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How to Query Roads Within a Relation? 9 months ago


Ah. I happened to search for something that actually didn’t exist and thought my query was incorrect. Oops. 🙃

How to Query Roads Within a Relation? 9 months ago


Oooh I see. But does it work for finding a key with a given value? For example, all primary highways in Ohunkagan. Again I couldn’t figure the query for it. :
How to Query Roads Within a Relation? 9 months ago

I was trying to find a way that you could make a given relation the bounding area of a search by just using the relation’s ID but I couldn’t figure it out. But what works to make a given relation be the bounding area is by defining a key-value tag of the relation, as seen in the above example.

Mapping Sirassa about 1 year ago


Whilst the street naming method isn’t against the rules, it’s not very creative, which goes against what OGF is about. So the naming practice is discouraged and not preferred.

For places and people that no longer exist on the map, that will inevitably happen as they come and go, and it’s not necessary to change those that have ‘disappeared’. In my opinion it’s cool to leave these names behind too, as an ‘easter egg’ or reference to how the map has changed over time. :)

As you may have noticed, the chronological method of mapping is adopted by a few other mappers, for the reasons you have stated. It’s a good method! 👍

And welcome back to OGF! Sirassa is developing beautifully. :D


Feedback over 1 year ago


Please stop using real-world companies and avoid using real-world well-known names. It is against the Be Original rules as stated on the Site Policies page.

Otherwise, the mapping is nice and very detailed. :D


Error over 1 year ago


You need to switch layers on the dropdown menu to OGF’s map layer (which you need to set up in JOSM preferences if you haven’t done so yet).

Dropdown menu

All the instructions are given on Luciano’s user page:

Several Questions over 2 years ago

How do I join a collaborative country?

^ The link @zhenkang is referring to: Wiki page on list of collaborative projects/territories

Can I create a collaborative country?

It is probably best to join an existing one.

Is there any city state in OGF?

Natural mapping challenge almost 3 years ago
Hall of Shame - from Springfield (Simpsons) to a town themed around an omnipresent King Jeffrey almost 3 years ago


You could also fix some of these if it does annoy you since you say they are in blue territories. These places of mapping or users mapping them do not benefit from being shamed.

A history of the imagination about 3 years ago

Ahh … I see heheh. I wasn’t offended and it doesn’t need changing. Plus to be fair, that isn’t an inaccurate description of me during my Commonia days. 😬🙃

A history of the imagination about 3 years ago

Hmph. I’m surprised to see that my username is mentioned in your diary. 😅👀

Ketonha Island Republic about 4 years ago


You cannot make your own territory within a blue territory. Instead, you should request to admin for a territory made by the admins and move your island and its mapping there.



Is My City Too Big? about 4 years ago


You should not be using mapping in Commonia to justify your mapping. More than half of the links you provided link people there. Commonia is a territory where new users are allowed to map and not all new users know or follow the rules. This would explain why some well-known real-world names you see in the blue territory.

Take inspiration from countries that are owned instead (such as the ones provided by user Infrarrojo in his comment).


Happy mapping!


Help please! about 4 years ago


You mean the mini-map to the top left of the editing screen?

You can activate that iD browser feature by pressing the forward slash button on your keyboard (/).

Other iD browser features are mentioned in this user diary:


Hope this helps,


OGF Vatican and or Israel about 4 years ago

@zhenkang & James69UK,

Peritan City.



Welcome to 𐤋‏‏𐤉‏𐤓‏‏‏‏‏‏𐤉‏𐤀‏! about 4 years ago


You should have a OGF wiki account since you own a territory. Are you following the instructions If not, contact admin why you were not given one when you were allowed to map Liria.

The instructions for using your wiki account should be given when you receive your territory (though I do not have personal experience of this since I acquired mine independently from my territory). Are you following those instructions correctly? Or have you not received any?


Hope this helps,


YouTube Channel for OpenGeofiction? over 4 years ago


Read this.


Hope this helps,


Mapper's Challenge #26 — December 2018 — It's all fun and games… over 4 years ago


Your sports facilities are excellently mapped but I noticed a numbering error in one of your tennis courts.



Commonia's land area relation over 4 years ago




official OGF Instagram Account over 4 years ago


Assuming there are about 500 active mappers on OGF, and about 16550 users, the percentage of active mappers out of all OGF users is actually 3%.