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Very promising new WebGL globe 19 days ago

Judging by the lights, Unesia should be one of the most densely developed in OGF, which is a bit deceiving. In reality, it's under-developed compared to a lot of other places.

@Rustem Pasha - That’s a good point about the “landuse=residential” tag, which we both use a lot in our mapping. Also, I think road density is a big factor. That’s why some rural areas (like Lake Harmon on the northwest corner of Unesia) are so bright, because all the winding switchbacks on the mountain roads create a large patch of light as if it were a city.

Real life interrupts... 19 days ago

Hope you have a smoothe transition back to the States!

I’m also originally from the U.S., but have been living in Malaysia for the past 9 years. I think if I go back, there would be quite a culture shock, as life in Asia is quite different, in both good and bad ways.

Moving internationally without a job prospect can be difficult, but you have years of teaching experience on your side, and teachers are needed everywhere.

Good luck and hope you can resettle in easily. :)

Making an International Movie City, like Hollywood 2 months ago

I already had an idea like this called Hollyworth, but as you can see, not much mapped yet. Had some ideas for movie studios like Minimax, United Artisans, Panorama, MagiXtudios, and FantasyWorks.

Being that my country is right next door to AR-120, maybe Hollyworth could be the "Vancouver" of AR-120's film industry.

Digging up OGF's past 5 months ago

Thanks for posting this. This helps give some context to OGF's development.

Transect of Plowford 7 months ago

Looks beautiful! You're one of the more detail-oriented mappers in OGF. I like how you show every house and even the property lines.

One thing I didn't notice was the high-voltage electrical lines. Are you routing around the town or burying them underground?

Returned... 10 months ago

Thanks Luciano for sharing these beautiful pictures! Australia is one of the influences for my OGF country, Unesia, due to it's similar latitude (and longitude).

One thing I'm curious about is how far inland does the landscape become arid in eastern Australia? Unesia has some major inland cities, such as Draxton and Musawir and I'm hoping their climate wouldn't be like Alice Springs.

OSRM Routing service Update 10 months ago

I think you've got a point with maxspeeds. I didn't even think to add those tags. :)

OSRM Routing service Update 10 months ago

This sounds great! I’ve had a lot of fun using your routing program, but sometimes would be bewildered as to why minor roads were selected in the routes, when freeway alternatives were available. Thanks for your work on this feature, which adds an extra layer of realism to our OGF world.

Out of Bounds about 1 year ago

@Udi - You were right that the renderer was confused by conflicting tags: Two of the boundary segments were tagged "Boundary" without specifying "Administrative Boundary". You gave me the clue to find the solution. Thanks, Udi.

Out of Bounds about 1 year ago

@Udi - Your suggestion to delete the unnecessary tags made sense, so I tried it, but the line still didn't show.

Hydrology about 1 year ago

Thanks for the compliments! It's hard for me to objectively look at my own work, especially when there's so much other good mapping out there.

@Ūdilugbulgidħū - I think you're right. It started as a river and seems most logical I should change it back. The source for the river would most logically be in southern AR057, which is still unclaimed. Maybe I could coordinate with other territories and see if the river could be made into a border.

Another idea I just got was to dam the river downstream. Do you think that would be a good way to resolve the water volume problem?

@MrOobling - I didn't know narrowing the river would be unrealistic, too. That's good, as the overall shape of the river is something I'd like to preserve. Moving Musawir south toward the sea would have been an ideal solution to the water volume issue, but the shape of the city and the river's necessary direction of flow there would be even more awkward.

I'm hoping to release the wiki page soon. I've been working on it offline and it's 95% done, but have been delaying a bit :)

My city and I need some time apart about 1 year ago

I like Port Mallore. It’s clear you put a LOT of effort into it. I’m impressed with the detail you give to the industrial areas, as these are often overlooked. I like mappers who pay attention to rounding their curves and scaling properly, and your city is a nice example of that.

If there’s any critism I could give is maybe there should be some crossover tracks here leading into your central rail station from the northwest. This would allow trains from different rail lines to enter the station at different platforms.

There are also some highway junctions like here that need bridge overpasses to be tagged, though that’s an easy fix.

