. Motorway bridges are expensive so the original engineers probably would’ve routed the motorway to stay west of the minor road unless there was some decent reason why they couldn’t.