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Coastlines and boundaries

Posted by Yiyi on 23 October 2015 in Italian (Italiano)

Hi all! As you can see, in Darcodia national borders along the coast, correspond to the coastline. I'd like to move them 20 km away from the coast, but I'm not able to do that (also because I can't use JOSM). Is there any volunteer eho could help me to make this move? I would be deeply grateful :-)

Route diagrams

Posted by Yiyi on 18 January 2015 in Italian (Italiano)

Hi all! Yesterday I was reading some articles in Italian Wikipedia and I saw this article. In the section "Caratteristiche" you can see a railway diagram. So, my question is: is it possible to import in OGF wiki a template like theese (en.wikipedia) or theese (it.wikipedia)? If yes, and if it isn't so difficult, I can copy them. Bye!


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