Bus Line in Rhododactylia: {1 & 1X} Ocean Park - Black Mud Heights Line (Local & Express Service)

Posted by The_Cute_Chick on 20 February 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 13 April 2018.


Fellow mappers,

(Last updated on 12 April 2018)

I made a bus line to integrate nearby settlements to the village Dardis Heights (a settlement I am developing) better in order to be more connected with nearby settlements.

There is a local service and an express service for this bus line because urban resident s are unlikely to visit rural settlements but are likely to visit other urban areas to work or to spend their time in.

Currently, I have numbered these bus lines 1 and 1X (X indicating express service) as I plan to make a few more bus lines in the future. I have noticed that the bus line also runs on the road SS1, which is a nice coincidence and made me consider if numbering the bus lines to the road it travels on is a good idea or not.

It would be appreciated if you have any constructive suggestions and criticisms regarding this topic and my ideas (above and below). Moreover, if you notice any mistakes, typos and errors in my writing please reply to notify/correct me.

I thank you for your time and attention,


Future Bus Route Ideas

I have a few ideas on the routes of future bus lines, including a long route that roughly follows the coasts, but often detouring on and off of the main motorway (M1) to serve settlements nearby.

Another idea is a route from Omoriworth (considering terminus) heading northwest until it turns right and follows RNR 132, then follows RNR 108, OA1, RNR 10 all the way north to Rose City or even to Querryville (also considering terminus). Here I would have a numbering problem if I was to number it corresponding to the road it travels on and so I want some feedback on this numbering idea.

(#Edit) The proposal of lines {2} South Coast Line, {2X} South Coast Line (Express), {3} Omoriworth - Querryville Line, {4} Oran - Oreewick Line, {5} Greater Frogtown Line & {5O} Frogtown Loop Line have also just been passed by the Rhododactylian Government and is or will be in construction soon! They will be officially introduced in a future diary entry.

General Bus Line Information

This bus line serves settlements in Rhododactylia mainly but also some of the settlements in Wintania.

This bus line begins at the western Rhododactylian border near the Wintanian city Ocean Park at [Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Ocean Park] stop ( The line travels east, serving thoroughly the Rhododactylian part of Ocean Park city before going north to Mayton Valley - Kaceby stop. The line terminates at Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Black Mud Heights stop. This line also detours to serve the Wintanian village of Eastport, after Nellorsboro stop and before Soykawick stop.

This line terminates at the Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Black Mud Heights stop at the eastern outskirts of Black Mud Height which is at the Wintania/Rhododactylia border. Then it serves the line back to Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Ocean Park stop.


  • Serves on every day of the week
  • First bus each weekday at 06:30; Last bus each weekday at 10:30
  • First bus each weekend at 09:00; Last bus each weekend at 11:00
  • There is a local service bus every 40 minutes and an express service bus every 40 minutes.
  • The local service alternates with the express service on main stops, which means that there is a bus every 40 minutes for local stops and a bus every 20 minutes for main stops.
  • No fees paid by the rider; costs fully subsidised by the Passenger Transport Services Agency (PTSA) of the Services & Utilities Department (SUD), which is one of the departments of the Rhododactylian Government
  • Bus passenger capacity limited to 24 people.

Line {1} Stops

The stops below are in order for the bus travelling from Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Ocean Park stop to Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Black Mud Heights stop. The brackets indicate what country each corresponding bus stop serves.

  1. Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Ocean Park (Wintania)
  2. Ocean Park - Parkway Plaza (Rhododactylia)
  3. Ocean Park - Visser Court (Rhododactylia)
  4. Ocean Park - Valdotra Hospital (Rhododactylia)
  5. Ocean Park - Moyen Plaza (Rhododactylia)
  6. Ocean Park - Sunset Beach (Rhododactylia)
  7. Dardis Heights (Rhododactylia)
  8. Mayton Valley - Harsley (Rhododactylia)
  9. Mayton Valley - Kaceby (Rhododactylia)
  10. New Cambria (Rhododactylia)
  11. Nellorsboro (Rhododactylia)
  12. Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Eastport (Wintania)
  13. Soykawick (Rhododactylia)
  14. Colfaxgrad (Rhododactylia)
  15. Moserdale Roundabout (Rhododactylia)
  16. Black Mud Crossing (Rhododactylia)
  17. Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Black Mud Heights (Wintania)

Line {1X} Stops

The stops below are in order for the bus travelling from Ocean Park - Border Crossing stop to Black Mud Heights - Border Crossing stop. The brackets indicate what country each corresponding bus stop serves.

