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JOSM problem 19 days ago

Have you tried opening josm through alternative ways? Usually, I just open the program directly and download the map from there.

I have not updated my josm yet though, so that may be why.

Thanks, Zekiel

What do you think of Norchester? 19 days ago

@magnesium, I was talking about the other side, on the west, for the rail line.

  • Also, it's great how you're making neighborhoods within the cities. It really adds more detail to the city.

  • Then, I noticed that you had 'Paraguay Street' as part of the roads. I don't think this is allowed (please correct me if I'm wrong).

  • And I don't know if you meant to do this, but there a number of roads and intersections on the water. Maybe that was an error, but there shouldn't be intersections over water.

Thanks, Zekiel

What do you think of Norchester? 20 days ago

Maybe connect that rail line to the bigger rail system nearby? It kind of just stops at the highway. If you don't want to connect it, maybe make a train parking, so that the trains don't abruptly end.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 2 months ago


(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 2 months ago

Aha! I would say that it is at least better than spewing out tons of poison into the air unregulated and having to pay for the environmental damage.

As well, back the the reactor in question: BEDU (analog of CANDU)

It is one of the cheapest reactors compared to the rest, and can use a wide range of fuels, making the process even cheaper.

I may add a few more buildings as well as an enrichment centre that will meet nuclear non-proliferation levels. ;)

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 2 months ago

It won't explode because of the design of the reactor, but it would be very interesting to have a giant radioactive cloud hovering over tarephia.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 2 months ago

You know what? That's really fine if you are a skeptic of the technology. I received flyers against this technology, and yet the Ontario government is extending the life of a nuclear reactor. As for the weapons, it requires enrichment of uranium way past the reactor grade, which if suspected, I am sure the AN will respond. The real-life counterpart attempts to monitor the enrichment of uranium worldwide, so I'm sure the AN can have one too.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 2 months ago

And @mstr, I did forget to tag the power station as nuclear, so thanks.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 2 months ago

I forgot!

Constructing the facility is indeed expensive, but so is building the number of dams required to fill in the same energy quota.

I have 2 solutions as of now:

  • The plant was constructed by a private energy company that made a contract with the government

  • The government took on a massive debt building it, but the surplus energy sold slowly pays for itself.

Thanks, Zekiel

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 2 months ago

Ah, well you see, to answer to @mstr, I consider a plant big depending on the number of reactors.

To the final 3 comments by @zhenkang and @chazeltime, the specific type of reactor that the plant uses is derived from the CANDU (Canada Deuterium) reactors that are used throughout... Canada (and many other countries worldwide). The design of the reactor is so well that an explosion in itself is impossible, and there are many neutron-absorbing measures, named SDS (Shutdown System) 1 and 2. These quickly absorb all the neutrons, and stop the reaction from continuing. If, somehow, a meltdown were to occur, please acknowledge that a lake is right next to the facility where light water is in fact not going to fuel the reaction. If the SDSs were to fail, the lake would be the last hope.

But wait, there's more! Potassium Iodide (KI) tablets are, according to Bruce Power, a measure that they take to protect the Thyroid from that dangerous radiation you mentioned. It prevents the thyroid from developing thyroid cancers, among other things (the Thyroid is the most susceptible part of the body to radiation, according to the American thyroid Association). These are distributed to the population of Kincardine and the neighboring townships, just in case of that really, really small chance.

Furthermore, going into the real world, at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Bruce County, there are many population centres all within 10 miles, not to mention the number of farms as well. In fact, right next to the Station Grounds is a Provincial Park, and another one about 6 miles NW. Then there is the township of Kincardine, which does not have a million people, but still is very important. All within 10 miles.

Underground bunkers are actually only required for thermonuclear devices, which spread the radiation through an explosion that can get hotter than the sun. In reality, any material can serve as a shield against radiation, given enough of the material in between you and the source. Another factor is how much radiation is safe, in an emergency. That amounts to about 1 000 milliSieverts (the level where you start to get sick). It only requires a few decimeters of material to protect yourself to that safer level.

