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Help with county boundaries 5 days ago

OKay, the reason why is that all the administrative boundaries surrounding the county need to have the relation. I found at least one that did not meet this requirement.


This question has been bothering me for quite a while... 6 days ago

Bélice has seen many times of tension in the near past and only now has begun to enact progressive social policies, including the Women's Suffrage in 1980 (To be fair, the nation was without elections until 1975).

Now, things are mostly starting to become equal, and tolerance of all races (even though the population is almost 80% homogeneous), religions, and gender is taught from an early age.

Back in the Autocratic days though, was a different story. The government made everyone equal, just equally poor and equally suffering. The Women's Suffrage movement did not exist since voting was unheard of and protests were illegal.

Messy Coastal Cities in Tarrion 6 days ago

On a new note, there is no clear sign of any kind of organisation...... just look [](here).

Or maybe [](here). There is a Sears, Walmart, McDoncalds, and even a PetSmart.

I think it looks like we need to bring the note across of "Please don't make real-world places here" more easily to new users.

Messy Coastal Cities in Tarrion 6 days ago

How did Gobrassanya become such a nice nation and Commonia into an absolute wasteland if they're both blue territories? How can we implement that level of organisation into Commonia just as was done in Gobrassanya?

And maybe the more experienced mappers can make their own cities/towns in Commonia as examples to new users?

Thanks, Zekiel

Embassies in Illiria 7 days ago

Other than that, I am completely fine with you putting a Bélicienne Embassy in your capital. I will not be able to do the same as my capital is currently not finished (or existent at all for that matter). Just message me if you make one so I can add it to my list.

I do suggest that you take a look at this list:

Thanks, Zekiel

Help with county boundaries 8 days ago

On the administrative boundary line, try setting the relation as outer. On my lines, I don't add place=county, and just leave it as admin_level=6.

Hope this helps!

The Eye 8 days ago

I do find it interesting that you tagged boats as buildings...

But that's besides the point. It's amazing what you have created. I am literally speechless past that. Just... wow, that's good.

Keep on mapping like this!

Thanks, Zekiel

Discord 8 days ago

That's why we have the inbox messaging system within the website. Yes, a discord for OGF would be useful, but I would honestly suggest that it be within a few countries rather than the whole. I do agree with different arguments of both sides and I really do hope that an agreement or compromise can be reached. I have already shared my proposal, so that's that I guess.

People are unhappy with my flag; therefore I have made some other proposals 8 days ago

I still haven't found a purpose for it yet, so it's still available.

People are unhappy with my flag; therefore I have made some other proposals 9 days ago

Actually @NKgov, I do have a random design sitting around that has all those aspects, shown here:


Red in this case stands for glory and fight, and noting all of the military bases and weapons factories around the country, glory and fight may actually be a key attribute in the nation and can be represented by the amount of red in the flag.

Stereotypes of Your Country 9 days ago

Bélice: Béliciens are yetis with electric vehicles. Our country actually banned gasoline vehicles (A weird thing to do) and there is always a mountain within 10 kilometers of you, no matter where you are in the nation, except Ascan. Béliciens love to go to the beaches or take hikes on the mountains after school/work.

The bad side is that Béliciens on the mainland tend to be meaner to the Islanders (Isle of Dèrian) and vice versa. That is simply because of historic things.

Second Call for Embassies 11 days ago

Also I just noticed that Saint Pascal is Franquese. That may be a major factor in a story as my official language is Franquese.

Thanks, Zekiel

Opinions 11 days ago

I would say that what you have is okay, but you may want to add some defining natural features first like mountains and forests. I honestly then do smaller rivers as I think about my roads and settlements after that. As for St. Pascal, the forest can be a bit more detailed and possibly have more features inside like a meadow, cliff, or hill peak.

I would also suggest editing your coastline majorly. Currently it is a bunch of sharp angles and you have incorporated your roads into it. Like before, try to make your defining natural features first. I didn't do this well in the past and it was a nightmare to try and fix it after the city was finished.

And I just saw this, but your corner stop is actually bigger than both of the embassies at embassy park nearby. Maybe this was intentional and corner stop is actually like a warehouse. Just make sure to check your scale. Trust me, all does not go well when you don't, take it from someone who has experience with it.

Good luck and happy mapping. This is my constructive feedback. You can mail me any questions or concerns.

Thanks, Zekiel

Second Call for Embassies 11 days ago

Actually, I would. It would be interesting to try and see what kind of story would have created ties between our nations.

As well, I could add a few consulates (as I have not made my capital yet) of Skalenia (I presume) to Bélice in a few of my cities as well.

Thanks, Zekiel

There's a first for everything 24 days ago

It's only a line, so I can't really comment on that, but welcome to OGF!

Here are some useful links to get you started:

Thanks, Zekiel

JOSM problem about 2 months ago

Have you tried opening josm through alternative ways? Usually, I just open the program directly and download the map from there.

I have not updated my josm yet though, so that may be why.

Thanks, Zekiel

What do you think of Norchester? about 2 months ago

@magnesium, I was talking about the other side, on the west, for the rail line.

  • Also, it's great how you're making neighborhoods within the cities. It really adds more detail to the city.

  • Then, I noticed that you had 'Paraguay Street' as part of the roads. I don't think this is allowed (please correct me if I'm wrong).

  • And I don't know if you meant to do this, but there a number of roads and intersections on the water. Maybe that was an error, but there shouldn't be intersections over water.

Thanks, Zekiel

What do you think of Norchester? about 2 months ago

Maybe connect that rail line to the bigger rail system nearby? It kind of just stops at the highway. If you don't want to connect it, maybe make a train parking, so that the trains don't abruptly end.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 3 months ago


(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 3 months ago

Aha! I would say that it is at least better than spewing out tons of poison into the air unregulated and having to pay for the environmental damage.

As well, back the the reactor in question: BEDU (analog of CANDU)

It is one of the cheapest reactors compared to the rest, and can use a wide range of fuels, making the process even cheaper.

I may add a few more buildings as well as an enrichment centre that will meet nuclear non-proliferation levels. ;)