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Update of Standard Map Layer over 2 years ago

Schools and hospitals are a slightly brighter colour too. Slightly too bright for my liking.

Rural mapping over 2 years ago


Do you mean a more gradual transition? I've tried to go for that to the extent I've seen it in the UK.

Rural mapping over 2 years ago


That did come into mind but they don't really show on low zoom levels, and plus their existence is already implied by the mapping of farmland. I don't think mapping them is really worthwhile.


It seems a bit long but I'll check it out.

What is this? over 2 years ago

This is Karamsk, my neighbour. In particular the state of the borders reminds me of the Yugoslav Wars, although I'm not sure how accurate my assumption is. It'd be interesting to translate the names of the subdivisions. That could tell us a bit about his intentions.

The country's owner made one post about Karamsk's history here. Last time I asked him he said that options for history was quite open, and that it had not been finalised yet.

The City & The City over 2 years ago

The border between Agarderia and Karamsk shares some similarities, and there are a few (yet unmapped) places up north that are divided between the two respective countries. Another interesting real world example are the towns and cities on the US/Mexico border.

Kempston Park over 2 years ago

I mean, if we go by what has been established, North Commonia is more stable and democratic. I have a feeling your town fits right in.

Might be an interesting read for urban mapping over 2 years ago

That's quite cool, I've seen (and used) a few around my neighbourhood but I've never thought about it in this way! I had no idea this was such a big thing.

Verisimilitude - how is it possible? over 2 years ago

This applies for everything that we see on the OGF map. Should a planet with so much contintental area have plate tectonics? How on earth would humans and living things evolve in an identical way to Earth? While its components are realistic, as a fundamental concept, OGF as it exists is totally unfeasible and there's literally nothing we can do about it.

We can fill in gaps but there's only so much we can do before we start digging larger and larger holes to fit the OGF 'narrative'. I believe that the fundamental flaws will and should just not be written about, and taken at it is.

Theoretically this is self-sustaining. Any experienced user that cares enough to write about these kinds of things in detail will realise that there is no way that the OGF world could conform to the historical, physical or biological narratives of its real counterpart. They would not elaborate on them, or else they would undermine established aspects of OGF that cannot be changed.

Rendering of 'farmland'. over 2 years ago

I've had similar feelings about the new rendering. It's horrible. I'd quite like to know the thought process behind changing it. It makes the contrast between urban and rural areas less distinct.

Unfortunately I've go swathes and swathes of farmland to revert, and that'll take too much trouble. I'm just hoping they'll change it back one day.

I didn't even know 'mapping for the renderer' was frowned upon. I was always flexible about tagging rules, and normally I don't put anything into background, non-rendered data. A map should display all the information it needs on a visual basis. If the user can understand what the map shows, then the map is good.

Rail line connections in Southwestern Commonia over 2 years ago

Just allow people to map where they want. It's clear that the John1985 has the intention of mapping railways in Commonia, and realistically there's nothing stopping him. The same goes for all experienced users in Commonia. They all have logical motives, they know the consequences, so just trust their judgment.

What would an OGF Pangea look like? almost 3 years ago

I think we will have to completely ignore any in-depth study of OGF natural history. There's just simply not enough global consensus and co-ordination for plate tectonics. We can probably have snippets of wiki information here and there but otherwise I don't think it'll be realistic to co-ordinate such a project. We must appreciate that country owners always have different interests, and some ignore Earth Science altogether.

Furthermore, what does creating a Pangea achieve? We're just digging a bigger hole for ourselves. There is really no way that flora and fauna identical to the types we see on Earth ever could have even evolved, let alone distributed themselves in the way we see them in the OGF world. Just the mere alignment and size of the continents would produce a completely different geological, therefore environmental, therefore evolutionary timeline.

The OGF world was not designed with this kind of science in mind, and it never would have worked if it was. Localised geological history is all well and good, but anything larger than that will just raise more questions than answers.

Detailing is the the craziest part of detailing an OGF map for me almost 3 years ago

On ID, press space with one hand and guide the mouse with the other to draw a multi-node line. You can develop or smooth it over later on.

Your scale is far too small. Everything needs to be larger.

