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Why is the route finding algorithm not working all the time? 3 months ago

I tried for two weeks now. Doesn't help.

Does anyone know who is in charge of it? So we can file a bug report? Or should I contact admin? Do they read here?

Why is the route finding algorithm not working all the time? 3 months ago

I tried Firefox and IE.

IE doesn't even try to send the request out, I get "no route found" instantly.

Firefox does at least try to connect but maybe fails to interpret the answer. Also "no route found"

OSM's route-finders all work in Firefox.

Should I change the browser?

Why is the route finding algorithm not working all the time? 3 months ago

Does it work for you then? It did not work AT ALL for me since I opened this thread.

Is it actually supposed to work or is it an alpha-test-just-for-fun-feature?

Could everybody reading this please state whether it works or not?

Why is the route finding algorithm not working all the time? 3 months ago

I mean the one where you right-click and choose "Directions from/to here". You get a green and a red thingy and if it works, it shows a route.

I have no problem with it when it takes a week to update. It's a bit annoying for tracking down mapping mistakes, but I can deal with that.

The trouble is, that whenever I try, there is a 2/3 chance, that it does not show a single route. Whereever I click, it says no route found. Didn't work in the afternoon today. After midnight BST mysteriously started routing again.

Apart from that, do we (or OSM) have some guidelines for good route related mapping?

For instance my roundabouts route fine, but don't show "Leave at 2nd exit" because they lack the junction=roundabout tag. Also for other junctions the route finder wants to go into the intersection, ignoring the turn lanes I made. I have tried with a no-turn-relation, but I must wait another week to check.

Country Name Suggestions 5 months ago

As a native German speaker, I must honestly say:


Tell me just one German place name that ends in -ia. I tried to find one on the map, but maybe someone else has more time and finds one. That might work in many European languages but not in German. -ien or -en would be a better choice.

The only valid suggestion is Waldland, but that's so generic. Just like Woodland, Beachtown or Mountainvillage.

And Schönien must be twinned with Beautifulsbury.

So far, I am also not convinced by the German names on the map, many of them just feel weird.

Hyperloop vs Verisimilitude 6 months ago

I think we are as close to a hyperloop as to a moon base.

The idea has been around for decades and I see no major breakthrough in any technology necessary. I don't see it being built for another decade. And even when it would be doable, it would take another decade to be actually built. Those tubes are uglier than a pair of tracks and in no way more economical that conventional railway.

For verisimilitude, I would vote for "It's against". Your major problem: You don't know how a vacuum tube system would look. How do the stations, junctions, yards look?

If you want something fancy, why not try a maglev? Or if you want pods, try the Ultra Pods from Heathrow.

Road Numbers: What should I do? 8 months ago

There are so many ways to make a coherent numbering system. I could talk hours if someone wants to listen. I made a very cunning plan for my country itself. But anyway, what I miss, is a mechanism not to assign a number twice. You tend to forget the numbers already assigned.

Inner Borders 8 months ago

Are you using JOSM?

Inner Borders 8 months ago

I understand, that learning these things is tricky. But do you expect us to explain it to you now in full detail? I mean, I could copy the tutorial here. Wouldn't help no one.

Maybe you could tell us where you got stuck?

Did you manage step 1: "plan the overall layout of your country first"?

Did you draw them as lines?

Having trouble putting them into relations?

Changes not showing on map 8 months ago

Indeed. Nothing has been changed today. Rendering has maybe temporarily been switched off. The overlays in the multimap don't update either.

Infoboxes 8 months ago

You actually defined an infobox with the definition being: Use this infobox.

That's like travelling to the past and tell an inventor about his invention before he invented it.

Pathfinding/Directions Issues 8 months ago

Has it been discontinued then?

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 9 months ago

At least, we could split by topic there:

Some Suggestions:

  • Ideas for collaboration? How can you encourage users to work in a team? What would encourage you to join a team?

  • Ideas for projects? AR120? Existing countries? Ingerish Commonwealth?

  • What you would like to see in the Western Hemisphere? Themed? Colonial? Restricted to experienced Users? Moderated? What would you do better than in the Eastern Hemisphere?

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 9 months ago

I think the wiki is one issue, too.

I started a thread in the forum:

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 9 months ago

Somehow, I feel more discouraged now than before.

