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Coastlines and boundaries over 5 years ago

No, you're right: it should be 22km. Thank you for the clarification.

Coastlines and boundaries over 5 years ago

Ok, it sounds good :-)

Coastlines and boundaries over 5 years ago

Hi Sarepava! Thanks a lot. Yes, we can fix our common borders and you are free to move them (i.e. the one near the lake of your city Lapise). And for enclaves no problem, feel free in this case too. For the rest, I'll edit my coastlines facing Karolia. Also, we have to find a name for our common stretch of sea and lake.

Happy to be your neighbor!

Karolia update over 5 years ago

Hi! Really a good job. But now there is a problem with boundaries in western Darcodia (see here). Is there someone who can resolve this problem? I think I could create great confusion.

Google docs for country data over 5 years ago

@deltanz, this tool could be useful to you:

Sibling Cities of the World about 6 years ago

@Histor, what about Bengonia as sibling city of Porto Colon? At the moment Bengonia's harbours are in expansion.

World Organization for Research in Physics about 6 years ago

What about this simple logo?

World Organization for Research in Physics about 6 years ago

Hi! I'm interested both to be founding member and to have an accelerator in Darcodia. For the logo, I can try to draw one.

Belphenian Airlines Air Destinations Project/World's Largest Airport/Longest runways about 6 years ago

Hi! You can add Nevitore Brenta International airport, which is the biggest one near Bengonia, capital of Darcodia. Here.

Route diagrams about 6 years ago

Now are available also dual and triple paths routes. See for example Bengonia.

Route diagrams about 6 years ago

@Portopolis: thank you :-)

@FBG: I tried to create Template:Percorso fer and it seems to work. For the moment you can create only routes with just a unique path (not dual or triple paths).

Route diagrams about 6 years ago

Ciao Bmsouza, thanks for your answer. I was referring to the diagram (I know, it seems so difficult). Anyway, I just created this template for public transport line. Can it serve you? If yes, let's try to use it and let me know if it works correctly. If yes, I can try to create a template like this.

PS: because of my English is not perfect, let me know if there are errors, words to replace or things to improve in the template. Thanks

Motorsport about 6 years ago

Hi! In Bengonia there is a track here I've added it in the OGFIA article on the wiki.

Air Destinations and Embassies over 6 years ago

Hi Paxtar! There is an international airport in Bengonia, here: It's called Aeroporto Internazionale di Bengonia Giacomo I (Bengonia Inernational Airport James I) Feel free to use it :-)