I do like how you blend European influences, like the Royal Hunting Grounds and the forts into an American-style grid city. It reminds a bit of Philly (I guess “New Philadelphia” is not a coincidence).

I think taking time out to work on large-scale work in the surrounding region is a great idea. It’s what I do all the time. I work on an area for a month or two, get bogged down, then move on to something else. My country, Unesia is large and diverse enough that I can’t really spend too much time focused on one area only.

Road system in Plowford about 1 year ago

I think the quality of your mapping is quite excellent with good attention to detail, particularly in your land use planning.

Regarding Plowford's streets, I think a few small adjustments will improve it's appearance: First, Duare Road should connect with the roundabout. Stoner Road should continue further. Pottery Way and the pedestrian street should have bridge tags over the River Elle.

Also, it's common for towns along rivers to have streets and/or railways parallel to the riverbank. That alone will make the town look much more harmonious with it's surroundings.

Other that that, the only problems I see are some one-way errors: at this roundabout, a segment of Decton Road, and also here.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Happy Mapping!

Having problems with JOSM over 1 year ago


According to the coordinates above, it does look like you tried to download a huge area.

JOSM automatically rejects download requests in zoom level 11 (#map=11) and below.

Try zooming in to map 12 or above, then copy and paste the coordinates into JOSM. It should download fine.

If not, it could be an issue with your internet reception.

Hope this is helpful.


Shortest Route Possible to connect 4 points over 1 year ago

Thanks for the tip. I think this would work best on a macro level, as in regional freeway or railway systems.

It reminds me of an idea I had several years ago of a city based on hexagonal grids. Within the "hexagonal kilometer" would be smaller triangular residential blocks. I scrapped the idea because it seemed too far out. After seeing this, though, I might just revisit it.

Latina (Ciudad) - Barrio # 2 over 1 year ago

Great Job! Ciudad Latina was one the of the first cities I explored in OGF and it’s still one of my favorites. You do a really good job of making the best of OGF/OSM’s limited tag selection and making a very colorful, creative, and accurate cityscape.

What I actually love the most about Latina is its train and subway lines. Just before I first saw your city, I was researching subway systems and I could see that you really understand transit design. I also like how you graphically incorporate the subway platforms into the map, instead of just having blue dots. I’m considering doing something similar for my cities in the future.

Pasalia Opening over 1 year ago


I think you’re choice to focus on doing detailed collaborative work is solid. Pasaliapolis Botanical Gardens shows that you have a knack for uncluttered details that give a locality a realistic sense of place.


Looking for help with runways/taxiways at Sean Bond Intl. Airport over 1 year ago

Your progress on improving Sean Bond airport looks pretty good with lots of attention to details. I especially like your terminals.

SFO (San Francisco International Airport) has a similar layout to Sean Bond, so it can be useful to refer to for runway and taxiway planning. I’ve found a couple of things which you could do to improve your runway/taxiway layout, based on the SFO design:

First, you can loop taxiways around the edges of the runways to prevent planes from crossing them after landing. For example, you can see at SFO how the taxiway Z routes around runways 10L/28R and 10R/28L. You could create space for this by shortening the runway length. From what I’m seeing, you runway 05L/23R (northeast-southwest) is well over 2 miles long, plus you have the additional space on the northeast end.

I would also recommend eliminating runway 09/27 (east-west), unless the prevailing winds are from the west. This is mainly because it’s too close to the Geolympiad site, and also it would free up a lot of space. Once you’ve done that, you can shorten runway 14/32 (northwest-southeast) to about 10,000 ft and run a loop taxiway around that. I would keep 1,000 ft between the loop and the runway end.

Second, you can include Rapid Exit Taxiways similar to taxiways Q and T at SFO. This allows planes to travel at over 50 knots while exiting the runway (though in most cases they’ll be slower, around 30 knots). This helps reduce congestion.

I hope this will be helpful to you and I look forward to seeing the results.


It's been 1 year already? over 1 year ago

Good work, Thunderbird! I especially like the attention to detail on your highways - smooth curves without chamfers. The interchange of Intercounty 6 and 21 is a unique configuration, yet it does remind me of older East Coast parkway interchanges.

Update almost 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this! The design is eye-catching - miniature circles within larger concentric circles. Is there any specific symbolism associated with this pattern?