  1. Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Ocean Park (Wintania)
  2. Ocean Park - Visser Court (Rhododactylia)
  3. Ocean Park - Moyen Plaza (Rhododactylia)
  4. Dardis Heights (Rhododactylia)
  5. Mayton Valley - Kaceby (Rhododactylia)
  6. Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Eastport (Wintania)
  7. Wintania/Rhododactylia Border Crossing - Black Mud Heights (Wintania)
Location: Temotu, Solomon Islands

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 February 2018 at 01:07

@Jesus Antonio,

Seriously, I want some feedback and that is all you can type and send?!? XD

Comment from Ernestpkirby on 21 February 2018 at 03:13

Definitely interesting and well thought out! I’m just- a bit unsure if logistically if it will get the users it needs to serve if the stops are largely in the opposite country than the majority of the population (unless areas surrounding it in Rhododactylia just aren’t mapped yet). Like, Eastport AFB, Most of Ocean Park’s population, almost all of Black Mud Heights, etc are on the wrong side of the border to be served well by this route.

Like it kinda feels like unless there are very open borders here that people can cross freely and more Rhdododactylian cities yet to be mapped, this might work better on the Wintanian side of the border running from Manchester to Black Mud Heights via Ocean Park. But you probably don’t have control over Wintania so that wouldn’t be something you’d be able to do…

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 February 2018 at 05:11



On the logistic side of things, I have made the bus capacity to 24, made it free (in terms of ride fee) to compensate for the probably low ridership and made it so that the frequency is 30 minutes (It cannot be too infrequent as this might further discourage the potential customers from riding). And yes, all the Wintanian settlements this line serves are much bigger than their Rhododactylian neighbours.

Mapping the surrounding area

The surrounding area will not likely be mapped any further although there is great incentive to do so, in order to match the Wintanian side of settlements.

Wrong side of the border

This bus line heavily assumes that Rhododactylia has friendly political relations with Wintania. There is not much about Rhododactylian politics (there is not any at all) and seeing that there is even less content overall for the nation Wintania, I might as well make my assumptions facts!

Served well by this route

The Wintanian rail network does not serve Eastport of Black Mud Heights, so the citizens of those cities would probably appreciate some kind of connection to the coastal/resort city of Ocean Park which is a bigger city in comparison and has much more amenities. Not to mention the fact that the train infrastructure in Wintania is really inefficient (just like Rhododactylia’s) and that Ocean Park station is only on a fork like off of the main line, whereas a village like Dardis Heights is on the mainline ( XD ). I thought over this point thoroughly and I hoped I justified my point. Moreover, this is a bus line, not a train line which serves higher passenger demand and ridership, so I think this bus line is acceptable as a regional bus line.

Work better on the Wintanian side of the border

Hmm, I might not be so sure about this.

Firstly, Wintania not only lacks in rail infrastructure but also in road infrastructure. This means that any transport will have trouble getting to anywhere outside of the city.

Secondly, Wintania lacks a rural population and smaller settlements. Not only does it mean a highly disproportionate rural-to-urban population, but it also means ridership may even be lower than in Rhododactylia since the high population settlement can support train lines and point-to-point aeroplane lines. Regional bus lines have a place in the industry because they are economically cheaper to supply, unlike the train or the aeroplane where it financially unfeasible to serve rural settlement. This means it is highly likely that Wintania will not have a regional bus network (of which it does not have!).

Therefore contrary to your opinion, it might actually work better on the Rhododactylian side of the border and at the same time solve some of Wintanians’ civil unrest related to transport services! This bus line could be as beneficial to Rhododactylia as it is to Wintania.

Running from Manchester to Black Mud Heights via Ocean Park

As I mentioned earlier, a train network would probably be more reasonable or even a connecting flight line!

You probably do not have control over Wintania

Indeed, I have no control over Wintania (or any other private country). I only kind of have control over Piguin and Dardis Heights in Rhododactylia. (I have no intention of owning my own country because I am satisfied enough with mapping in a shared country. ) I would not be able to edit Wintania, and I do not want to do so anyway (I am a Rhododactylian citizen! :D).

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 February 2018 at 05:21

I do not know how to make relations, and I do not know if it is what you do to make bus lines at all. Maybe if someone could do that for me and Rhododactylia, I (and on the behalf of the Rhododactylia people) would greatly appreciate it. ;)

Comment from Alsatian on 21 February 2018 at 11:59

@The_Cute_Chick You can’t make bus lines, as far as I’m aware. You just create numerous bus stops along the route, and it makes sense. The Rhododactylians may find it better to have more routes via. metro or train, as it is quicker and usually more efficient, as well as not getting in the way of normal traffic going and coming from Wintania.