Not every line and area needs to be exquisitely smooth either; the OSM tile renderer does a pretty good job of smoothing the data out.

It's much easier to draw some major features and roads first just to get a good bearing and feel of the area.

Most important of all, I'd get a good grip of standard and large scale mapping before I do anything small. It's good practice for mapping technique and skills and in that way your mapping can be far more 'productive' and consistent.

Mapper's Challenge #23 — September 2018 — Back to School almost 3 years ago

This post reminded me I had a half-finished secondary school somewhere in Plowford which I have just completed, and it's the first secondary school I've mapped in high detail. Wellingbrook Park School is its name. It's essentially what my current school has but everything is rearranged. In this sense, it isn't the most creative submission, and it isn't really even a submission since I am merely finishing something I started mapping this months ago. I guess it's some relevant mapping for people to look at though.

Aesthetically I feel it is a bit empty. but that's how most schools seem to be in actuality. Landuses don't vary massively, especially not on grassy areas, which are literally just fields. I'm unsure how much more detail I can think of, let alone I could add to this without it seeming cartographically unrealistic, although as usual I've mapped it in line with my 'high zoom level' style of mapping, which is how I map Plowford in general.

I have a question once again... almost 3 years ago

It's the same, ctrl+'i' on a Windows PC.

Commonia's Capital almost 3 years ago

Let's weigh it up:

Confluencia is surprisingly well and extensively mapped for a Commonian city, although there doesn't seem to be any kind of government agencies or functions mapped. There's very little space to add government buildings in without deleting something else, and the scale of the city is slightly overwhelming if we are to decide where the governmental organs go.

Kapashi Lookorti should not even be a contender.

Altaville has no governmental structures of higher level than the 'Altaville City Hall'. It's well mapped in places and empty in others, meaning we can add government buildings with relative ease.

Ombo is very large and undermapped, which I guess is understandable because it's very large. (slightly larger than Paris in terms of area) As the cities stand, it is still the only Commonian city that has Commonian governmental bodies mapped, and so it's understandable that Ombo has been described as the de jure capital.

My proposal is for Ombo to be capital of the Commonian Confederation, but Altaville to be the AN (but not necessarily the internationally) recognised capital. But until we get the buildings mapped in Altaville, the wiki page capital stays at Ombo.

Commonia's Capital almost 3 years ago

The situation in Commonia is complicated. The wiki page states the Commonian capital is still Ombo de jure, as in Ombo was the last offical capital before whatever war broke out.

I imagine Altaville would be the 'AN approved' capital of Commonia, as it was the capital of the AN sanctioned faction to fight against the Fascist Commonians, even though there's no longer any entity for Altaville to be a capital of.

The capital of the Commonian Confederation, the 'successor' of the prewar fascist Commonian government, has their capital in a place called Rebekan. Rebekan doesn't exist on the map so someone should probably create this place or change the wiki article.

Using Potlatch for the First Time almost 3 years ago


Maybe on OSM plotting nodes with accuracy would be important. But there is nothing to base accuracy off in OGF, because we are creating these maps ourselves. Even with zoom level 19, the max zoom on the base map, the difference in 'straightness' is not observable if you have mapped a place well, especially when the thickness of the streets 'smooths' everything out. All three editors can zoom in way beyond level 19 anyway. Therefore my question is: is it really necessary?

Using Potlatch for the First Time almost 3 years ago

Potlatch and ID are pretty much the same, it's just that Potlatch's shortcuts are mostly keyboard based, as I recently discovered, and that Potlatch lacks a OGF base map (as far as I know). I use Potlatch for large scale work and making parallel ways, and ID for almost everything else. When I require functions that neither online editor have I use JOSM. I'm a 90% ID mapper, and I have no real reason to switch. ID pretty much caters for everything I need to do. I really don't understand why ID is so 'bad', or why JOSM is so 'good'.

Interstate Freeway 45 and the Peakton Cliff almost 3 years ago

Coming back onto topic, I request you to remove (at least the northern section) of highway 45, as it is unneeded for the already stated reasons.

Interstate Freeway 45 and the Peakton Cliff almost 3 years ago

Can we stop discussing long term solutions to the Commonia problem? They won't go anywhere, it's all up to the admins.