Anaras Clemente Airport -- Opportunity for offices

Posted by TheTrashMan on 5 August 2021 in English (English).

Hey hey! Long time no see OGF. Final years of high school have really killed my free time, but I’m hoping now to establish some serious mapping. Basically, the only project of significance I’ve got done is now more or less complete; The Anaras-Clemente Intercontinental Airport, and a conjoining business park.

The idea is that it’s an older airport that has recently been significantly renovated and redeveloped; I’ve worked really hard to build it as realistic as possible and to irl scale. Connected is a business park, built as a new and walkable development for large offices for international companies; nice and conveniently near the airport. If anyone’s keen to set up office space for their own company please send me a message and you can designate a building :)

Location: 1.411, 48.130

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