Comment from eklas on 21 February 2018 at 15:34

Yes you can make bus lines using relations - they just aren’t rendered on any of the OGF layers. Some information can be found here. If you use JOSM, it requires very little effort, you just fill in the parameters like number, from/to, assign the roads the line uses and you’re done.

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 February 2018 at 20:41

@eklas, it is good to know that you can make bus lines using relations. However, I do not use JOSM, but I think I have figured out how to do it in the in-browser editor (which I use to map).



Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 February 2018 at 21:17

@Alastian, if you have not seen my diagram of Rhododactylia’s rail network (which is in another diary called “I made a train map” by @dwtr), then I will tell you now that trains are just as inefficient as buses are efficient in Rhododactylia. The rail network looks like multiple spurs and fork extensions that extend off of a mainline (which I called the Rhododactylia Line) with only 6 stops on the mainline. The rail network does not serve the top third of the country and I do not want to take on the responsibility of fixing the rail network, so instead, I am creating the Rhododactylian Regional Bus Network to provide an alternative for people to travel across the country (and serve the north).

In terms of traffic, that may be the biggest obstacle for this line as there will possibly be lots, considering the poor transport infrastructure for both countries. But if there is a high amount of traffic, these public buses may help lower the number of traffic. Besides, the high number of traffic means there could be high ridership for the line

Comment from superleaf1995 on 21 February 2018 at 22:11

@The_Cute_Chick The thing i mean with “…” is seeing bad and good things at the same place (Your city) in my perspective.

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 February 2018 at 22:54

@Jesus Antonio, would you like to point the good and bad things out? So maybe I could consider improving them?

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 February 2018 at 22:55

@Jesus Antonio,

I did say I wanted constructive criticisms and suggestions. “…” does not count as either of those.

Comment from Portopolis on 22 February 2018 at 02:35

The_Cute_Chick, your mapping is impressive but for the in depth mapping you want to do I would suggest a slow transition to JOSM. I am still transitioning to JOSM, but when you look at mapping in both in-browser and JOSM all the add-ons JOSM has makes in-browser mapping fall short of JOSM generally.

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 22 February 2018 at 06:28

@Portopolis, I would love to give an attempt or slowly transition to JOSM, but unfortunately, I am quite bad at the technical stuff involving downloading java, updating my browser, my iOS and what not. Unless someone gives me a thorough step-to-step guide (to a dummy like me), I probably will continue to use the in-browser editor to map in OGF. :(

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 22 February 2018 at 06:31

@Portopolis, my mapping is impressive? I have barely done any mapping! My only contributions being Dardis Heights, PAEL, the Rhododactylian Rail Network (which is not mapping in OGF), and the current Rhododactylian Regional Bus Networks Project.

Comment from Alsatian on 22 February 2018 at 13:02

@The_Cute_Chick (from the comment above about how your mapping is impressive) It is impressive. Of course it is - look at that Monmouth place in New Commonia (and the terrible areas to the west, north and east of it, not the south that’s not mine) and you’ll see how bad I am at mapping.

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 23 February 2018 at 09:30


There are some things that you can do to improve the state of Monmouth. Do you want me to come over to improve the situation?

Train stations

When the area of Monmouth rendered, the first thing I saw was the blue dots representing the train stations. The improvement here would be to remove some of them. This is because there are too many of them in the area. This part in particular is a good example. Within 350 metres, there are 6 train stations. If you imagine that in the real world, the platforms could be long enough that meant that some of them would connect to their next stations. Which means you could walk to the next stop instead of taking the train. There is no reason for any person to take the train (unless for some reason they cannot walk 50 metres to the next stop). So just remove some of the stations in Monmouth where they are too close to each other, making one or both redundant.

[This line] that goes through Monmouth, has good train station spacing. Use this as an example.

Here is another mess you could fix.

Train lines

Unless the trains of New Commonia are the length of a bus, the train cannot do this curve. So to improve the train lines, redraw them so that you use the shortest amount of track to get to the next stop, without the train doing impossible curves. These tracks are already much better.

The curve in the train line is not needed. Make a straight tunnel going under the intersection.

Monmouth Spur

This whole length of the road is redundant. Delete the whole road and Monmouth would instantly improve. This is probably the easiest fix.

You can also delete the roundabout and it’s roads connecting to Monmouth Spur.

Bus Stations

These 3 bus stations are too close together. Delete any 2 of them.

Highway Intersections

This is unnecessarily complicated.

For this intersection, use normal crossroads and there will be a lot of free space to develop.

These are just the easiest ways to improve Monmouth.

Comment from The_Cute_Chick on 21 April 2018 at 14:06


I can confirm that Rhododactylia has good and friendly relations with Wintania, or at least its mapper/owner/leader of the country, @hobsini.


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