2 Years

Posted by Trombonist2003 on 24 June 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone.

I seem to have reached 2 years on OGF, so it's time to reflect on my progress as a mapper (just as I have done last year).

What's happened: - Moving territories (not too far though) - More extensive planning

In general, I feel that I have improved significantly over the past year, though not yet to the level that I would like. Certainly, the only thing I can do now is to practice, and to continue mapping and improving until I reach that level.

One of the most important and positive changes in my mapping this past year is the major increase in my use of external plans. That is, I have been planning my maps better through off-site resources (i.e. paper maps). It's much easier for me to edit and make any changes to a paper map (in my personal opinion), and it seems to look nice as is (so it's something that I can keep as well). I think that using paper maps and external planning has been the biggest and one of the best improvements to my mapping so far this year.

I've made some great friends over the last year, and I have learned quite a bit from them. It's great because I can ask them questions and get some more in-depth advice and criticism from them (as they would know the backstory and context of what I am showing them and can ask more questions that come to mind on a quicker basis). In turn, I can do the same for them, and all of us can improve as mappers together.

To sum it up, I have made amazing improvements this year, and I'd like to attribute it to my friends (you know who you are), the use of external planning (which I should have began doing long ago), and the use of JOSM.

I'm really determined to improve my mapping and I'm quite thankful for OGF and the people in it.

It's time for round 3!


Comment from yoyo21 on 24 June 2019 at 20:57


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Comment from Inventor on 24 June 2019 at 21:11

Happy OGF anniversary! And I agree with you that paper and a pen really are the best way to plan.

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Comment from Rhiney boi on 24 June 2019 at 22:03

Over the hill, or just starting the hike? That is the ultimate question.

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