I feel, nothing's going to happen. While all different topics mix in here, no one has opened a thread on the forum about all those different topics. May I open some or should I leave it as it is? It the forum open anyway?

I am basically waiting with my mapping until I get a space where I can map properly. I found a space in the Western Hemisphere, but I don't know if they are opened up before I completely lose insterest in this project. And if it may happen in time, there is a non-zero chance that my plan won't qualify for global inconsistencies or the continents are not open for non-collaborative countries. In that case, all work ready for the bin.

Some days, I am so frustrated about this and that and everything, that I actually think of properly deleting it, so I am never again tempted to waste my time on it.

Those are just thoughts about my personal issues. And if they are an isolated problem then it's completely justified that they can be ignored, as I am not the center of the universe. But if my problem is a sub-problem of the global problem, then something must happen, and may it only be communication for now, so we see where we are, at least.

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 9 months ago

I am actually trying to do "bits of disjointed mapping". And it I must say, it's bloody unsatisfactory.

And I don't know a solution. I would like to think about it, but I don't know if my input would be valued.

For instance, all the gray territories. They are reserved for future use, but I is at least not widely known for what precise reason. Mostly the western continents. Are they held back to make a plan to make something better? Not to repeat mistakes from the eastern continents? Are they going to be themed? Will they have regional restrictions for language, culture, colonial history, etc?

If they are colonial, and Ingerland the biggest colonial power, then Ingerland must first somehow become a "common" territory, or there must be a new great colonial power. Anyway looking at the prepared borders, they don't look like they could be colonial anyway.

Will they be restricted to experienced mappers? Will certain regions be reserved for experienced mappers? Then it would be concentrated along a narrow stretch of latitude. So some of the good mappers might want to miss out, because they don't want their country moved there, because it's too far or too close to the equator.

What about AR120? Just imagine, it would become a US-like federal state. Further imagining I got a slice of it. It would be much larger than my current territory, and that is already big enough. Would everyone (or anyone "accepted") allowed to edit anywhere?

Is it even worth thinking about it? We don't know, what the options are. If anyone could come out with an idea, and then we could use the forum to discuss the options, that would be nice.

Do admins have plans already? Then they could present them in the forum. If they don't, they could use the forum to ask for suggestions.

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago

Yes, all of us trying to map European non-grid style need to figure out how it's done.

My biggest city doesn't look too bad, but still something feels wrong about it. A place where I edited recently looks a bit more realistic.

But anyway, what makes roads look realistic or unrealistic.

  • + curves: Not perfect circle segments in your Vagheen suburb. I mean simple natural curves.
  • - junctions with sharp angles. Especially those where both roads are through roads. The road through Kritzener Garden has a nasty junction at the northern end of the park. Roads approaching a main road in a sharp angle should curve and meet the main road in a nearly right angle.
  • - uneven spacing between roads. That's not a good-bad thing, but unless there is a good cause, roads should be evenly spaced. About two houses with gardenes should fit between two parallel roads in the suburbs.
  • - unbalanced natural curving vs. geometrical figures. Look at your tram lines, ignore everything else. They somehow look "wrong". It's not too bad, it just doesn't trigger the "realistic"-neuron.

Anyway. I definitely don't say everything is bad. And I also don't say I did better. I am just trying to identify some of the keys to realistic mapping. None of them are absolute do-s or don't-s. But maybe we can gather some of them and update the tutorial about realistic cities

Public competition 9 months ago

I did a second attempt. I kept the number of tunnels, which remained at two. The NE-SW and N-S relations don't conflict now. Most of the green space is free. I got rid of all traffic lights, by replacing them with two smaller roundabouts. Also, I included the SW-S-SE relations through the roundabouts. And - for your monumental dreams - the northern center pedestrian boulevard does not cross road traffic. Nevertheless, it might scare the shit out of the drivers.

Unfortunately I did not manage to include a section of left hand traffic. Anyway, we haven't used our full potential yet. Maybe some tram lines or bus lanes could be included.

Public competition 9 months ago

I'll try later tonight. Should there be two parallel two lane roads north?

Public competition 9 months ago

I don't know where the monument is exactly and how much space around it is available.

If you could draw some buildings or other areas to show where space is not available, I can redraw it.