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Hello! I'm the owner of Allendea.

Real Life

I was born in Argentina, but now I live in Germany.

My Countries

My only country is Allendea. It' a middle-sized Castellanese-speaking country. It's largest cities are:

  1. Villa Fojenica (Capital)

  2. Villa Agosto

  3. Nueva Catham

  4. Azul

  5. La Tuña

  6. Callín

  7. Mar del Tuña

  8. Neurey

  9. San Miguel del Cobre

International Organizations

I like hearing from organisations. From the supranational Assembly of Nations to small-scale rail gauge standards, I would love to hear from you. Just send me a message!


Currently, there are no airports in Allendea.

Shipping Lines

There are currently no shipping lines either.

Overland Connections


Motorways / Autopistas

These Autopistas are planned:

  • RN2 (Tolled Part): Altún to San Miguel del Cobre

  • RNA001: Villa Fojenica City Loop

  • RNA002: La Malancaibo to Mstro. Pestaroni International Airport

International Connections

If you want any international connection, just make the road until the border. I will take notice and complete it into my country.

Trunk Roads / Rutas Nacionales

There will be a large-scale national highway system soon, covering the entire country in trunk source.