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Hello/Salut/Hallo !

My name is Zekiel.

Let's talk about the current plan. At the moment, you can see that my home location is set as Sévaille, Beaumontan. That is the capital of my country. It is set to be a metropolis of 10 million people, and I'd like to eventually make every street (maybe even building) in the city one day. (maybe I should stop writing and get to work then...) It'll be a hard task, so I'll divide it up.

List of Tasks: (Bold indicates "finished") 1. Outline and plan the area with a master plan 2. Begin creating the shell (i.e. motorways, as natural features took place in the last point) of the city 3. Work on the core 4. Work on the areas around the city, and add important facilities, such as ports and airports. 5. Inner streets, working within the shell, and with the topography and geology and history. 6. Buildings, if I ever get to them. Start at important facilities, then go outward.


It's a highly ambitious plan, but I reckon that I would be able to do so in around 2-3 years.