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My Town in New Commonia 7 months ago

The only question I have is why there is a road called Fearnagh Bay Highway when the town is literally hundreds of miles away from any major water source.

Transect of Plowford 8 months ago

Thank you everybody! It's quite reassuring to see I'm doing the right things.


Well noticed, it's supposed to say Filgwell. Roads like Porter's Rise are supposed to do that. Why? I'm unsure myself. It's quite harmless though. As for the copied section, you can read about why it's there in my diary entry here. I haven't worked on it in ages but I'll keep it for now in case I need to revisit it.


I did consider adding power lines at one point, but I did not have enough information to map them effectively. Do you know how to map them realistically, and does anybody else?

What is this enclave wonderland? 10 months ago

Being Karamsk's (Sort of active) neighbour, I'm quite unsure. Karamsk is a greatly mapped country and yes, this amazing place has all been made by (also sort of active user) Seeraof. He has said (though PMs) that he doesn't have a detailed plan of his country's history yet, although it has been established that Agarderia has been at war with Karamsk twice in the last century.

I'd imagine that this (his only diary entry) forms the basis for what we know. It was occupied by the Glastian Empire during the 1300s. Its more recent history has been altered, and I suspect it was communist at some point up to the 80s. I'm unsure of what he plans to do with his country in the future, as he appears to have split it into so-called 'border gore' areas that remind me of the Holy Roman Empire or Bosnia in 1995.

┬┐No anthems in the wiki? 10 months ago

I can compose music, and I can write generic patriotic-sounding texts. I have some vague idea for an English translation of the Agardirian Anthem but I don't want to write any anthems until I've developed my mapping and history more, and I have little motivation to compose music anyway.

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 10 months ago

Damn that's some amazing work right there.

Capitalia 10 months ago

Although I do agree with Litvania on this. It would be a good idea to have the common name of a country devised from a more 'organic' origin. Of course, you could still mention capitalism in the 'long' official name of your country. Be careful with the dollar sign on the flag as well, as it is a real-world symbol that, regardless of its presence on OGF, would be unlikely to appear on any flag.

Capitalia 10 months ago


Weekly Word; Pheonix Edition 11 months ago

This challenge has gotten me motivated to map again.

Some suburbs in Plowford (Zoom out and pan around as well-there is a lot)

My suggestion for the next word: BLUE

The Ingerish Colonial Empire 11 months ago

Wow! You've done a really good job of representing Ingerish colonial history. I'm surprised nobody thought of this before. I can't see Glaster on the map yet though...

Any Amateur Astronomers around here? 12 months ago

Astronomy has always interested me as well. Are we looking for general discussion or something we can integrate into OGF?

I've been banned from a Tamagotchi community TamaTalk 12 months ago

In that case that's not a problem with the OGF wiki, that's your own shortcoming.

State Emblem for Agarderia about 1 year ago


As a matter of fact, I did compare my seal to the seals of other communist and former communist countries. The mountains were inspired by Romania and the rays of red by North Korea.


I see what you mean when you say it is wide. I will try to redesign it to make it more ellipsoid if a redesign is needed in the future. Thanks for pointing out the font issue, I didn't notice that there was a shadow on it. I'll correct that once I find a tool to curve text. I shall also try to vectorise it after I finish it entirely.


You were right to say it was a secular symbol, a symbol that depicts a stylised version of a flower. I did make a separate flag for the Agardirian Provisional Government, which shows a more natural version of this symbol. I might just use that for the seal instead. Also, thanks for pointing out the Christian origin, as it never occurred to me. It help to explain why the symbol is a cross. I have assumed Agarderia is Christian purely based on its neighbours of Karamsk, which is Polish, and Darcodia, which is home to Peritan City.

National Days in OGF? about 1 year ago

29th of November is celebrated Glaster as some kind of Victory Day, marking the end of Commonian influence and the Glastian Civil War in 1947. The event is marked by the government and authorities but not extensively celebrated by the public. The holiday has regularly been used as an excuse for the government to increase national propoganda and to boost patriotism.

Glastian Unification Day is the main national day for Glaster, marking the unification of North and South Glaster in 1979. It is a national holiday and Glastian parades and festivals are organised to mark the occasion. Again, the government have been accused of using this day as a propoganda event.

Road junction at Wyndham about 1 year ago

Thanks for all the feedback everybody! It's been very reassuring looking at what you have to say.


What you say definitely makes sense, and I shall consider implementing it.

@Rustem Pasha

Your suggestion would make sense if the junction was built in a single go. However, this junction was built in stages over the space of around 15 years, and what pre-existing layout there was would take time and money to demolish and redevelop.

Road junction at Wyndham about 1 year ago

Hmm...maybe the problem wasn't as bad as it seemed and I was just overcomplicating things.

Road junction at Wyndham about 1 year ago

@Rustem Pasha

I don't believe I ever explicitly said Glaster was a poor country. It certainly wasn't poor during the time of this junction's construction, when the Ingerish influenced and funded Glastian development heavily. Glaster has never been considered poor rather, lately, it has seen decline. I don't quite understand what you're suggesting for the junction. Maybe a small diagram would help?


This was because of historical reasons, as the bypass used to temporarily end on Anston Road, while the new motorway extension was constructed. I constructed this small map below on to give you an approximate impression of what it looked like.

Finding The Length of a Line about 1 year ago

You can use the length tool (the arrow button) on the OGF scale helper as a way of measuring lines quickly. If you want something more advanced, there's a tool in JOSM that does it, although I do not use it myself.

Planorian Enclave Citiy about 1 year ago

Oh yes...Wyndham is my capital city.

Planorian Enclave Citiy about 1 year ago

Windham eh? Sounds familiar...

Norfield growing about 1 year ago

Love your work! It's a fantastic, idyllic interpretation of English/European patterning. The only thing that I shall warn you about is the overuse of familiar names, e.g. Northfield, Kent, Isle of Wight, Westminster etc. I'd say you are borderline ok at the moment but just be careful in future.

As for the issue of top-down/bottom-up mapping, what I do is set out a general structure of the area as it appears in the modern day, but taking into account the previous alignment of roads and geographical features. This serves as a 'context' and a 'frame for what I do next, filling the empty space in. I do it one 'cell' at a time, mapping enclosed areas between the roads I've mapped during the first stage of mapping. I do this in roughly chronological order to maintain a sense of historical development. This is how I currently map Plowford.