Cost: According to the Canadian Nuclear Association, CANDU reactors have very low fuel costs (relative to their light water counterparts) because the Uranium does not require enrichment and the reactors can remain on safely while refuelling.

Look at these: - - -

Note: I visited the Bruce nuclear Generating Station this past Summer, so I am knowledgeable on the topic to an extent.

First language in the world (OGF) 2 months ago

I would agree with the disgruntling blurry history idea, but maybe there might be a date set on the wiki for when the loss of history starts?

Random Names 3 months ago

I would agree with @Zhenkang on their last post. Names can originate from the culture of the nation. If they think they're the centre of the world, there's a pretty good chance they'll name themselves, "the centre of the world" (like China). The United kingdom is so named because that's just what it is: Two (sorry ireland) Kingdoms that were United. My last example is where I reside: Canada. It is derived (arguably) from the Iroquois word "Kanata," meaning village. So names can be heavily influenced or originated from the local culture.

Names can also originate from its geography. Japan, seeing no land farther east than itself called itself "the origin of the sun" because all they saw towards the origin of the sun was just ocean. Australia was so named because the closest latin form meant "southern land", which made perfect sense (until they found antarctica).

Almost forgot. Names can also be derived from the nation's ideology. A perfect example of this is the USSR (union of Soviet socialist republics). It has socialism in its name, which matches accordingly to its government: Socialist

Anyways... My country's Etymology (Similar to Canada)

Bélice [Pronounced be-lisø - IPA Français]

Derived from be native Belič word "Béličé Uktà" meaning "Rows of Mountains." There is great debate because this does not reflect the physical geography of the entire nation. Therefore, people in the flatter, eastern areas want to change it to the French-sounding "Géodivèr," a combination of Géographie (Geography) and Diverse (Diverse). It only currently remains Bélice because the central government is located right in the middle of the mountains. I'll add more after.

Stuck. 3 months ago

Yay! Thanks @Zhenkang!

Stuck. 3 months ago

My point is, just try it.

Stuck. 3 months ago

JOSM is pretty cool, I would say. I remember when I was still prominently, er only, mapping in iD Editor. I had the same feeling as you, not being able to make a lot of stuff quickly. JOSM is a pain in the butt at first, but after less than a week, you start to get the hang of it! From then, it just comes naturally.

PS: I don't know if anyone else does this (or would like to disapprove of it), but I like to make my long and large things like mountains or long roads in JOSM, then for the small detail, I use iD. I find it very convenient, and I think you should try it too.

Thanks, Zekiel

Creating custom UFT-8 characters for OGF languages that dosen't use any RW script. 3 months ago

I believe there are Alt-codes for that. Actually, taking a look at its wiki page, those characters are actually images! If you attempt to highlight them by dragging, it will move the image rather than highlight. Those other nations in Antarephia that have other characters in the OGF map are actually real characters (Armenian or African, I can't remember) that are somewhere in the character map.

Creating custom UFT-8 characters for OGF languages that dosen't use any RW script. 3 months ago

I'm sure there are some very interesting characters already encoded to people's computers, like ψ (Greek ) and ש (Hebrew). Just go to your character map, flip to a random language, and pick a character! It is a simpler way (In my opinion) of doing this. You don't need to send anyone a set of characters and you don't need to make them yourself! Win-Win.

Lowden 5 months ago

It's actually much better than my first tries (Which I have not fixed since), but you're making the same error I made: The building shapes and sizes. It would be a better idea to make the shapes of your buildings in smaller blocks at the very least instead of taking up the entire block.

Thanks, Zekiel

Commonia Tests? 5 months ago

I might just make contributions to the blue territories whilst still 'training' myself to make better cities and landforms. I should hope that people don't interfere with my work there, but I won't 'control' it.

Thanks, Zekiel

Commonia Tests? 5 months ago

Ok thanks!