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Posted by Trombonist2003 on 7 September 2017 in English (English)

Hi. Is anyone mapping their nation's in the Filipino language (Tagalog)? If so, I would like to know what the equivalent in OGF is. Also we should have a map of the tectonic plates so we can see where mountains would be.

Thanks, Trombonist2003

Location: Haasscon, Béliĉe

Comment from Cauldron on 7 September 2017 at 11:12

Because it's a collaborative site, there's not a real consensus on plate tectonics, but there is a page where it's being discussed [url=]here[/url], and a map with known mountain ranges on it [url=]here[/url]. People can add to the mountain range map when they add or edit mountains in their countries, but I don't think absolutely everyone has done so. I'd recommend just picking one of the most recent tectonic maps at the bottom of that discussion page and basing your territory's geography on that.

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Comment from Trombonist2003 on 7 September 2017 at 11:27

It's ok. I figured it out.

Thanks, trombonist2003

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Comment from Luciano on 7 September 2017 at 11:33

Tagalog hasn't been implemented by any OGF user yet that I know. Bear in mind it is Austronesian, related to Malay, Indonesian, and Polynesian languages, but with a lot of Spanish and English vocabulary for historical/colonial reasons. If you use it, it might be nice to try to incorporate that aspect, but in the current OGF setting that might be hard. As far as name, perhaps you could imitate Malay and Indonesian, both of which use their own word for "language" to refer to their languages: "bahasa". Hence OGF's Tagalog could be called just "Wikang".

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Comment from zhenkang on 7 September 2017 at 13:08

It is quite difficult to say how 'Tagalog' is spoken in your country as your country is not really near to any country speaking Melayish (Malay) or other languages under the Asperic Language group. Your country is far from the Asperic Ocean, so it is slightly impossible.

Maybe ask someone near the Asperic Ocean and to your country to adopt the language, like I will in the future, as my country is quite far from Khaiwoon yet I have adopted Melayish (Malay equivalent of OGF) in my country.

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Comment from Trombonist2003 on 7 September 2017 at 20:35

I might just write a history of the people being exiled from somewhere (similar to the acadians being moved to almost Mexico) that speaks Melayash, and the language just evolves from there.

Thanks, Trombonist2003

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