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Any possible way to see past versions of OGF? 1 day ago

It's quite obvious which part is the link. Here it is again.

Any possible way to see past versions of OGF? 2 days ago

[](Here is a map from 2016), although it's from a low zoom level and merely an image. One habit I've had for quite some time is to screenshot my work in progress as I go along. It gives a impression of how my mapping has developed. I can make some of these into a bliki and post them later if anybody's interested.

Redeveloping Ellmouth 14 days ago


Thanks, I'm using that now. It's good, but it's in the old OSM colours. Is there any way to change to the new OSM colour scheme?


Thanks, I did JOSM layering most of the time until I learned about Maperitive. The actual CBD of Elllmouth hasn't quite been mapped yet, the bits currently in detail only touch the CBD and is mostly the inner city and the inner suburbs. The CBD is to the west, currently a slightly altered, copy-pasted version of the old city centre for Ellmouth rotated 90 degrees. I haven't developed that bit yet and I'm probably not going to for a while, I'm currently expanding northwards and eastwards.

Redeveloping Ellmouth 16 days ago

Thanks Myrcia, I've been following Dunwic quite regularly and it's great to see how it develops every time I take a look.

Redeveloping Ellmouth 19 days ago

Also yes, the difference in detail really showcases how different users map. I have never been a fan of low-resolution mapping; I find it too confining when I try to add anything in between. I am always a fan of detail. I've been working with ID and Potlatch for most of my time here. ID couldn't do low zoom levels and Potlatch was not user friendly so I never got anything done beyond a certain zoom level.

Redeveloping Ellmouth 19 days ago

Thanks for the ideas. Ellmouth was founded by the Ingerish in the late 1700s on previously undeveloped land, and would have had some kind of fortress somewhere, although that would be further west. It'll become a tourist attraction, sure. I'm probably going to put in some kind of heritage museum to showcase some history and industry. There was a coastguard station in the design of old Ellmouth, but I deleted that. It will make a return, however.

I'd prefer there to not to be a bridge, it seems a bit unnecessary.

Real life interrupts... 20 days ago

Best of luck Luciano! All the best.

Holocaust about 1 month ago

I'd disagree; the holocaust is a reference to a very specific event and in a similar way, other crimes committed by Nazi Germany were confined to a specific time and under specific circumstances. I do not understand why we would want to repeat that exactly. We can take elements from their motivations however. The Nazis did not invent concepts such as anti-bolshevism, racial superiority and 'lebensraum'; they had been in existence for decades beforehand. Antisemitism dates back millennia.

There are an entire array of atrocities committed during World War 2, pretty much covering every horror known to man. Genocide by systematic starvation (Nazi occupied eastern Europe), the Ostarbeiters (slave labour from Eastern Europe, including children), Einsatzgruppe massacres (such as Babi Yar), German concentration and death camps, Soviet crimes against civilians, POWs, deserters and even their own troops. Soviet and Polish retribution against Germany during 1944 and 45. Forced conscription and the creation of the Volkssturm. Mass suicide in Germany in the closing months of the war. The postwar expulsion and resettlement of Germans and Poles. The Allied strategic bombing of German cities. The Bengal famine. Human experimentation (Nazi camps and the Japanese Unit 731). Biological and chemical warfare (Japan against China). Chinese use of child soldiers. The Nanjing Massacre. Japanese death ships. Japanese labour camps. The atomic bombing of Japan.

Many of the crimes listed above are not limited-similar atrocities have been omitted before and similar atrocities have been committed since. I think there should be a focus on 'why' tragedies happened as much as a focus on 'what' happened. This type of understanding is able to put a new perspective on some of the events above. Whether crimes were ideologically, militarily or politically inspired. Whether they were preventable, inevitable or 'the only way'. We should work on a 'why' and 'when' in the OGF world, instead of slapping down 'a Holocaust with a different name'.

Holocaust about 1 month ago

It'd be unwise to create a holocaust equivalent in OGF, both due to the sensitivity of the issue and the fact that it is simply uncreative. I think the most possible candidate for crimes against humanity, if unintentional, is Commonia during the Great War and its Civil War. A dictatorial state, ethnically and politically divided in a state of war. There will be losses on both sides.

I think it's not a wise idea at all to label nations and organisations simply as 'evil'. If you look deeper into history, lines become more blurred and reasoning becomes clearer. There are very few instances where people are evil because they just are. It's short sighted and shallow if you base entire countries on this concept.



Bear in mind that OSM is not all-seeing, and is largely an open-source free for all mapping website. We are looking at North Korea from an outsider's perspective, while we're looking at Pretany from an omniscient perspective. Therefore, to get a feel of what the area is like, it might be a better idea to use Google Maps/Earth, which not only provides a base map, but also a high-resolution satellite view. From that you can see that North Korea is very rural, mountainous and forested, especially in the north. It is unclear as to precisely how much of North Korea is actually forested, but estimates range from 50-70%.

