Mapper since: March 25, 2016 | Contributor terms: Accepted about 5 years ago

My hobby for the past 30 years has been designing imaginary cities.

When I first started , I planned each project completely separate from the others. Over time, I had the idea of uniting the various cityscapes, but that would require a huge landscape to develop on, as some of the designs were site-specific. I was delighted to find out about OpenGeofiction, as this was an opportunity to not only unite many of my cities together in a cohesive context, but more importantly, to share my cityscapes with the public.

I’ve also been quite impressed by some of the imaginative works by other contributors. This is perhaps the most fun part of being involved with OpenGeofiction: knowing that there is a whole community of very talented people out there who are creating a whole new world, one much like our own.

I've been working on Unesia since joining OGF 4 years ago and just recently started an additional country, Almahrus.