I wish 2 months ago


Being the only person who has sighted the giant fidget spinner, I can say that it is either gone or I've completely forgotten where it is.

I happen to actually be the creator of the giant fidget spinner. I mapped it out as a boredom-induced easter egg when I decided to tidy up southern Commonia last year. It is currently invisible, tagged as line=yes and it is located somewhere in the Commonian rainforest. The odds are that you won't find it because I can no longer find it either. I chance that one day some bemused mapper may come across it and question its origins, but that's as far as the story will go.

An OpenGeofiction meme to get you through the day. 2 months ago

There's a large fidget spinner mapped somewhere in Commonia too. I can't remember where it is but it certainly exists.

Random Names 3 months ago


I know, I'm Chinese myself. I was writing from the perspective of a person in OGF who is trying to make up country names.


There are plenty examples of former colonies where exactly that kind of naming takes place. Newfoundland. South Africa. Ocean City. Long Island. Salt Lake City. Puerto Rico. Heck, even the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of places around the world with the format generic adjective+generic place, whether the naming was intentional or not. Suddenly 'Peaceland' doesn't seem so farfetched.

Random Names 4 months ago

I think some people go a bit overboard with the whole versamilitude concept. Pretend, for a second, the reality was reversed , with us lived in the OGF world. We are brainstorming country names for the 'real world'. Hungary-is that a pun on the word Hungry? China-why are you naming a country after a type of pottery? Turkey-why are you naming countries after birds??? Why on earth is there a country named Niger? How come there is an Austria and also an Australia? There are plenty of conflicts, and that's in the English language alone. Sarepava has made a very good point.

Conflicts with other countries or objects may be co-incidental (Hungary, Austria/Australia) or intentional (Turkey and China). In the OGF timeline, maybe cookies were invented in that cookie country that since had had its name changed.

My proposal is simple: name countries what you want, as long as you have a valid etymology. Of course, not everyone can do this otherwise it'll become 'suspicious'. Exercise imagination and creativeness, but also restraint and common sense. Be realistic but interesting.

For some reason I can't click on any ways. 4 months ago

I believe it's something to do with the internet connection. Normally I either wait for a while or use another editor, come back and it works fine. ID saves your edits for your so you can continue afterwards as normal.

Mysterious monarchy 5 months ago

Assassin 1: You ready?

Assassin 2 (loads gun): I'm ready

Assassin 1: Woah you can't do that! Remember the codex?

Assassin 2 (Puts gun away and unpacks dagger)

Assassin 1: Better

I really like it. Your idea with Řots' monarchy is very original and unique and I support that. In order to make this idea fully realistic, it'll have to be quite watertight though. The population in general might be quite happy with the way things are, but what if fringe organisation tried to kill the royal family? Do they live in an undisclosed location or some place really remote? How would they protected?

The "Chicle Islands Formation" Project 5 months ago

The only reasonable geological explanations I can come up with is either a flooded and relatively recent impact crater, a weird coral atoll, or a blue hole (a flooded sinkhole). You'll have to play around with the coastline a lot more to accommodate a geological setting for those two solutions. Coral reefs are not found at latitudes such as these, making the latter two more unlikely.

My Town in New Commonia 6 months ago

The only question I have is why there is a road called Fearnagh Bay Highway when the town is literally hundreds of miles away from any major water source.

Transect of Plowford 7 months ago

Thank you everybody! It's quite reassuring to see I'm doing the right things.


Well noticed, it's supposed to say Filgwell. Roads like Porter's Rise are supposed to do that. Why? I'm unsure myself. It's quite harmless though. As for the copied section, you can read about why it's there in my diary entry here. I haven't worked on it in ages but I'll keep it for now in case I need to revisit it.


I did consider adding power lines at one point, but I did not have enough information to map them effectively. Do you know how to map them realistically, and does anybody else?

What is this enclave wonderland? 9 months ago

Being Karamsk's (Sort of active) neighbour, I'm quite unsure. Karamsk is a greatly mapped country and yes, this amazing place has all been made by (also sort of active user) Seeraof. He has said (though PMs) that he doesn't have a detailed plan of his country's history yet, although it has been established that Agarderia has been at war with Karamsk twice in the last century.

I'd imagine that this (his only diary entry) forms the basis for what we know. It was occupied by the Glastian Empire during the 1300s. Its more recent history has been altered, and I suspect it was communist at some point up to the 80s. I'm unsure of what he plans to do with his country in the future, as he appears to have split it into so-called 'border gore' areas that remind me of the Holy Roman Empire or Bosnia in 1995.